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    Experience the Beauty of Turkey's Coast: Daily 12 Island Boat Tours in Fethiye with Stunning Bays and Photos

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    Explore the Bay of Fethiye by boat, one of the most beautiful corners of western Mediterranean and a must for your Fethiye vacation. The Fethiye 12 Islands Boat Tour (12 Islands Tekne Turu) is one of the most popular daily travel options for domestic and foreign tourists in Fethiye mainly due to the onboard entertainment and services as well as the beautiful nature that you can see during the trip. During Fethiye boat tours, there is no loud music on board, giving guests a peaceful and relaxing day.

    Fethiye daily 12 island boat tours along the bays

    The Turkey, which has some of the most beautiful bays and beaches in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, inland boat trips are one of the most attractive holiday options.

    All details about Fethiye boat tour

    Fethiye boat trips are the perfect opportunity to escape the crowded beaches and sail to cleaner, calmer swimming spots on the hottest summer days. It takes you to rare places that you can't see by land transportation. This boat tour is suitable for solo travelers, couples, large groups or families. In other words, you can be assured that whoever you share your Fethiye vacation with is having a great time Time will have. The most popular islands come together to give you the opportunity to enjoy the bounty of nature while experiencing the refreshing feel of the deep blue waters.

    Drone footage of the 12 island boat tour in Fethiye

    Fethiye 12 island boat tours along the bays (12 Adalar Tekne Turu)

    Itinerary of Fethiye Boat Tour

    The tour begins when you arrive at the pier/port or Beach arrive and board the boat.

    • Katranci Island, Katrancı Adası
    • Gocek Island, Gocek Adası
    • Atbuku Bay, Atbuku Koyu
    • Yassica Island, Yassıca Adası
    • Bedri Rahmi Bay
    • Cleopatra Koyu
    • Samanlik Koyu
    • Fethiye Red Island, Fethiye Kızıl Ada

    Yassica Island (Yassica Adası)

    You can take a pleasant walk on land or enjoy the sea while resting on the enchanting island of Yassica.

    Red Island (Fethiye Kızıl Ada)


    The red island of Fethiye is famous for its red stones and rabbits, hence the name of the island. We are sure you will be amazed by the color and clarity of the waters of this famous island.

    Fethiye Rabbit Island (Fethiye Tavşan Adası)

    As the name suggests, Fethiye Rabbit Island is home to dozens of rabbits. But because the island is so big, unfortunately you don't always have the opportunity to see it. If it's your lucky day you can see the rabbits and take pictures of them.

    Aquarium Bay (Akvaryum Koyu)

    Trust us, we don't know how many bays called Aquarium Bay are on the Aegean coast. But there must be dozens. Let's say look at the one in Fethiye. Dive into the sea between the crystal clear waters and enjoy the freedom.

    What services are included in the price?

    • All boat tours offer lunch
    • Insurance
    • Hotel pickup and drop-off
    fethiye 12 islands boat tour lunch 2023 - Turkey Life

    What should I pack or take with me on a boat trip?

    Where do I reserve or book a boat tour?

    You can compare and book boat tours with different tour operators or tour booths around the city. There are also stands in front of the different boats. You can then also view or select a boat and book it on the spot. Important: Tours for male singles are not sold in some cities!

    Also note that the pirate ships are a bit noisier and have an animated show or foam parties at the end. If you prefer it quieter or more relaxed, choose a normal boat! Drinks must not be brought into the boat from outside.

    When does the boat tour start and end?

    Normally the boat tour starts at 10:30 am and ends around 17:00 pm.

    How long is the boat tour?

    Total duration of the tour (including transfers): about 6 hours (it may take a little longer depending on the distance from the hotel).

    fethiye boat tour port 2023 - Turkey Life

    How much does a boat tour in Turkey cost?

    Prices vary by region and range from €10 to €20. These prices can vary significantly due to high global inflation!

    About Fethiye

    Fethiye is one of 13 beautiful districts in Muğla Province, which attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. Known for its natural beauty and historic architecture, the area is one of the finest resorts in the world. With bays, beaches with blue Flagge, historical sites and valleys, Fethiye is one of the resorts rich in natural beauty

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