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    Packing list Turkey to print out and tick off before your flight

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    Holidays in Turkey: the ultimate packing list and checklist for Turkey holidays

    This is the perfect packing list for yours Turkey Vacation so that you can experience many exciting things in the next few days without having to worry. The long-awaited vacation in Turkey is approaching, the itinerary and travel list are ready, now all you have to do is pack your bags. From relaxing sunbathing in the Turkish Aegean Sea or the Turkish Riviera, about the impression of the medieval city center, visiting ancient wonders or just a city trip to and Istanbul, there is more waiting for your Turkey vacation.

    It doesn't matter whether you are on a city break, prefer to explore the country's exciting natural landscapes on foot or simply enjoy the Beach want to relax in one of the many Turkish bathing resorts.

    So that you don't forget anything before you start your trip to Turkey, you will find information on the holiday packing list for your holiday in Turkey here. You can download a printable version in Download PDF format and check off.

    Turkey Travel Plan Checklist

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    Holidays in Turkey: This absolutely has to be in the suitcase

    Packing list: documents, money & emergency numbers

    You can pay without cash in many large shops and restaurants, sometimes even with euros at Turkish bathing resorts. Otherwise the Turkish lira the currency of Turkey. To avoid confusion and to make handling easier, two small purses, for example, are suitable. At the exchange office you can exchange the corresponding lira at the current daily euro-lira exchange rate. You have to pay with lira in museums, restaurants, shopping malls and in Istanbul always in lira.

    • Valid passport or ID card
    • flight tickets
    • Booking confirmation and travel voucher
    • Airport transfer booking confirmation
    • Address and telephone number of the hotel
    • Telephone number of your tour operator in Turkey
    • emergency phone numbers Banking
    • Emergency numbers in Turkey
    • Insurance card and, if applicable, foreign travel insurance
    • Cash to change to Lira for security and if necessary in Turkey
    • Credit card, if necessary bank card / EC card
    • Fanny pack with secret compartment (Our favourite*)
    • Neck pouch with RFID blocker (Our favourite*)
    • Money hiding place / travel safe (Our favourite*)
    • wallet (Our favourite*)
    • Driver's license
    • allergy pass
    • Vaccination pass, Corona Warn App or CovPass with the Corona vaccination certificate as a QR code
    • if applicable, student ID
    • possibly ADAC documents

    Packing list: hygiene


    All items needed for daily care should be put in the cosmetic bag. You should bring sunscreen from Germany, because these products are significantly more expensive in Turkey.

    • Hairbrush / comb
    • Deodorant (travel size)
    • shower gel, shampoo, conditioner etc.
    • scrunchy
    • Hand lotion
    • face cream
    • Contact lenses + accessories
    • Toiletry bag (Our favourite*)
    • Labello / lip balm
    • Nail care set including tweezers (for ticks)
    • nailfile
    • ear sticks (Our favourite*)
    • razor for the trip (Our favourite*)
    • shaving cream
    • After shave
    • Perfumes
    • Make-up utensils / tissues for removing make-up
    • Suncream (Our favourite*)
    • after sun cream
    • Tampons / pads / feminine hygiene items
    • Contraceptives / Condoms (Our favourite*)
    • Contraceptive / Pill
    • Toothbrush + toothpaste
    • floss

    Packing list: clothes

    Things are put on the packing list depending on the duration of the holiday and the time of year. If you spend a holiday in a hotel, evening outfits for evening entertainment or going to the bar are also part of it. Summer dresses, shirts, tops and T-shirts as well as shorts, skirts or light tights should be in the Summer not lack. This also includes jeans and a light summer jacket. You should also use a cover to protect your head from strong sunlight.

    • Swimwear (for her*, for him*)
    • Pants / shorts, short (for her*, for him*) 
    • Trousers / jeans, long (for her*, for him*) 
    • Dress skirt
    • Compression socks for flight
    • Hat / caps / summer hats
    • Sarong / pareo / beach dress (Our favourite*)
    • pajamas / pyjamas
    • Socks
    • sunglasses (Our favourite*)
    • T shirts / tops
    • shirt
    • Underwear
    • cardigan
    • Flip flops / sandals / sneakers / ballet flats
    • evening wear
    • high heels
    • rain jacket / umbrella

    Packing list: medicines / pharmacy

    A good first aid kit should be part of a good first aid kit. For urgent treatment, you should have some plasters, painkillers, thermometer and fever suppositories with you. Medication for constipation and diarrhea should also be taken. Contraceptives ensure a pleasant holiday without consequences.

    • blister plaster (Our favourite*)
    • Diarrhea Pills / Nausea / Motion Sickness (Vomex)
    • First aid kit (Our favourite*)
    • fever tablets
    • Painkillers (Headache) (Our favourite*)
    • Cold / Rhinitis - nasal spray for adults and children
    • Diarrhea (Imodium / Activated Charcoal Tablets / Electrolyte Solution)
    • Herpes cream / anti-herpes stick (Our favourite*)
    • ointment
    • Mosquito repellent / mosquito spray
    • Insect Bite Healer (Our favourite*)
    • personal medication
    • Pavement (Our favourite*)

    Packing list: technique

    Our mobile phones are now replacing many things like: alarm clock, radio, television, computer, camera, etc., but when the battery runs out, the smartphone can no longer be used. There is a power bank so you can charge your smartphone at any time without needing an outlet nearby. You can use all devices in Turkey without any problems, because the sockets used there are the same as ours.

    Packing List: Swimming / Beach

    Packing list: for the flight

    Make the journey to the resort as pleasant as possible.

    Packing list: children

    • Travel documents for children / children's ID cards
    • children clothes
    • Toys
    • medicines for children
    • baby food
    • diapers (Our favourite*)
    • sunscreen for children
    • baby monitor (Our favourite*)

    Packing list: Corona

    Rucksäcke & Taschen

    Compression sacks are a great help when packing your suitcase for a holiday in Turkey. Packing expels the air and many of these bags can be slipped into your suitcase.

    At first glance, the packing list looks very long, but it isn't. Just pack enough clothes in your suitcase. Be sure to observe the current entry regulations and do not forget your travel documents. If in doubt, anything you forget at home can be bought in Turkey.

    The ultimate packing list and checklist for Turkey vacation 2023 - Turkey Life

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