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    Istanbul Taxi Guide (Tariffs, Costs, Apps, Airport Rides, Tips)

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    Here you will find the and Istanbul Taxi Guide that includes taxi prices, fees, apps, airport rides and tips. In Istanbul you don't have to drive to explore the city as you have many modes of transport to choose from. You can easily explore the city on foot, by bike or by public transport.

    First of all, the taxi is called up türkisch taksi

    Average Taxi Prices in Istanbul 2023 - Turkey Life

    Istanbul's yellow, turquoise and black taxis

    However, if you need to get somewhere quickly, for example to the airport or to a conference, a taxi is definitely the best choice. Here we have put together all the necessary information about Istanbul Taxis.

    Taxis in Istanbul are yellow with a taxi sign on the roof. It's usually easy to find one of the more than 18.000 yellow cabs dotted around the street.

    There are also turquoise and black luxury taxis.

    • Yellow taxis are common local taxis.
    • Turquoise cabs are the slightly more upscale cabs.
    • Black taxis are the VIP taxis.

    Turquoise cabs are 15% more expensive than yellow cabs and black cabs are 100% more expensive than yellow cabs.

    Istanbul taxi fares

    The prices below are for standard yellow taxis.

    • If the taxi driver activates the taximeter, the activation price is 5,55 lira. Turquoise Taxi 6,38 TL and the black luxury taxis 9,44 TL.
    • The price per kilometer is approximately 3,45 TL, 3,99 TL for turquoise taxis and 5,54 TL for luxury taxis.
    • Hop on hop off (stopover) prices range from 13 TL to 15 TL. Turquoise taxis cost 19 TL and luxury taxis 25 TL. This is to prevent people in the vicinity from taking taxis.
    • There is no difference between day and night rides.
    • If you take a taxi from the European side of Istanbul to the Asian side and vice versa, the taxi has to pay a toll and you have to pay the toll to the taxi driver. This can be bridges on the Bosphorus, underwater tunnels or some highways.
    • Using the above rates, you can calculate the approximate taxi fare for your journey.
    • You can pay by credit card in all taxis in Istanbul.

    Average Taxi Prices in Istanbul from Istanbul Airport (IST)

    • to Blue (48,9 km) – 180 TL
    • to Partition (40 km) – 155 TL
    • to Bakirkoy (46 km) – 170 TL
    • to Besiktas (39 km) – 155 TL
    • to Sariyer (43 km) – 165 TL
    • to Mecidiyekoy (37 km) – 150 TL
    • to Kadikoy (56 km) – 200 TL plus bridge toll
    • to Uskudar (46 km) – 170 TL plus bridge toll
    • to Sabiha Gokcen Airport (76 km) – 280 TL plus bridge toll

    Average Taxi Prices in Istanbul from Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW)

    • to Taksim (65 km) – 250 TL plus bridge toll
    • to Sultanahmet (62 km) 240 TL plus bridge toll
    • to Bakirkoy (74 km) – 265 TL plus bridge toll
    • to Kadikoy (32 km) – 120 TL
    • to Istanbul Airport (76 km) – 280 TL plus bridge toll

    Average taxi fares in Istanbul from Sultanahmet

    Average Taxi Fare in Istanbul from Taksim

    • to Sultanahmet – 25 TL
    • to Bakirköy Square – 57 TL
    • to Kadikoy coast – 65 TL plus bridge toll
    • to Galata Tower – 18 TL
    • to Besiktas Square – 18 TL
    • Ortakoy Square - 22 TL
    • to Bebek coast – 35 TL
    • to Istanbul Forum shopping mall (sea ​​life Istanbul Aquarium) – 58 tsp
    • to Florya Istanbul Aquarium – 90 TL
    • to Eyup Isfanbul Theme Park – 51 TL
    • to Akmerkez Shopping Center – 32 TL
    • to Istinye Park Shopping Center – 53 TL

    Bridge toll and Avrasya (Eurasia) tunnel toll

    There are three bridges on the Bosphorus.

    • 15 Temmuz Sehitler Bridge
    • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
    • Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

    You have to cross the first or second bridge to explore Istanbul. The toll is one-way only when traveling from Europe to Asia. No toll is charged from Asia to Europe.

    There is also an underwater tunnel (Avrasia) for vehicles from Yenikapi to Haydarpasa. A very fast and convenient way through the Bosphorus.

    Bridge toll for taxis and cars

    • 1st and 2nd bridge – approx. 13,25 TL
    • 3. Bridge – approx. 27,50 TL

    Avrasya tunnel fee for taxis and cars

    How to Get a Taxi in Istanbul 2023 - Turkey Life

    How to get a taxi in Istanbul?

    • You can raise your hand to hail and take a taxi on the street. In central Istanbul, you won't have to wait more than a few minutes to see an official yellow taxi on the street.
    • You can take a taxi from the taxi rank where you will see many taxis on the side of the road.
    • You can find taxi stops at main squares, train stations, subway and bus stations, ferry ports, shopping malls, squares or restaurants.

    When should I take a taxi in Istanbul?

    It is very convenient to visit Istanbul by public transport. Taxis can be inconvenient, especially during peak hours and in the city center. Traffic is almost always full and there are traffic jams at any time of the day.

    We recommend taking a taxi in Istanbul if:

    • If you are in a hurry (airport, meeting, etc.),
    • It's raining,
    • If you are a family or a group of friends with at least three or four people and you are going to travel a short distance, the difference in price compared to public transport is negligible.

    Taxis at night are also good because there are fewer buses.

    Some recommendations

    • Do not tip the taxi driver. However, if the cashback is around 2 to 5 lira, you can leave the cashback.
    • If your hotel is near Istanbul Airport, please ask first if your hotel can offer you free shuttle service.
    • Make sure the taxi is going in the right direction. You can find it in the "Map" app on your Phone display.
    • Some tourist areas, like that Sultanahmet Square and the tram lines between Sirkeci and Beyazit and Istiklal Streets are pedestrian only.
    • To cross the Bosphorus on the bridge, ask the driver which bridge he will be driving. There are three bridges on the Bosphorus: the third and newest (Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge) is located far from the city center.

    Book taxis in Istanbul via apps

    Istanbul has a taxi app iTaksi, which offers you the cheapest fares, routes and communications. It is provided and supported by the city of Istanbul, allowing passengers to find and take the nearest taxi.

    iTaksi can Apple Store and Google Play Store be acquired. You can download it and use it to call your taxi anywhere in Istanbul.

    We recommend this option because iTaksi taxis are registered with Istanbul Municipality and both the driver and the route are tracked and rated.

    Note: All prices listed are approximate average prices. Ask the taxi driver about the current taxi rates.

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