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    HES code Turkey: how to apply and use?

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    Update: 06.03.2022 Domestic HES code abolished

    The HES code is no longer required to like certain institutions Couches, shopping malls and entertainment venues in the Turkey to enter. Vacationers will receive one after filling out an electronic registration form HES code. However, the statement from the Turkish Ministry of Health did not specify whether the code will no longer be required for entry in the future. The minister said the easing measures would be implemented immediately, with further details to be clarified shortly through an Interior Ministry decree.

    Those to combat the Coronavirus developed mobile application Hayat Eve Sığar App (HES code or on türkisch HES Kodu) is used in all areas of life in Turkey.

    Approval code (HES code) is also mandatory for foreigners and tourists!

    However, travelers connecting to international flights do not need to apply for a “HES code” as long as the connecting time does not exceed 24 hours.

    The HES code is an application of the Turkish Ministry of Health and is currently required when visiting Turkish airports, tourist attractions, government institutions and public transport.


    For tourists, the issuance of the HES code is very simple and can be obtained through the currently available for the Entry into Turkey required online form (digital Entry registration) to be issued.

    HES Code Entry Turkey Required Online Form 2023 - Turkey Life

    How do I get the HES code?

    • Travelers receive the HES code automatically via the currently required entry registration in Turkey.
    • Please fill out the form at least 72 hours before arrival out.
    • Make sure you provide an accurate entry date. In the past you had to enter the departure date so that the HES code was still valid on the day of the return flight. The field has now been removed from the form.
    • The language can be found on the website German be changed.
    • In the field named "passport number“ German citizens can also use theirs ID number .
    • After registering, you will receive a download confirmation in PDF format.
    • At the top right of the form you will find the HES code, a QR code and a number.
    • The code on the form is sufficient for all types of travel in Turkey.
    • You can always create codes for new entry and exit on the website if necessary.

    How do I receive the HES code via SMS?

    • Foreign Tourists can get their HES by sending a short text message to 2023. The message must be structured as follows: HES (space) Nationality (space) Passport number (space) Year of birth (space) Surname (space) Number of days for which the code is required.
    •  Turkish citizens and residents can alternatively download the mobile application "Hayat Eve Sigar" (Apple App Store, Google Play Store) or by sending an SMS with a Turkish SIM card to 2023 or from a foreign one Phone to 0090 555 944 3821 with the content: HES (space) Turkish ID number space The last 4 digits of the Turkish ID serial number (space) Number of days for which the code is needed.
      • Here's an example:
      • Mr. Kilic, Turkish citizen with Turkish National ID TC passport number 350000000, born in 1980, would like to apply for a HES code for 24 days.
      • His SMS to 2023 or 0090 555 944 3821 would look like this:
      • "HES 350000000 1234 45"

    Detailed description on the official website of "Hayat Eve Sigar".

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    How do I get the HES code via e-devlet (e-government)?

    Turkish nationals who need a Turkish TC Kimlik No (ID number, personal identification number) and access to the e-Government (e-government) of the Turkish government. Can also be downloaded via the e-Devlet app (download link for iOS, Android, Huawei) or the website generate the HES code.

    After logging in, simply search for "HES Kodu Üretme ve Listeleme" and follow the instructions.

    Where to submit the HES code?

    In practice, HES codes are most commonly checked at the entrances of tourist attractions, shopping malls, government offices, hospitals, airports and public transport.

    A printed form or a photo of the QR code on a smartphone is enough to find the airport or attractions to enter. In order to use a rechargeable card for using public transport in major cities of Turkey, the HES code must be linked to the rechargeable card. For example like with the IstanbulCard or the AntalyaCard.

    Other examples that require HES codes before entering:

    The most frequently asked questions about the HES code

    1. What does the HES code do?

      With the HES code you can prove that you do not carry any Covid-19-related risks when using public transport, intercity journeys, entering institutions and public places that require face-to-face communication and that you are safe in a controlled social life feel involved.

      You can share the HES code you generate with institutions or individuals directly or through a mobile application. Institutions or individuals can verify that you are related to Covid-19 are at risk by reviewing the HES code that has been released. Likewise, you can view the HES code shared with you to see the risk status of others.

    2. Where can I get the HES code?

      You can get the HES code in 3 different places:

      Hayat Eve Sigar Mobile app for your smartphone (Apple App Store, Google Play Store)
      SMS to 2023 or 0090 555 944 3821

    3. How do I get the HES code?

      You can get your HES code through the Ministry of Health's mobile application Hayat Eve Sığar, SMS, and e-government website login.

    4. I don't have an HES code. Is this an obstacle to my journey?

      Yes, if you do not have an HES code you will not be able to travel within the country.

    5. How do I get the HES code for my child under 18?

      You can generate HES codes for children under 18 through Hayat Eve Sığar app, e-government gateway and SMS.

    6. Do 0-2 year old babies need HES codes?

      The HES code is not mandatory for infants aged 0-2 years.

    7. How do I download the HES application (app)?

      The Hayat Eve Sığar app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store downloaded to your mobile phone.

    8. How does public transport use HES codes?

      Due to the current Covid-19 regulations, public transport requires the HES code to be synchronized with the ticket. Step-by-step instructions, like IstanbulKart and AntalyaKart.

    9. What else do I need to know about the HES code?

      We cannot say how long the HES code lasts in Turkey. We believe this will definitely be a necessary requirement for access to high traffic locations over the coming weeks and months.

    10. Who needs the HES code?

      All foreigners and tourists as well as Turkish citizens require an authorization code (“HES code”) for domestic flights, train and bus travel and hotel stays.

    11. What documents do I need to enter Turkey?

      Passport (Temporary Passport, ID Card, Temporary ID Card, Child Passport), HES Code, possibly visas and other documents that are explained in more detail here.

    12. What is Turkish ID Number?

      All ID numbers of Turkish citizens automatically become their tax number. The tax number is a ten-digit number assigned to a natural person.

    13. What is the HES code good for?

      For example, share your HES code before you travel (by plane, train or bus).

      Therefore, the Covid-19 risk of all passengers can be checked via the common HES code and vulnerable people can be prevented from traveling. This way you can protect yourself.

      If you are traveling with a person who is not at risk during the trip but has contracted a dangerous viral illness within 14 days, you will be contacted and informed by the health service.

    14. Is the HES code secure?

      You have full access to the generated HES code. You can share or delete your HES code if you wish.

      The HES code is a single code generated specifically for you. You have full authority and control over the generated HES code. 

    15. What is the difference between the Corona warning app and the Hayat Eve Sigar app (HES code)?

      The Corona warning app is in Germany and Europe in use and warns of possible contact with Corona infected.

      Hayat Eve Sığar app (HES code) warned of the risk areas and people infected with Covid-19 in the Turkey and offers consulting options.

    16. What do I enter for Turkish address at immigration registration?

      Enter your travel hotel or residence.

    17. Can I board the plane without an HES code?

      HES codes are used to protect passengers and ensure all flights are as safe as possible. Passengers without a valid HES code cannot travel on flights that require an HES code.

    18. Do international flights departing from Turkey have to use HES codes?

      HES codes are not required for international flights. Domestic flights to international flights, such as: Antalya-Frankfurt via and Istanbul, if the connection time is more than 24 hours, the HES code is required before the domestic flight.

    19. Has my HES code expired?

      Your HES code is valid for a specific period of time or indefinitely. The HES code expiration date must be at least 7 days after the last flight date on your ticket. (Example: For flights from 15. June 2021, the HES code must have an expiration date of at least June 22, 2021.)

    20. Can I get a new HES code if my code expires?

      Yes, you can get a new HES code by repeating the process.

    21. How can I share my health-related information through the HES code?

      You can authorize your "Vaccination Status", "Disease Status" and "Test Status" to be displayed on your HES Code by entering the "Hayat Eve Sığar" app home page in the "HES Code Settings" (Life Fits into home ) use. If you don't have the HES code settings option in your app, you can update your app and try again.

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