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    10 cool things to do in Kadikoy - Istanbul's hippest district

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    and Istanbul has over 15 million inhabitants and is by far the largest city among European travel destinations. The Kadikoy Tour is definitely part of the Istanbul Tour. Here are the top tips and insider tips for a city trip to Kadikoy on the Asian side of Istanbul.

    Kadıköy (in English: judge's village) is located on the Asian side of Istanbul. Kadikoy is seaside with lively atmosphere and city life, historic buildings, a market, a large student population, cultural and art events, shopping malls, cafes, pubs and restaurants and a vibrant nightlife mainly along its famous "Bar Street" and the nearby residential area Fashion are one of the most popular and colorful districts of Istanbul. The port city of Kadıköy was founded around 675-685 BC. Founded and the History goes back to the Chalcedony of the Megarians.

    Kadikoy In Istanbul Top Sights And Attractions 2023 - Turkey Life
    Kadikoy In Istanbul Top Sights And Attractions 2023 - Turkey Life

    Districts of Kadikoy

    Kadıköy is divided into 21 districts/districts (Turkish Mahalle), including the more prominent districts of Bostancı, Erenköy, Fenerbahçe, Suadiye and Feneryolu.

    Fenerbahçe football club

    Fenerbahçe Istanbul (officially Fenerbahçe Futbol A.Ş., also the Turkish Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü ) is a Turkish football club from Kadıköy in Istanbul, which forms the football department of Fenerbahçe SK and is internationally well known.

    What to expect in Kadikoy, Istanbul

    Strolling through Kadikoy Square, Moda and Fenerbahce Kalamis and watching the crowds, relaxing and having tea or coffee at various seaside cafes, exploring Bahariye Street are the best Activities in Kadikoy. The Kadikoy coast is very popular, especially among young people.

    Kadikoy In Istanbul Top Sights And Attractions Nostalgia Tram 2023 - Turkey Life
    Kadikoy In Istanbul Top Sights And Attractions Nostalgia Tram 2023 - Turkey Life

    Activities and sights in Kadikoy


    In Kadikoy you can experience and enjoy the life of the people of Istanbul. Especially in Summer it is worth strolling through the streets of Moda accompanied by the scent of wonderful flowers that surround every corner.

    Haydarpasa Railway Station and Pier (Haydarpaşa)

    Haydarpaşa Railway Station, the gateway to Istanbul in republican times, was the end of a road that led into something of a foreign land. Haydarpaşa Railway Station, which was actually the last stop for those arriving by train from Anatolia to Istanbul, was built in 1908. The subject of films, novels and plays for years, Haydarpaşa Railway Station is one of Istanbul's landmarks.

    Turkish railways to Anatolia, Iran, Iraq and Syria have started at Haydarpaşa station. From 1930 it was the starting point for the Taurus Express.

    The steam locomotive 20 of the Ottoman Railway Company is a historic locomotive in front of the station.

    Kadikoy In Istanbul Top Sights And Attractions Haydarpasa 2023 - Turkey Life
    Kadikoy In Istanbul Top Sights And Attractions Haydarpasa 2023 - Turkey Life

    The bull statue (Boga Heykeli)

    The statue was made from a plaster mold by French sculptor Isidore Jules Bonheur in 1864 and cast in bronze at the Thiebaut foundry. Exhibited in Paris in 1865, the work caught the attention of the Ottoman Sultan Abdülaziz, who was visiting the Paris World Fair during his 1867 tour of Europe.

    The sculpture was first located in the garden of Beylerbeyi Palace and later in the garden of Yıldız Şale Mansion. The statue, which came from the Yıldız Şale mansion in the 1910s, was first brought to the Bilezikçi farm by Enver Pasha and his wife.

    In 1987, the bull statue was moved to its current location in Altınyol, in front of the Kadıköy District Governor's office. The bull statue traveled from Paris to Istanbul and is over 150 years old.

    Kadikoy Market and Bahariye Street

    Kadikoy Bazaar and the famous Bahariye Street are the most popular places in Kadikoy. In the market area of ​​Kadikoy there are many shops ranging from greengrocers, fishmongers, spice shops to pastry shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants. The famous fish market in the area is also worth a visit. Before you reach Bahariye Street, you will come across another famous Sanatcilar Street (Art Street) and here you will find many beautiful pottery, paintings and art shops of local ceramic artists.

    Traffic-free Bahariye Street can be considered as the liveliest and most famous place in Kadikoy.

    There is also an old-fashioned nostalgic tram from Kadikoy Port. On Bahariye Street you will find many great cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants as well as quality shopping and cultural centers. The Sureyya Opera House is the most important building on Bahariye Caddesi.

    Kadıköy Tuesday Market (Kadikoy Sali Pazari)

    One of the oldest markets in Istanbul, Kadıköy Tuesday Market is one of the places visited by those who want to shop together and experience nostalgia. With its history stretching back to ancient times, we learn that it was used not only as a marketplace but also as a recreation area for people with performances by tightrope walkers.

    Sureyya Opera House (Süreyya Operasi)

    The construction of the Süreyya Opera, one of the most visited and also one of the most historic buildings in Kadıköy, dates back 90 years. Sureyya lmen (Pasha) had the building built in 1924 as an opera, theater and ballroom on Bahariye Street.

    Osman Aga Mosque (Osman Ağa Camii)

    Osman Ağa Mosque was first built in 1612 by Babüssaade Ağa, Osman Ağa. The architect of the mosque is unknown. This wooden-structure mosque was renovated in 1811 by the Ottoman Sultan Mahmut II. As a result of the great fire that broke out in Kadıköy in 1878, the mosque burned out completely. The Osman Ağ Mosque, which is located in Kadıköy today, was later rebuilt.

    Ayia Efimia Greek Orthodox Church

    The Greek Orthodox Church of Ayia Efimia (Turkish: Ayia Efimia Rum Ortodoks Kilisesi) is located in Kadikoy Market Square. The church dates from 1694.

    Akmar Passage (Akmar Pasajı)

    Before the 1999 earthquake, Akmar Passage housed various cafes and music markets. Nowadays it's a second-hand bookstore, housing mostly student bookstores. The biggest feature that distinguishes it from many passages in Kadıköy is that the archive of this passage is more than others.

    Kadikoy In Istanbul Top Sights And Attractions Street Performers 2023 - Turkey Life
    Kadikoy In Istanbul Top Sights And Attractions Street Performers 2023 - Turkey Life


    Moda is a 15-minute walk along the Kadikoy coast. Along the Moda coast and inland there are many lovely cafes, tea gardens and restaurants. Chilling out in trendy cafes and watching the sunset is also the main attraction in Moda.

    Also in Moda is the house-museum Baris Manco (world famous Turkish singer and artist).

    Baris Manco Museum (Barış Manço Museum (house))

    The house where Barış Manço worked in Istanbul has as Barış Manço Museum opened its doors to visitors. Barış Manço, one of the most important artists in the Turkish music world and loved by millions of people, keeps his popularity thanks to the immortal songs he left behind.

    Fenerbahce Park

    Fenerbahçe Sports Club is located on an island named after the 1562 lighthouse that stands at the end of the Fenerbahçe Parks next to Faruk Ilgaz and Kalamış Marina facilities. The area, which was separated from the mainland by the construction of a marina, was later connected to the mainland, Cape Fenerbahçe, with a pedestrian bridge and a vehicular bridge. The park, witness to antiquity, contains the remains of a palace of Theodora, wife of the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinianus.

    The park is very popular among Istanbulians and has beautiful open and closed areas.

    Yogurt Park (Yoğurtçu Parkı)

    The Yogurtcu Park is one of the rare green spaces in Kadıköy that has survived from the past to the present. The green area covers 15.000 m² of the park with a total usable area of ​​over 30.000 m². The children's playgrounds in 5 different park areas have a total area of ​​400 m². Also, there is a running track of 5.300 meters and a running track of 1.280 meters in the park.

    Kazım Karabekir Paşa Müzesi (Museum)

    The building, now used as a museum, is actually the home where Kazım Karabekir Pasha spent part of his life. The past of the four-story wooden house goes back to the 19th century. Munif Tahir Pasha of Antepa, Sultan Abdulhamid II's Minister of Education, commissioned the Italian architect and sculptor Rozette to build the villa in Erenkoy.

    Istanbul Toy Museum (İstanbul Oyuncak Müzesi)

    The toy museum in Göztepe / Istanbul, which exhibits historical toys, the oldest of which is around 300 years old, was opened on 23. April Built in 2005 by Sunay Akın. It has the distinction of being the Toy Museum of the Turkey to be. There are almost 4.000 toys in this museum, it is the right address for everyone who wants to spend a nice day with family or loved ones and remember their childhood or give their children unforgettable moments.

    Caddebostan Cultural Centre

    Caddebostan Cultural Center (CKM) has been one of the most important cultural centers on the Anatolian side since its opening. In addition, CKM organizes performances, jazz and classical concerts, cinema screenings, exhibitions and panels by domestic and foreign artists.

    In Kadikoy District, there are many great cultural centers of Kadikoy Municipality where you can enjoy theater, concerts, children's games, symposia, workshops, exhibitions and more.

    Bagdat Street (Bağdat Caddesi)

    The Baghdad street ( bagdat Street / Bagdat Avenue) is one of the most luxurious Streets in Istanbul. The 14 kilometers long Bagdat Street starts in Bostanci and goes all the way to Göztepe. Along the street there are many luxurious cafes, restaurants and shops.

    Bagdat Street, one of the city's few shopping streets, can get quite crowded, especially on summer evenings. Besides shopping, you can also choose between eating, drinking and entertainment.

    Kadikoy In Istanbul Top Sights And Attractions Magnum Store Bagdat Caddesi 2023 - Turkey Life
    Kadikoy In Istanbul Top Sights And Attractions Magnum Store Bagdat Caddesi 2023 - Turkey Life

    What can you buy at Kadikoy?

    When you come to Kadıköy, there are many streets, alleys and bazaars where you can shop. You can buy books from the famous Akmar Passage, antiques and second-hand goods from the famous Antique Street, organic delicacies at the Fish Market and souvenirs from Bahariye Street.

    Kadikoy In Istanbul Top Sights And Attractions Shopping Street 2023 - Turkey Life
    Kadikoy In Istanbul Top Sights And Attractions Shopping Street 2023 - Turkey Life

    Eating out in Kadikoy

    If you come to Kadıköy, you will find plenty of food from different regions for every taste. Dining at Kadikoy is fantastic. There are many different restaurants for visitors to Kadikoy. One could say that the entire Kadikoy district is full of quality restaurants and cafes. Kadikoy's busiest restaurants, cafes and tea gardens are located around Kadikoy Market, Bahariye Street, along the seafront and in the nearby Moda suburb.

    Kadikoy In Istanbul Top Sights And Attractions Dining Out 2023 - Turkey Life
    Kadikoy In Istanbul Top Sights And Attractions Dining Out 2023 - Turkey Life

    Kadikoy nightlife

    Kadıköy's nightlife is also very active, bustling with activity at all times of the day. Here you will find the right location for every entertainment idea. Kadife Street, the heart of Kadıköy's nightlife, is also known locally as Bars Street.

    Kadikoy In summary

    • Especially in summer it is worth strolling through the streets of Moda, accompanied by the scent of wonderful flowers that surround every corner.
    • It is worth going to Kadıköy Fish Market to buy fresh fish, vegetables and fruits, as well as organic products.
    • To enjoy your night in Kadıköy, you should visit Kadife Sokak, which is full of entertainment.
    • To discover a magical world of new and used books, head to Akmar Passage.
    • Visit Haydarpaşa Train Station to learn more about the history of Istanbul.
    • You should visit Bahariye Street and go shopping.
    • You should go to Kadıköy Ferry Port and enjoy the sea view.
    • Where is Kadikoy?

      Kadikoy / Kadıköy is located on the Asian side of Istanbul.

    • What to do in Kadikoy?

      Top 10 Kadikoy, Istanbul landmarks are:

      Kadikoy Carsisi
      Kadikoy Iskelesi
      Fenerbahce Stadium
      Haydarpasa railway station
      bull statue
      Bahariye Street
      Sureyya Opera House
      Osman Aga Mosque
      Baris Manco Museum
      Fashion Quarter

    Kadikoy hotel and accommodation options

    You have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort you expect during your stay in Kadıköy, the eye of the Anatolian side, offering amenities for all types of accommodation, whether for leisure or business purposes.

    How to get to Kadikoy?

    Getting to Kadikoy is very easy. There are many public buses and dolmus Buses running from many Asian districts of Istanbul and from Partition and Besiktas drive to Kadikoy. You can reach Kadikoy for example:

    • from Besiktas and Eminonu, with public ferries,
    • Karakoy to Haydarpasa; by public ferry and then within 15 minutes walk,
    • from Eminonu, Kabatas or Besiktas with public ferries (also boats from Besiktas-Uskudar). Uskudar and from Üsküdar by public transport or dolmus to Kadikoy
    • with yellow shared taxis (dolmus) from Taksim,
    • with public buses from the many districts of Istanbul.

    The use of IstanbulCard is a prerequisite for all public transport.

    Address : Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey

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