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    Discover the beauty of Adana province: history, nature and culture in Southeast Turkey

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    Explore the province Adana in the southeast of Turkey. Adana is known for its important location at the crossroads of trade routes, as well as for its rich culture and History. Explore historical sites like the Ulu Mosque and the indoor swimming pool Ramazanoğlu. Try specialties like Adana Kebab and Murama. Admire the natural beauty of Lake Seyhan and Lake Büyükçekmece. Experience the province of Adana, where culture, history and nature come together.

    A province in southern Turkey. It is the ninth largest city in Turkey by area and the fourth largest by population. In the Eastern Mediterranean, it is shared by Kayseri, Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep, Niğde, İçel (Mersin), Osmaniye and Hatay and surrounded by Iraq. It lies between 36°32′ and 38°23′ north latitude and 34°42′ and 36°42′ east longitude. To the south lies the Mediterranean Sea. The indicator is 01.

    Origin of the name Adana

    The origin of the name Adana is not known for sure. There are several theories as to where the name came from. One theory is that the name comes from an ancient deity called Adana or Adanus. Another theory is that the name was derived from a Persian word "Adana" meaning "A place where one can settle". There is also a theory that the name comes from an ancient Anatolian language meaning "One dwelling place, one city". There is also a theory that the name comes from an ancient city or local prince. There is no definitive answer as to the origin of the name Adana as there are multiple theories and legends.

    Sights in Adana province

    Adana Province in Turkey is home to many points of interest & sights, including:

    1. The Sabancı Central Mosque: A modern mosque that is one of the largest in Europe and is known for its architectural beauty.
    2. The Adana Ethnographic Museum: A museum that showcases the ethnic and cultural diversity of the region.
    3. The Adana Archaeological Museum: A museum showcasing the history and archeology of the region.
    4. The Stone Bridge (Taş Köprü): An old bridge that crosses the Seyhan River and is a popular tourist destination.
    5. The Adana Castle: A medieval castle perched on a hilltop overlooking the city and offering magnificent views of the surrounding area.
    6. The Ulu Camii: An ancient mosque built in the 14th century known for its architecture and paintings.
    7. Ataturk Park: A large park that houses a lake, a zoo and an amusement park.
    8. The Bazaar: A historic bazaar known for its textiles, food and handicrafts.
    9. The Adana Botanical Garden: A garden that houses a wide variety of plants and flowers.
    10. The Seyhan Dam: A dam known for its scenic setting and water sports.

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