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    Explore the Amasya Province in north-central Turkey: history, nature and culture

    Explore the fascinating Amasya Province in north-central Turkey, known for its history, culture and scenic beauty. Visit historical sites like Amasya Castle and the Tombs of the Kings, sample local delicacies like Amasya kebab, and discover the region's sweet treats. Immerse yourself in the natural splendor of the Yeşilırmak River and explore the Botanical Gardens. In Amasya, culture, history and nature merge into an unforgettable experience.

    The Provinz Amasya is located on a picturesque strait where mountains, plains, water and greenery combine harmoniously. Surrounded by the provinces of Yozgat, Tokat, Çorum and Samsun, Amasya offers a variety of scenic attractions. This region extends with its unique charm from the coordinates 35° 03′ to 36° 02′ east longitude and 39° 50′ to 41° 02′ north latitude. Immerse yourself in the culture and history of this fascinating province that has so much to offer.

    Origin of the name Amasya

    The origin of the name Amasya remains mysterious and is the subject of various theories. One says that it comes from an ancient deity called Amasis or Amathus. Another theory points to the Persian word “Amaseia,” which means “love.” There are also suggestions that the name is associated with a local prince or an ancient city. Other theories suggest that the name could come from an ancient Anatolian language. Ultimately, however, it remains unclear exactly where the name came from, and it remains part of the fascinating history of this region.

    Sights in the province of Amasya

    Amasya Province in Turkey is home to many attractions including:

    1. The Tombs of the Pontic Kings: Ancient tombs carved into the rocks that bring to life the history of past kings.
    2. The Ferhat waterfall: A picturesque waterfall near the city that impresses visitors with its natural beauty.
    3. The Amasya Old City: A charming historic district with winding streets and traditional houses that reflects the city's history.
    4. The Beyazit Camii: A historic mosque that is located in the middle of the old town and impresses with its architecture.
    5. The Amasya University: A venerable university founded in the 16th century and now considered an important cultural heritage site.
    6. The Kral Kaya: An ancient rock-cut temple that offers impressive views of the surrounding area and transports visitors to times gone by.
    7. The Yedi Goller National Park: A natural park known for its scenic landscapes and hiking trails, attracting nature lovers.
    8. The Amasya Botanical Garden: A botanical garden that houses a diverse collection of plants and flowers and provides a relaxing retreat.


    Amasya Province combines rich history, fascinating culture and breathtaking landscapes. From medieval castles to ancient tombs to scenic waterfalls and historic districts, Amasya offers a variety of experiences. Immerse yourself in the past, explore nature and enjoy the hospitable atmosphere of this unique province in north-central Turkey. Discover the beauty and diversity of Amasya, where history, culture and nature blend harmoniously.

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