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    Babadağ (Oludeniz) Fethiye Paragliding Paragliding Guide

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    Babadag is the best paragliding spot in Oludeniz with two peaks. Its first peak is 1969 meters above sea level and the second peak is 1400 meters above sea level. Babadag is also known for its various plant species. For those who like studying plants and climbing mountains, Oludeniz is a beautiful excursion route that is among the points of interest & sights must be found.

    babadağ ölüdeniz fethiye paragliding paragliding guide 2023 - Turkey Life

    Paragliding (Yamaç Paraşütü) on Mount Babadag, Turkey

    The Turkish flight area for paragliding is the first in the Turkey and today probably the most famous in the world. Fly in tandem at almost 2.000 meters with an experienced instructor dedicated to your safety and pleasure and let the adrenaline fill your body while admiring the breathtaking aerial view of the surrounding landscape, including the Blue Lagoon.

    yamaç paraşütü 2023 - Turkey Life

    Questions and Answers on Paragliding (Yamaç Paraşütü) on Babadağ Mountain

    • What is the price for paragliding?

      Paragliding prices in Fethiye vary from year to year. Paragliding prices in 2021 fluctuate between 600-700 lira. The price of a paraglider in 2022 was 2000 TL. Prices may vary during the season due to operations.

    • Is paragliding possible over Butterfly Valley?

      The flights are actually performed by taking off from the 2000 meter high Babadağ Runway and over the Butterfly Valley fliegen.

    • At what altitude are the runways of Babadag Paragliding?

      Paragliding flights in Fethiye Oludeniz are operated from Babadağ. In Babadağ are 4 different runways that are used for paragliding. These heights are respectively 1200 meters, 1700 meters, 1900 meters and 1969 meters high.

    • What is the Babadag entrance fee?


      The entrance fee to Babadağ increases by 20 percent every year. The entrance fee to Babadağ NATIONAL PARK in 2022 is 180 TL. This price applies to pilots flying TANDEM paragliding in pairs. Pilots flying a single SINGLE flight pay 90 TL as Babadağ Runway Usage Fee.

    • Is there a weight limit for Fethiye Paragliding? 

      Fethiye Babadağ paragliding flights are operated with one pilot and one passenger. Average flight time is 40 minutes. The parachute used in Fethiye paragliding flights has an average load capacity of 230 kg.

    • What are the paragliding photo and video fees?

      Pictures are not included in the price of the paragliding flight. After the flight, the pilot can show you your photos and videos on the office computer. If you like it, you can buy it from the pilot for about 400 TL.

    • What is paragliding?

      Paragliding is a sport that does not require a special runway or aircraft and is completely accompanied by the wind. Paragliding was invented in the early 1980s by people interested in air sports.

    • When should you do paragliding?

      Paragliding is usually practiced between spring and autumn on clear and rainless days Weather carried out. 
      There is no definitive rule that paragliding is not possible at other times, but the weather conditions of the area are a very important factor. 

    The most important paragliding rules

    the most important paragliding rules 2023 - Turkey Life

    In order not to endanger either the paraglider pilot or himself in the air, a few rules must be observed.

    • When flying with a pilot, the person must fully follow the pilot's instructions.
    • Wearing a pull-up helmet and life jacket is mandatory.
    • Paragliding training or flying should only be done where the weather is right.
    • For tandem flights it is mandatory to carry a spare parachute and a lifeboat.
    • The wind required for paragliding must be checked before flying, if necessary, you should take off afterwards.
    • Wear comfortable clothing in the air.
    • Paragliding is prohibited for people with heart diseases, fear of heights, pregnant women, asthmatics and people weighing more than 105 kg.
    • Paragliding should not be practiced while intoxicated.
    • The age limit for paragliding is 16 years. Parental consent is required for those under the age of 16.

    Where to go paragliding in Turkey?

    1. Babadag, Marmaris/Mugla: Undoubtedly the most popular place for paragliding in Turkey is Babadağ site in Fethiye Ölüdeniz. Babadağ is also known as the first place where paragliding is practiced in Turkey. Babadağ, which is 45 minutes from Oludeniz, has three runways.
    2. Mount Ali, Kayseri: Mount Ali, organized by the 2004 World Paragliding Championships, is a privileged region for professional and semi-professional athletes. With south and north winds, you can experience long-lasting paragliding fun on the mountain with two separate runways and stable weather.
    3. Antalya: If you im Summer If you have chosen Antalya as a vacation spot and want to add adrenaline to your vacation, you can take part in paragliding tours. You can experience unforgettable moments in the blue of the sea and sky while paragliding, which you can enjoy in Konyaaltı, Alanya and Eyebrow will make, which are not very high.
    4. Bursa: Those who want to see Yeşil Bursa from above can join the paragliding flights in Uludağ and Gürsu.
    5. Mount Hazarbaba, Elazig: Hazarbaba, the highest mountain of Elazig, is in Winter frequented by skiers and in summer by paragliders.
    6. bozdag, Izmir: İzmir is one of those provinces, which stand out in paragliding with Bozdağ in Ödemiş district. In this region, where both amateurs and professionals can paraglide in different regions, the landing point after the flight is a sports field.
    7. golbasi, Ankara: If you travel to Ankara, the capital of Turkey, and want to experience adventure as well as history and culture trip, you can visit Gölbaşı.
    8. Eskişehir: If you want to practice paragliding professionally and become a certified pilot, you can apply to İnönü Training Center of Turkish Aviation Association in Eskişehir.
    9. Boztepe, Ordu: Boztepe is a tourist area and visitors to Ordu can take a cable car to enjoy the city views. Paragliding gives you a bird's-eye view of the city and the Black Sea.
    10. Dinamit Tepesi, Pamukkale: Located in Pamukkale, Dinamit Tepesi is a favorite spot for paragliding training to experience all kinds of weather conditions. During the flight you can see the travertines and the ancient city hierapolis bird's-eye view of what Denizlic turned into an important tourist center.

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