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    Discover the culture of Antalya - Visit the bazaars and markets in Antalya and experience the hustle and bustle

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    The Ultimate Guide to Bazaars and Markets in Antalya 2023 - Turkey Life

    Bazaars and Markets Guide for Antalya

    The bazaars and markets are not to be missed when visiting Antalya do not miss. Antalya, a large holiday metropolis with more than 2,5 million inhabitants, not only attracts tourists with ideal bathing opportunities and countless historical points of interest & sightslike that Clock tower, Yivli minarets, Hidirlik Tower and Hadrian's Gate magical, but also makes it a shopper's paradise with high quality and reasonable prices. Visiting the Oriental Bazaar is the main activity for traveling to the Turkey. New smells and scents and hustle and bustle attract tourists to Turkish bazaars, as does haggling for better prices.

    Where can I trade?

    Few travelers know what bargaining for the best price really entails. However, after buying some souvenirs, western tourists feel "ripped off" even if the Oriental Bazaar is very popular.

    In addition to understanding the basics of haggling, anyone wanting to visit one of these exotic and vibrant markets should study the culture of each country and know when to haggle for honor and when not to.

    It should already be clear in which of the markets negotiation is really worthwhile - and most importantly, appropriate. Bargaining and haggling is not worthwhile at the weekly market, where fruit and vegetables are sold, nor in the department stores, where the goods are priced in Turkish lira.

    Old Bazaar in Antalya 2023 - Turkey Life

    Bargaining or bargaining for price and honor

    Real price bargaining (parzalik) is more of a ritual in the Eastern market, alternate bargaining or exchange of honor. It is about the respect of young people for their elders (saygi) and honor, reputation and respect for personal dignity (seref) and the relationship between a family. It is also about the honesty of trading partners and represents the code of conduct for the movement of goods even in difficult and uncertain times. 

    Negotiation etiquette or ritual when trading


    It's easy to start negotiating. However, if there is no real interest in buying from the buyer's point of view, the question of price should be avoided if possible, because according to old tradition, the price determination is the beginning of a long negotiation and can last several hours.

    Important when negotiating: always stay friendly and calm, don't get angry or scold. A little groan also helps push the prices down a bit. With all measures, it must not be forgotten that smugglers, tour guides or agencies can also benefit from the profits.

    This ritual is usually emphasized by serving fragrant Turkish tea or apple tea. Buyers should always be aware that tourists have higher prices than locals.

    Tips for shopping at the bazaar in Antalya

    As in other places in Turkey, please keep your eyes open when shopping. In order to prevent the negotiated goods from being inferior and overpriced afterwards, the quality should be checked on site. However, if you act accordingly, most knockoffs and imitations are of high quality and good value for money.

    Sometimes sellers try to persuade customers to buy by addressing them in a more or less polite and sometimes awkward manner. In these situations, it is best not to feel like someone is speaking to you or to respond to calls.

    When buying, it is worth paying in local currency. This avoids currency exchange errors. If you don't have the correct amount, you may run out of change or mess up the exchange rate and end up paying more. If you have purchased more than one item, you should ensure that all items purchased are in the bag or in your pocket.

    According to tradition, the invitation to drink tea does not force you to do anything. If you don't want to drink tea, you need a good excuse not to be rude.

    Trading multiplication tables in the bazaar

    1. How do I find the best price in the bazaar?

      It's very simple, take a moment Timeto compare prices.

    2. What is the best way to trade?

      Act like you can leave anytime, don't show too much interest in this project.

    3. Who should start trading?

      The seller should first state the price.

    4. How much percent should my price be lower?

      Start at around 50% off the quoted price.

    5. How should I behave when trading?

      Action in Turkey is conviviality, chat and sympathy. Be friendly and don't be overbearing.

    6. Should I swap personalities?

      Don't talk too much about your job or the hotel you are currently living in. From this, the seller draws conclusions about your income and the amount of payment.

    7. At what percentage lower is the price reasonable?

      Depending on your skills, you can pay 10% to 30% less.

    8. Should I trade on all products?

      At the local market, Turkish locals no longer bargain. In shops where the price is already given in lira on the label, there is no trading.

    9. Do German Turks pay more than Turks?

      Yes, it's true, German Turks pay more than native Turks. However, this is because German Turks earn more than native Turks.

    10. Do you tip after purchase?

      Not really, the tip is usually the price you couldn't bargain down.

    Turkish brands and customs

    When buying textiles, however, there is another problem that many holidaymakers do not take into account or do not take so seriously. Namely brand and product piracy.

    Fakes can be found on every corner, especially in markets and bazaars. Of course, since fakes are sometimes well done, the temptation here is even greater. These items are also popular holiday gifts for family, friends and acquaintances, and prices are available immediately upon purchase.

    But be careful!

    Such counterfeit products can be confiscated by customs when entering Germany. This is annoying enough, but in many cases you can even face fines in criminal proceedings. Depending on the brand and original manufacturer, if the product is branded, there can be even greater problems.

    Where to find interesting bazaars and markets in Antalya?

    There are many bazaars and markets in Antalya. The fastest way to find the weekly market is to ask the locals for the nearest market.

    Bazaars in Antalya

    bazaar am Saat Kulesi clock tower

    Who that Museum or the old town of Antalya can visit the bazaar at the clock tower immediately afterwards. Like most of these markets, it offers a lot of counterfeit branded goods, cheap everyday goods, carpets, leather clothing, hookahs, fruit, vegetables and oriental spices. Various dealers and sellers loudly advertise the quality of their imitations. Here you will find almost everything you know about imitation watches, handbags, shoes, sunglasses and clothing from well-known brand manufacturers or fashion brands. Most tourists stray here after seeing the old town Kaleici visited.

    Halk Pazarı Festival in Muratpaşa

    Since 2007 there is a new people's bazaar near the Atatürk monument. It is cleaner and clearer than the old market and offers plenty of space for shopping tours.

    In addition to a fish market, fruit and vegetable market, you will find over 500 shops with textiles, home accessories, bags, shoes, silver and gold jewelery and much more. Buying from the first retailer is not advisable.

    A few cafes and small restaurants around the market invite you to refresh yourself and have a snack.

    Tailor shops, repair and shoe shine services, pharmacies and sanitary facilities round off the range of services offered by the store.

    The market is partially covered and is on the street Apendos Bulvari on the way to the airport. Open daily from 10am to 20pm, you can take the tram towards Meydan.

    The historical clock tower Saat Kulesi in Antalya
    The historical clock tower Saat Kulesi in Antalya

    Weekly markets in Antalya by day of the week

    • Markets on Monday

      Etiler Açık Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Culture Açık Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Menzil Kapalı Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Altıayak Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Beldibi Açık Pazarı – Konyaaltı district
      Uncalı Kapalı Pazarı – Konyaaltı district
      Karaman Açık Pazarı – Döşemealtı district
      Yurtpınar Açık Pazarı – Aksu district

    • Markets on Tuesday

      Soğuksu Açık Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Yuksekalan Açık Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Channel Kapalı Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Kütükçü Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Şafak Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Kuzeyyaka Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Karşıyaka Kapalı Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Liman Kapalı Pazarı – Konyaaltı district
      Yesilbayır Kapalı Pazarı – Döşemealtı district

    • Markets on Wednesday

      Sigorta Kapalı Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Yeşil Bahçe Kapalı Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Oyak Sitesi Açık Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Ermenek Açık Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Sanayi Açık Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Demirgül Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Cezaevi Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Karşıyaka Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Şelale Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Zeytinlik Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Beşkonak Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Öğretmenevi Açık Pazarı – Konyaaltı district

    • Markets on Thursday

      Yıldız Açık Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Çallı Açık Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Dedeman Açık Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Yenigün Kapalı Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Meltem Açık Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Gülveren Kapalı Mahallesi – district of Kepez
      Varsak Kapalı Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Baraj Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Nebiler Açık Pazarı – Döşemealtı district
      Çalkaya Açık Pazarı – Aksu district

    • Markets on Friday

      Güzeloba Kapalı Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Değirmen Önü Açık Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Muratpaşa Açık Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Kızıltoprak Açık Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Teomanpaşa Kapalı Pazarı – district of Kepez 
      Kütükçü Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Altınova Kapalı Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Esentepe Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Altınkum Kapalı Pazarı – Konyaaltı district
      Yeniköy Kapalı Pazarı – Döşemealtı district

    • Markets on Saturday

      Dedeman Kapalı Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Şirinyalı Açık Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Konuksever Kapalı Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Zafer Kapalı Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Habibler Kapalı Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Güneş Kapalı Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Cezaevi Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Düden Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez 
      Karşıyaka Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Pınarlı Açık Pazarı – Aksu district

    • Markets on Sunday

      Sigorta Kapalı Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Çağlayan Kapalı Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Meydan Açık Pazarı – Muratpaşa district
      Çamlıbel Kapalı Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Yeni Mahalle Açık Pazarı – district of Kepez
      Pınarbaşı Kapalı Pazarı – Konyaaltı district
      Güzelyurt Açık Pazarı – Aksu district

    Other great places to shop in Antalya

    There are many streets and alleys in Antalya that offer great shopping opportunities.

    • Kaleici (Old Town)

      In the narrow streets of Antalya's old town opposite the clock tower you will find oriental handicrafts and souvenirs.

    • Isiklar and Atatürk streets

      The Işıklar Caddesi and the Ataturk Street are located in the city center, opposite the old town at Hadrian's Gate. Ataturk Street is the most popular shopping street with many shops. Many cozy little cafes and restaurants near the old city walls offer Turkish delicacies. The weekly market takes place every Wednesday on Isiklar Street.

    Weekly markets in Antalya province by day of the week

    • Monday

      Manavgat: There are farmers markets twice a week. The big market is on Mondays and is mostly frequented by locals. The clothes market in the mosque is mainly for tourists. Of the Manavgat is the largest market on the Turkish Riviera
      Belts: A pure farmers market for fruit and vegetables, no textiles.
      Koycegiz: A pure farmers' market for fruit and vegetables, no textiles.
      Both: A pure farmers' market for fruit and vegetables, no textiles.

    • Tuesday

      Kadriye at Belek: twice a week, in addition to souvenirs, textiles, there are fruit and vegetables from the region.
      Mahmutlar: farmers market
      Fethiye: farmers market
      Anamur: farmers market
      Alanya: Tourist and farmer's market
      Belts: Tourist and farmer's market

    • Wednesday

      Konakli: Tourist and farmer's market
      Camyuva: Tourist and farmer's market
      Avsallar: Tourist and farmer's market

    • Thursday

      Manavgat: Tourist and farmer's market. The second, smaller weekly market.
      Marmaris: Tourist and farmer's market
      Mugla: Tourist and farmer's market
      Outside: Tourist and farmer's market
      Tosmur: Tourist and farmer's market

    • Friday

      Alanya: Tourist and farmer's market
      Goynuk: Tourist and farmer's market
      Serik at Belek: Tourist and farmer's market
      Myra: Tourist and farmer's market
      Nov: Tourist and farmer's market
      Kumluca: Tourist and farmer's market

    • Saturday

      Side: Tourist and farmer's market
      Belek: Tourist and farmer's market
      Cikcilli: Tourist and farmer's market
      Tekriova: Tourist and farmer's market
      Türkler: Tourist and farmer's market
      Mahmutlar: Tourist and farmer's market
      Phenicia: Tourist and farmer's market
      Kadriye: Tourist and farmer's market

    Shopping centers in Antalya

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