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    10 Frequently Asked Questions About Rhinoplasty In Turkey: Answers To The Most Important Questions

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    The Turkey has become popular as a beauty destination in recent years. The fusion of experienced doctors, advanced facilities and affordable prices attracts patients from all parts of the world.

    One of the offers in Turkey is rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty).

    10 Frequently Asked Questions About Rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty) in Turkey: All the Information You Need to Know Before Your Surgery

    1. What methods of rhinoplasty are offered in Turkey?

      Both open and closed methods of rhinoplasty are offered in Turkey. It depends on the individual situation of the patient which method is most suitable.

    2. How long does a rhinoplasty in Turkey take?

      A nose job in Turkey usually takes between 1-2 hours.

    3. What is the cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey compared to other countries?

      The cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey is usually lower than other countries, however, it depends on various factors such as the surgeon chosen and the method chosen.

    4. What type of anesthesia is used during rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey?


      Rhinoplasty in Turkey is usually performed under general or local anesthesia.

    5. How long is the healing time after rhinoplasty in Turkey?

      Healing time varies depending on the method chosen and the extent of the procedure, but typically it takes between 1-2 weeks to be fully active again and it can take up to 3 months to see the final results.

    6. Can I fly home straight after rhinoplasty in Turkey?

      It is recommended to stay in Turkey for at least one week after the operation in order to aftercare and carry out inspections.

    7. How are complications after rhinoplasty treated in Turkey?

      Postoperative complications in Turkey are treated by experienced surgeons. It is important to follow the surgeon's instructions and participate in examinations that will allow him to identify and treat possible complications early.

    8. Can I play sports again after rhinoplasty in Turkey?

      It is recommended not to exercise for at least 4-6 weeks after the operation in order not to impair the healing process.

    9. Can I return to work after a rhinoplasty in Turkey?

      It depends on the type of work and the scope of the intervention. As a rule, patients can return to work after 1-2 weeks, as long as it does not require physical exertion.

    10. Can I fly again after a nose job in Turkey?

      It is recommended to refrain from flying for at least 2 weeks after the procedure in order not to disturb the healing process. It is important to speak to the attending surgeon beforehand to verify that flying is safe.

    In Turkey there are numerous clinics and doctors specializing in aesthetics Treatments dedicate. It is important to thoroughly research the different options and doctors to choose the most effective one.

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