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    we at Turkey Life, are always looking for innovative ways to offer our readers an even better travel experience. As the leading travel blog site too Turkey Journeys, we see working with you as a great opportunity to expand our reach and content.

    The Turkey Life Reiseblog has grown rapidly in recent years and months and is now available in more than 60 languages. Turkey Life Guides appears in the top search results on and other country-specific Google pages.

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    1. guest article: We offer you the opportunity to share your expertise and experiences in the form of a guest article on our site.
    2. Personal research and news interviews: We write more detailed articles about our experiences in Turkey and travel destinations than other journalists or bloggers. deals with Turkey and can therefore provide more information. In addition, articles on have a significantly higher visibility in the long term, as the Google ranking of the articles shows.
    3. Banner advertising (header, footer, sidebar): Possible banner spaces are in the header and sidebar.
    4. hotel reviews: (Hotel Tester) Hotel reviews from check-in, service, comfort, quality and cleaning to check-out with images, text and YouTube videos.
    5. Hospital Reviews: (Clinic Tester) Clinic reviews from arrival, comfort, quality, care to accommodation with pictures, text and YouTube videos.
    6. Travel vendor reviews: (Travel Provider Tester) Travel Vendor reviews from departure, comfort, quality to arrival with images, text and YouTube videos. (also from countries outside of Germany)
    7. Travel Airman reviews: (Airlines Tester) Travel aviator reviews from baggage drop to service, comfort and quality in the air with pictures, text and YouTube videos. (also from countries outside of Germany)
    8. Tours Provider Reviews: (Tours Tester) Tours Provider Reviews of Pickup on Hotel, carried out tour program, comfort and quality until the return transport to the Hotel.
    9. Sponsored Posts: NoFollow marked as advertising.
    10. product reviews: Presenting and evaluating products with pictures and, if necessary, videos.
    11. Sponsoring and long-term partnerships: Matching products and services are possible on request.
    12. Guest article with links: DoFollow SEO linking. Applies to matching items with links only. (No erotic, gambling, politics, religion or similar articles)

    Our expectations of partners:

    • You have seen our blog and informed yourself about our topics.
    • You have an idea for a possible cooperation.

    What you can expect from us:

    • Sustainable contributions and long-term partnerships.
    • Inspirational and helpful post with pictures and possibly video.
    • Researched articles
    • Gain an accurate understanding of the interests and trends of Turkish vacationers and travelers.


    We ask you to request prices individually by email and with your ideas.

    We are always happy to receive specific inquiries about cooperation and are happy to answer questions from the media. Please note that I cannot present all products and services on 

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