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    Balikesir Travel Guide: Discover the beauty of the Aegean region - 2024


    Welcome to our Travel Guides-Blog about Balıkesir, a magical city in the northwest of the Turkeywho are rich with theirs History, picturesque landscapes and warm hospitality delight visitors from all over the world. Balıkesir, the capital of the province of the same name, is a veritable treasure trove of cultural treasures, breathtaking nature and culinary delights.

    With more than 5.000 years of history, Balıkesir is a place where the past comes alive. The city has preserved traces from different eras, from ancient ruins to Ottoman ones Moscheen to modern shopping streets. This diversity is reflected in the architecture, the cuisine and the culture of the city.

    For nature lovers, Balıkesir offers an enchanting landscape with extensive forests, picturesque lakes and beautiful beaches. The nearby Kaz Dağları National Park (also known as Ida Mountains) is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. The region's numerous thermal springs are another reason why people from all over Turkey come here for rest and relaxation.

    Balıkesir's culinary scene is characterized by fresh local produce and a variety of traditional dishes. From fresh fish from the Sea of ​​Marmara to delicious Desserts like “Balıkesir Tatlısı” you will certainly experience culinary highlights here.

    Balikesir Travel Guide (Hotels, Sights, Beaches, Tips & Info)
    Balikesir Travel Guide Hotels Sights Beaches Tips Info 2024 - Turkey Life

    Balikesir Travel Guide

    In our Travel Guides-Blog we'll walk you through the fascinating ones points of interest & sights, Activities and taste experiences of Balıkesir. Whether you are interested in history, nature, culture or gastronomy, Balıkesir has something special to offer every traveler. Immerse yourself with us in the beauty and charm of this enchanting city and its surroundings.


    Arrive & Depart Balikesir

    Arriving in Balıkesir and departing from this charming city are quite easy and convenient. Balıkesir is well connected to Türkiye's transportation network and offers various transportation options. Here are some tips for your arrival and departure:

    Getting to Balikesir:

    1. With the Airplane: The closest Airports is the Balıkesir Balıkesir-Merkez (IATA: BZI), which is located about 8 km southwest of downtown Balıkesir. The Airports is served by domestic flights, especially by Istanbul and Ankara. You can easily get there from the airport Taxi or take a shuttle bus into town.
    2. By bus: Balıkesir has a central bus station, “Balıkesir Otogarı”, which is served by numerous long-distance bus companies. There are regular bus services from various cities in Turkey to Balıkesir.
    3. By train: If you prefer by train travel If you want to, there are train connections from Istanbul and Ankara to Balıkesir. Balıkesir Central Station, “Balıkesir Gar”, is close to the city center.

    Getting around Balikesir:

    • Public transport: Balıkesir has a well-developed public transport system, including buses and Minibuses, covering different parts of the city. Public transport is a convenient way to get around the city.
    • Taxi: Taxis are common in Balıkesir and are a convenient way to get around the city. Make sure the taxi driver turns on the meter or agree on a fixed price before you leave.

    Departure from Balikesir:

    • if you your Travel If you want to continue, you can use the same means of transport that you used to travel, be it Airplane, bus or train. Make sure to book your tickets in advance, especially during peak season.

    Balıkesir is a great starting point for traveling to the nearby points of interest & sights and national parks. Whether you're staying in the city or want to explore the surrounding area, getting there and back is easy, so you can make your... Time you can enjoy in this fascinating region.


    Rent a car in Balikesir

    Renting a car in Balıkesir and the airport is a convenient way to explore the city and its surroundings. Here is some information and tips on how to do it Rental car in Balikesir:

    Rental car am Airports Balıkesir Korfez (EDO):

    • There are car rental companies at Balıkesir-Merkez Airport (IATA: BZI) that offer a variety of vehicles. You can get one when you arrive at the airport Rental car Book or reserve online in advance to ensure a vehicle is available for you.
    • Make sure you have all required documents such as your driver's license, passport or ID card, as well as your rental car reservation and a valid credit card for the deposit.
    • Most rental car companies offer different categories of vehicles, from compact cars to SUVs. Choose the vehicle that best suits your needs and budget.

    Car rental in Balikesir city:

    • If you have one in town Rental car If you need one, you can also find rental car companies there. Search for local ones Car rental companies or international companies that have offices near the city center.
    • The traffic rules in Turkey should be observed. Make sure you understand local traffic laws and regulations and obey speed limits.
    • Parking is usually available in the city, but parking can be difficult to find during peak times. Find out about parking regulations in Balıkesir to avoid parking tickets.

    Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore Balıkesir's surroundings, be it the scenic countryside, historical sites or nearby coastal towns. Remember to drive safely and follow traffic rules to protect your Travel safe and pleasant.

    Hotels in Balikesir

    The charming city of Balıkesir, located in northwest Turkey, is not only known for its rich history and picturesque surroundings, but also offers a wide range of accommodation to suit travelers of all tastes and budgets. In our Travel Guides We would like to give you an insight into the various accommodation options in Balıkesir so that you can optimally plan your stay in this fascinating city.


    Of luxurious Hotels to cozy guesthouses and boutique accommodations, Balıkesir offers a wide range of accommodation options tailored to the needs and preferences of different travelers. Whether you're in the city on business, want to explore its rich culture and history, or just want to relax in nature, Balıkesir has the accommodation for you.

    In our hotel overview we will present various accommodation options to help you choose the perfect place for your stay. Whether you prefer a modern hotel in the city center, a charming guesthouse in historic surroundings or a beach resort on the Sea of ​​Marmara, you are sure to find the ideal accommodation in Balıkesir.

    Whether you choose luxurious accommodation or a more budget-friendly option, one thing is certain: the hospitality of Balıkesir locals will make your stay unforgettable. We invite you to find out more about the various accommodation options in this enchanting city in our hotel overview and plan your next visit to Balıkesir.

    Hotel recommendations for Balikesir

    Here are some hotel recommendations for your stay in Balıkesir, from luxurious accommodations to budget-friendly options:

    1. Kipa Suite Hotel Balikesir*: This modern hotel offers comfortable rooms and is close to Kipa Shopping Center. It's an excellent choice for business travelers and offers amenities like free Wi-Fi and a restaurant.
    2. Hotel Asya*: A charming boutique hotel in the heart of Balıkesir. Warm hospitality and comfortable rooms await you here. The Hotels is close to restaurants, shops and attractions.
    3. Edincik Liman Hotel*: If you want to explore the Balıkesir coast, this hotel is a good choice. It offers a relaxed atmosphere and access to Beach. Ideal for a relaxing stay.
    4. Gonul Hotel*: A budget hotel with simple but clean rooms. It is ideal for travelers on a budget and offers a central location in Balıkesir.
    5. Cunda Ziyabey Konagi*: If you want to explore the historic island of Cunda, this hotel is an excellent choice. Located on the island, it offers charming accommodation in a restored mansion.
    6. Grand Asya Hotel*: Another comfortable hotel in Balıkesir with modern amenities and a restaurant serving local and international cuisine.
    7. Boutique Ayvalik Pension*: If you are visiting the coastal town of Ayvalık near Balıkesir, this guesthouse offers a cozy atmosphere and charming rooms.
    8. Hotel Elit Asya*: Another centrally located one Hotels in Balıkesir with comfortable rooms and friendly service.

    These recommendations cover a wide range of accommodation options, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. No matter which one Hotels you choose, you can be sure to experience the hospitality and charm of Balıkesir.

    Holiday apartment in Balikesir

    If you have a Holiday home in Balıkesir, there are various options that may suit your needs. Here are some options:

    1. airbnb: Airbnb offers a variety of vacation rentals and private rooms in Balıkesir and the surrounding area. You can search according to your preferences, be it an apartment in downtown Balıkesir or accommodation in a nearby village.
    2. This platform not only offers Hotels, but also holiday apartments and apartments in Balıkesir. You can use the filters to search according to your needs and budget.
    3. Local agencies: There are also local real estate agencies and landlords who manage holiday apartments in Balıkesir. You can search for such agencies online or look for advertisements locally.
    4. Vacation rental websites: There are specialized vacation rental websites where you can search for available options in Balıkesir.
    5. Recommendations: Also ask friends, family or travel forums for recommendations for vacation rentals in Balıkesir. Personal experiences can be very helpful.

    Make sure you check the reviews and photos of the vacation rentals before making a booking to make sure they meet your expectations. The selection of holiday apartments in Balıkesir is diverse, so you are sure to find a suitable accommodation that meets your needs.

    Things to see in Balikesir

    Balıkesir, a city with a rich history and cultural heritage, has many places worth seeing and attractions to offer. Here are some of the most notable points of interest & sights in Balikesir:

    1. Historic city center: Balıkesir's historic city center is a charming neighborhood with well-preserved Ottoman buildings, narrow streets and traditional markets. Visit the historic clock tower (Clock tower) and walk through the streets to enjoy the atmosphere.
    2. National Forces Museum: This museum tells the story of the Turkish War of Independence and is housed in a historic building. Here you can view exhibitions about the freedom struggle and the region's heroes.
    3. Bardakci Cultural Park: This park is a popular place for locals and visitors to relax. There is a lake, walking paths, restaurants and cafes. The park is especially beautiful in spring when the flowers bloom.
    4. Zagnos Pasa Mosque: This impressive Ottoman mosque was built in the 15th century and is known for its architecture and decorations. The mosque is located in Balıkesir city center.
    5. Ataturk House: The house where the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, lived during the Turkish War of Independence has been converted into a museum. Here you can view personal items and historical documents.
    6. Cunda Island: Although Cunda is not officially part of Balıkesir, this nearby island is definitely worth a visit. The picturesque streets, stone houses and relaxed atmosphere make Cunda a popular destination.
    7. Kaz Dağları National Park (Ida Mountains): Located near Balıkesir, this national park offers breathtaking nature, hiking trails and a variety of plant and animal species. It is a paradise for nature lovers and hikers.
    8. Ayvalik: This coastal town is close to Balıkesir and is known for its beautiful beaches and traditional stone houses. Ayvalık is also famous for its olive oil and seafood restaurants.

    This list is just a sampling of the many sights and activities Balıkesir has to offer. The city and its surroundings are rich in history and nature, and there are many opportunities to explore and enjoy the region.

    Things to do in Balikesir

    There are a variety of activities in Balıkesir that appeal to visitors of all ages and interests. Here are some of the best activities and things to do in Balıkesir and its surroundings:

    1. Historical city tours: Explore Balıkesir's historic city center on foot and admire the well-preserved Ottoman buildings, including the historic clock tower. You can also take part in guided walking tours to learn more about the city's history and culture.
    2. Cultural events: Check Balıkesir events calendar for local festivals, concerts and cultural events. These offer insights into the city's lively cultural scene.
    3. Nature experiences: Balıkesir is surrounded by beautiful nature. Visit Kaz Dağları National Park (Ida Mountains) and go on hikes or picnics in nature. The Bardakci Cultural Park in Balıkesir itself is a popular place for nature lovers.
    4. Water sports: On the coasts near Balıkesir, you can enjoy water sports such as swimming, diving and windsurfing. Ayvalık and the surrounding islands are particularly popular places for water sports activities.
    5. Culinary experiences: Try local cuisine in Balıkesir's restaurants and cafes. Specialties include traditional Turkish dishes and fresh seafood in the coastal towns.
    6. Shopping spree: Visit traditional bazaars and markets in Balıkesir to buy local products, handmade goods, and souvenirs. The bazaar in the old town is a popular place for shopping.
    7. Beach days: Spend relaxing days on the beaches of Ayvalık, Cunda and other coastal towns near Balıkesir. Enjoy sunbathing, swimming and water sports activities.
    8. History buffs: Visit historical sites such as the Kuvayi Milliye Museum, Zagnos Pasa Mosque, and Ataturk House to learn more about the region's history.
    9. Hikes and nature trips: The Balıkesir region offers numerous hiking trails and nature trips. The Ida Mountains and surrounding forests are perfect for hikers and nature lovers.
    10. Visiting nearby islands: If you have time, take a trip to nearby islands such as Cunda and Lale Adası to explore their unique atmosphere and sights.

    Whether you want to explore history, enjoy nature or just relax, Balıkesir offers a wide range of activities to ensure your stay is unforgettable.

    Excursions from Balikesir

    Balıkesir is an excellent base for exploring some of the most beautiful places and attractions in the area. Here are some of the best places to visit from Balıkesir:

    1. Ayvalik and Cunda: These charming coastal towns on the Aegean Sea are just a short drive from Balıkesir. Ayvalık is known for its historic architecture and picturesque streets. Cunda Island offers beautiful beaches and traditional stone houses.
    2. Kaz Dağları National Park (Ida Mountains): This national park is a paradise for nature lovers. Here you can hike, explore the rich flora and fauna and enjoy the breathtaking landscape. Mount Ida is also known in Greek mythology as the home of the gods.
    3. Assos: This ancient city on the Aegean Sea is famous for its well-preserved Acropolis and the temples of Athena and Demeter. You can explore the ruins and enjoy the breathtaking views of the sea.
    4. Sarikiz Hot Springs: These natural hot springs near Balıkesir are perfect for relaxation and recreation. The warm mineral water is said to offer health benefits.
    5. Balya: Visit this historic mining town to learn more about the region's history. Here you will also find the Balya Ören Recreation Center with lakes and hiking trails.
    6. Lale Adasi: This small island near Ayvalık is a great place for a day trip. You can explore the beaches, snorkel, and visit the ruins of a Byzantine monastery.
    7. Burhaniye: This coastal town is known for its olive gardens and Burhaniye olive oil. You can visit the olive groves to learn more about olive harvesting and production.
    8. Gökceada: This large island near Balıkesir is another great destination for nature lovers. It offers beaches, hiking trails and a relaxed atmosphere.

    These destinations offer a variety of activities and experiences, from historic sites to natural adventures to seaside relaxation. Balıkesir is the ideal base to explore the beauty and diversity of this region of Turkey.

    Beaches in Balikesir

    Balıkesir is located on Turkey's Aegean coast and therefore has some beautiful beaches to offer. Here are some of the best beaches in Balıkesir and its surroundings:

    1. Sarimsakli Beach: This beach near Ayvalık is one of the most famous and popular beaches in the region. It offers fine sand and clear water, ideal for swimming and sunbathing.
    2. Badavut Beach: A quiet beach near Ayvalık that is perfect for relaxation. The surrounding nature is breathtaking and there are cafes and restaurants nearby.
    3. Altinoluk Beach: This Beach near Edremit is famous for its golden sand and crystal clear water. It is particularly popular with families and offers a variety of water sports.
    4. Akcay Beach: Another popular beach near Edremit. It has a wide stretch of sand and offers water sports activities, cafes and restaurants.
    5. Zeytinli Ada Beach: This beach on Cunda Island is known for its picturesque surroundings. Here you can on Beach relax and enjoy the sea and island views.
    6. Akbuk Beach: Another beautiful beach near Ayvalık that is characterized by its calm atmosphere. Ideal for a relaxing day by the sea.
    7. Dikili Beach: This beach near Dikili offers both sandy and pebble sections. Here you can swim, sunbathe and explore the surrounding nature.
    8. Gömec Beach: A quiet and secluded beach near Gömeç. It is ideal if you want to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy nature in peace.
    9. Kocaseyit Beach: This beach near Edremit is known for its spectacular sunsets. It offers sand and gravel as well as some cafes.

    These beaches offer a wide range of experiences, from relaxing days by the sea to water sports activities and exploring nature. No matter which one Beach you decide, you will be able to fully enjoy the beauty of the Turkish Aegean coast.

    Bars, Pubs and Clubs in Balikesir

    Balıkesir offers a lively night scene with a variety of bars, pubs and clubs where you can enjoy the night. Here are some of the popular nightlife spots in Balıkesir:

    1. Barlar Sokağı (Bars Street): This is the one-stop shop for nightlife in Balıkesir. Here you will find a number of bars and pubs offering a variety of drinks and music styles. It's a great place to celebrate with friends.
    2. Club Hayal: A popular nightclub in Balıkesir that presents live music and DJs. Here you can dance and party until the early hours of the morning.
    3. Ozgur Bar: This cozy pub offers a relaxed atmosphere and is a great place to enjoy a beer or a cocktail. It also has an outdoor area.
    4. Time Pub: Another popular pub in Balıkesir that often organizes live music events and themed parties.
    5. Coffee 129: This is a cafe and bar open during the day and evening. It is a popular meeting place for locals and visitors.
    6. Pena Pub: Another option for a relaxing evening in a friendly environment. Here you can chat with friends and Drinks enjoy.
    7. Cesur Bar: This bar is known for its cocktails and friendly atmosphere. It is a great place to experience nightlife in Balıkesir.

    Please note that the Opening hours and the atmosphere of the bars and clubs can vary depending on the day. It is advisable to research current events and opening times in advance to ensure you get the most out of your night experience in Balıkesir.

    Food in Balikesir

    Balıkesir offers a diverse culinary scene, ranging from traditional Turkish cuisine to international dishes. Here are some of the best dishes and restaurants you can enjoy in Balıkesir:

    1. Balıkesir Kofte: This is the region's most famous dish. Balıkesir Köfte are spicy meatballs made from beef and lamb, often served with tomato sauce and yogurt. Be sure to try them at one of the local restaurants.
    2. Zeytinli (olive vegetables): Due to the many olive groves in the area, olives are an important part of Balıkesir cuisine. Zeytinli is a delicious appetizer made with olives, tomatoes, peppers and spices.
    3. Balıkesir Tatlısı: This is a traditional Balıkesir dessert made from shortcrust pastry, walnuts and sugar syrup. It's sweet and crunchy and a perfect end to a meal.
    4. Seafood: Since Balıkesir is located on the Aegean coast, there is an abundance of fresh seafood. Try grilled fish, squid or mussels at one of the many seafood restaurants in the region.
    5. Local markets: Visit the local markets in Balıkesir to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese and other local products. The bazaar in Balıkesir Old Town is a good place to find fresh food.
    6. Local Restaurants: There are many restaurants in Balıkesir that are traditional Turkish dishes as well as offering international cuisine. Ask locals for their recommendations to discover authentic foods.
    7. Kahvaltı (Turkish breakfast): The turkish breakfast is a must in Balıkesir. It often includes fresh bread, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, jam, eggs and tea.
    8. Pide: This Turkish flatbread is served with various toppings such as minced meat, vegetables and cheese. It's a tasty option for a quick meal.
    9. Baklava: This sweet dessert made from puff pastry, nuts and syrup is in the Turkey very popular. Try one of the local candy stores.
    10. Turkish tea: Enjoy Turkish tea while experiencing the local atmosphere in one of Balıkesir's teahouses or cafes.

    Balıkesir offers a wide range of culinary delights that ensure you have a good meal during your stay in the city. Don't miss the opportunity to taste the regional specialties and enjoy the local cuisine.

    Shopping in Balikesir

    Balıkesir offers an interesting shopping scene with a variety of shops and markets where you can buy local products, crafts and souvenirs. Here are some of the best places for shopping in Balıkesir:

    1. Balıkesir Bazaar (Grand Bazaar): The bazaar in Balıkesir Old Town is a lively place to buy local products and handicrafts. Here you can find spices, olive oil, clothing, jewelry and much more. It's also a great place to experience local life.
    2. Shopping centers: Balıkesir has modern shopping centers such as “Balıkesir Park AVM” and “Kentpark AVM” where you can find international brands and stores. Here you can shop for clothes, electronics, shoes and much more.
    3. Antique shops: If you are interested in antiques, there are shops in Balıkesir that offer antique furniture, carpets and art objects. These can often be found in the old town.
    4. Local products: Balıkesir is known for its olive production. Visit one of the markets to buy fresh olives, olive oil and other local products. You can also try local spices and foods.
    5. Craft markets: At some weekly markets in Balıkesir you can find handmade products such as jewelry, ceramics and textiles made by local artisans.
    6. souvenirs: Look for souvenirs to capture your memories of Balıkesir. Popular souvenirs include hand-painted ceramics, carpets, handmade soaps and traditional Turkish decorative items.
    7. Bookstores: If you are interested in Turkish literature and culture, visit one of the local bookstores and explore the selection of books and magazines.
    8. Art Galleries: Balıkesir has several art galleries where you can admire and buy contemporary artworks by local and national artists.
    9. Ayvalik Bazaar: If you're visiting the nearby coastal town of Ayvalık, explore the Ayvalık Bazaar, where you'll find handmade jewelry, crafts, and fresh produce.

    When shopping in Balıkesir, you should always make sure to bargain, especially in the markets. It's part of the local culture and you could get some good bargains.

    How much does a holiday in Balikesir cost?

    The cost of one Vacation in Balıkesir can vary greatly depending on your preferences, travel style and budget. Here are some factors that can affect the cost:

    1. Accommodation: The cost of accommodation varies depending on the type of accommodation chosen. Luxury hotels can be more expensive, while basic guesthouses or vacation rentals may be more budget-friendly.
    2. Meals: The cost of food can vary greatly. If you eat out, expenses will be higher, especially at high-end restaurants. Cheaper options include local food stalls and street stalls.
    3. Transport: The cost of getting to Balıkesir and getting around can vary greatly. If you use public transport or your own Cars The cost could be lower than renting a car or booking tours.
    4. Activities and sights: Some activities and points of interest & sights in Balıkesir require entrance fees. The costs for this should be taken into account in your budget.
    5. Shopping and souvenirs: If you want to buy souvenirs or local products, you should factor this into your expenses.
    6. Travel duration: Of course, the length of your stay also influences the total costs. The longer you stay, the more money you will spend overall.
    7. travel time: Prices may vary depending on season and demand. During high season, especially during holiday periods, prices for accommodation and activities may be higher.

    To get a rough idea of ​​the costs, you can consider the following:

    • Budget travelers: If you stay in basic accommodation, eat at local restaurants and use public transport, you could get by on a daily budget of around 50 to 80 euros per person.
    • Middle class travelers: For travelers who prefer more comfortable accommodations and occasionally eat at upscale restaurants, a daily budget of 80 to 150 euros per person might be appropriate.
    • Luxury travelers: If you're in first class Hotels If you spend the night, eat at upscale restaurants and choose expensive activities, your daily budget could be over 150 euros per person.

    These numbers are intended as a rough guide only and may vary depending on individual preferences and circumstances. It is advisable to set a budget in advance and the cost of your particular one Travel to plan carefully.

    Climate table, weather and the ideal travel time for Balıkesir: Plan your perfect vacation

    The ideal time to visit Balıkesir depends on your personal preferences and the activities you plan to do during your stay. Here is an overview of that Climate & Environment and the best travel times for Balikesir:

    MonthTemperatureMoreHours of sunshineRainydays
    January5 - 13 ° C17 ° C412
    February7 - 15 ° C18 ° C511
    March8 - 18 ° C19 ° C710
    April10 - 22 ° C20 ° C79
    May15 - 27 ° C22 ° C107
    June20 -32 ° C23 ° C123
    July23 - 33 ° C25 ° C121
    August24 - 33 ° C26 ° C101
    September20 - 32 ° C26 ° C92
    October16 - 28 ° C22 ° C87
    November15 - 22 ° C20 ° C79
    December7 - 16 ° C17 ° C513
    Average climate in Balikesir

    Spring (March to May): Spring is a wonderful time to visit Balıkesir. The temperatures are mild and pleasant and nature comes back to life. This is the best time for outdoor activities like hiking and visiting national parks.

    Summer (June to August): Summer is the high season in Balıkesir, especially on the coast. Temperatures can get quite hot during this time, making it ideal for beach vacations. The beaches are busy and there are many water sports options. However, prices are often higher during this time and it can be more crowded.

    Autumn (September to November): Autumn is a great time to visit Balıkesir as the temperatures are still warm and pleasant. The autumn scenery is beautiful, and it is a good time for outdoor activities and hiking.

    Winter (December to February): Winter in Balıkesir is rather mild, but temperatures can be cool, especially at night. If you like colder temperatures and fewer crowds, winter is an option. This is also a good time to explore the region's historical attractions.

    Choosing the ideal travel time depends on your interests. If you prefer a beach vacation, summer is perfect. Spring and autumn are ideal for outdoor activities and nature experiences. Winter is suitable for those who enjoy the cooler temperatures and tranquility of the off-season.

    Please note that temperatures in the coastal areas of Balıkesir can be quite high in summer. If you are sensitive to heat, you should focus on coastal locations with cooler breezes and be careful in the hot months.

    Balikesir in the past and today

    Balıkesir, a city in Turkey, has a rich history that dates back to ancient times. Here is an overview of Balıkesir's development from the past to today:

    Ancient and Byzantine era:

    • The Balıkesir region was inhabited by various ancient civilizations, including the Phrygians, Lydians and Persians.
    • In 133 B.C. In the XNUMXth century BC the city was conquered by the Romans and became part of the Roman Empire.
    • During the Byzantine era, Balıkesir was known as “Kyzikos” and was an important port and trading point.

    Ottoman Empire:

    • In 1366, the Ottoman Empire under Sultan Murad I conquered the city and Balıkesir became a part of the Ottoman Empire.
    • Under Ottoman rule, the city was further developed and grew into an important trading center.
    • There are numerous historic mosques in the city and the surrounding area, turkish baths and caravanserais from this period.

    Republic of Türkiye:

    • After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Balıkesir became part of the Republic of Türkiye.
    • The city and the region have developed into an important economic and cultural center over the years.
    • Today Balıkesir is a modern city with a variety of shops, restaurants, educational institutions and cultural institutions.

    Balıkesir is also known for its natural beauty, including its coastal regions, lakes and national parks. The city has become a popular destination for tourists looking to enjoy the region's historical sights, natural wonders and hospitable atmosphere.

    Balıkesir's past has been well preserved in the city's architecture, monuments and culture, and visitors can still experience this rich history today.


    Balıkesir, a historic city in Turkey, offers its visitors a rich mix of cultural heritage, natural beauty and modern life. From its ancient roots to the present, the city has undergone impressive development.

    The historical sites and monuments in Balıkesir bear witness to the city's rich past, particularly from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras. The well-preserved mosques, caravanserais and Turkish baths are a testament to Ottoman architecture and culture.

    Balıkesir's natural beauty extends from the coastal regions along the Aegean Sea to the national parks and lakes inland. This makes the region an ideal destination for nature lovers who enjoy hiking, water sports and exploring the surrounding area.

    Today Balıkesir is a modern city with a lively atmosphere filled with shops, restaurants and cultural activities. The hospitality of the locals and the delicious Turkish cuisine contribute to the charm of the city.

    Overall, Balıkesir offers a diverse range of experiences for travelers, whether they are interested in history, nature or contemporary culture. It is a place where the past and the present merge harmoniously, giving visitors unforgettable memories.

    Address: Balıkesir, Turkiye


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