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    Guide to Myra Ancient City and Rock Tombs

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    Ancient Myra was once a major Lycian city and is best known today as the place where Nicholas worked.

    The ancient city of Myra is an important city. This place is now called Demre (formerly Kale, Turkish for fortress) and is located in the province Antalya, Turkey.

    Myra is famous for St. Nicholas Church as he was Bishop of Myra which is why the town maintained its reputation throughout the Middle Ages. From the 7th century, Myra declined in importance due to earthquakes, floods, the Demre creek landings and Arab attacks, and became a village in the 12th century. The current site consists of a theater on the southern edge of the Acropolis and rock-cut tombs on either side.

    What can I do in Myra?

    The outstanding religious figure of the second half of the third century in Patara born Saint Nicholas, who served as Bishop of Myra, brought him saint status after his death. After visiting this church you can see the magnificent rock tombs and theater.

    The Acropolis at Myra

    The Acropolis is located directly above the Rock Tombs and Theater, however no important remains survive in the Acropolis. The city was originally built on the hill where the rock tombs are located and then expanded downwards.

    The Rock Tombs of Myra

    Myra has two Lycian necropolises (rock tombs). It is worth mentioning that the rock tombs are decorated with so many reliefs that look like small houses. The most famous of these is the "lion's grave". In addition, on the south side of the rock, many rock tombs with reliefs or inscriptions are placed one above the other or side by side.

    The Theater of Myra


    The theater is located on the southern edge of the Acropolis, with tiered seating and stage architecture reflecting the character of the well-preserved Roman theater. The stage building is halfway up the second floor. There are reliefs or shallow rock tombs on either side of the theater.

    St. Nicholas Church in Myra

    St. Nicholas Church was built after the death of Saint Nicholas in the 6th century. After this, several miraculous healings are said to have taken place among the faithful who came to worship his relics, and Myra became a place of pilgrimage.

    The Sarcophagus of Nicholas of Myra

    The sarcophagus of Saint Nicholas was damaged by Bari sailors and can be seen in the side apse of the church, decorated with fish scales and acanthus leaves. The bone fragments believed to belong to Saint Nicholas were not brought to Bari and are now im Archaeological Museum in Antalya displayed.

    Boat Tour from Andriake (Çayağzı)

    The port of Andriak in Myra was one of the largest and most important ports at that time. Today Andreas is the landing stage for boat trips. Çayağzı is the best starting point for daily boat tours stopping at Kaleköy, Kekova, Üçağız and Tersane Bay.

    Admission, tickets and tours

    • Admission: In the Summer Admission is from 8.30:19.30 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. in the Winter Admission is from 8.30:17.30 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.
    • Tickets: The ticket price for Myra in 2021 is 45 TL.
    • museum pass: If you have a museum pass, you can visit this historic city for free.
    • Tours: Myra Ancient City and Rock Tombs is part of many day trips organized in Antalya region.

    Questions and Answers

    • How do I get to Myra?

      The ancient city of Myra is located in Demre on the Teke Peninsula in western Antalya. Myra is 2 kilometers from the center of Demre, 30 kilometers from Phenicia and 45 km from Eyebrow .

    • How to get to Myra Ancient City by bus

      You can reach Demre by bus from all over Antalya province.

    • How do I come by private vehicle to the ancient city of Myra

      You can reach the entrance of Myra by car near the Demre stream.

    • Ancient city of Myra address

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