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    Discover Alanya: The Ultimate Travel Guide for Sights, Tips & Info

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    The Ultimate Travel Guide To Alanya 2023 - Turkey Life

    Approximately 135 kilometers from Antalya away, the popular holiday destination Alanya attracts countless tourists every year Turkey. Of April until October Alanya turns into a big city known for its Cleopatra Beach, Castle and night life. It was once a fishing and farming village, but in the 1980s it began to transform into a bustling town.

    The Ultimate Guide To Alanya Castle Hill 2023 - Turkey Life

    The ancient Greek name for Alanyas is Korakesion. He belonged to the territory of Pamphylia.

    As the name suggests, this ancient city was built on a hilly outcrop in the middle of the sea. During the Hellenistic Time there was a defensive wall on top of the mountain. At the beginning of the 2nd century B.C. The city withstands a siege by the Seleucid king Antiochus III. During the Roman Empire, Korakesion minted its own coins. The nominal Coracesium of the Roman Catholic Church can be traced back to a late antique diocese of the city. In Byzantine times this place was called Kalon oros (beautiful mountain). After the fall of the Seljuk Empire, the area was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire in 1471. With over 333.000 inhabitants, Alanya is the third largest county after Kepez and Muratpaşa, which form the city center of Antalya.

    Alanya Travel Guide

    300 days of sunshine a year, a beautiful castle hill, excellent restaurants, blue sea, ancient ruins and much more make Alanya one of the most popular cities in Turkey.

    Arrive & Depart Alanya

    Antalya airport "AYT" is the third busiest airport in Turkey with a passenger volume of more than 20 million passengers. The airport is 135 kilometers from the city center.


    The nearest airport is Gaszipasa Airport, which is about 40 kilometers east of Alanya.

    Almost all major German and Turkish airlines fly to Antalya. Direct flights to Antalya cost from 70 to 300 euros, depending on the season. Detailed airport information for Antalya Airport are available on our partner site

    airport transfer

    Shared Transfer: The shuttle bus will pick you up at the airport and take you and other passengers to your hotel. You pay one price per person on the bus and the journey takes longer because you have to wait for other passengers at the airport and stop at several hotels. If you have booked a package tour with Hotel Transfer, you will also wait for other passengers at the airport and drive to several hotels on the way to the hotel.

    Private Transfer: Your own driver will pick you up at the airport terminal exit and take you directly to the hotel. Because you pay one price per trip, a private transfer for three people in the car is only slightly more expensive than one collection bus.

    Taxi: If your Hotel in Alanya is located, you can also take a taxi. Most prices are listed on a price board, so you don't have to worry about the fare.

    Public: The tram line runs directly from the two terminals of the airport to the center of Antalya. The journey takes 45 minutes and costs few Turkish lira. Buses to the city center and the surrounding seaside resorts depart from the “Otogar” bus stop in Antalya. To use trams and buses, you must register beforehand AntalyaCard obtain. These can be purchased from ticket machines and require a one-time payment for the card and need to be reloaded when needed.

    Rent a car in Antalya

    It is very convenient to rent a car from Antalya Airport to the surrounding seaside resorts. The airport is located directly on the D400 highway, which goes through all the seaside resorts on the Turkish Riviera and the Lycian coast.

    The prestigious major Internationals and Nationals Car rental companies have offices directly at the airport and their stands are located at the exit of the terminal.

    Just in Summer you should book a car as early as possible, as demand is always very high.

    Hotel in Alanya

    At Cleopatra Beach there are dozens of three and four star hotels and club complexes with direct access to the beach.

    Holiday home

    In Alanya you will find many fully equipped apartments that can be booked through AirBnB.

    Attractions in Alanya

    • Castle Hill: You can den Castle hill of Alanya see from afar. With steep cliffs, it juts out into the sea off the Turkish Riviera.
    • Castle Ic Kale: Ic Kale is a fortress on the top of Castle Hill. From the tower of the castle you can enjoy a magnificent view of the sea, the city, Cleopatra Beach and the Taurus Mountains.
    • Süleymaniye Camii (Kale Mosque, Alaaddin Mosque, Orta Hisar Mosque): Süleymaniye Camii is located between Ic Kale and Ehmedek castles.
    • Red Tower (Kizil Kule): The Red Tower is the symbol of Alanya.
    • Seljuk Shipyard (Tersane): Six years after the city was occupied by the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat, the construction of the shipyard in the Çarşı district began. This Historic Buildings near Kızılkule was built in 1227 and completed within a year.
    • Ehmedek Castle: The fortifications are located in the northern part of the castle hill. The station of the new cable car from Kleopatra Beach to Castle Hill is also near the castle. Located in Hisariçi district, north of Alanya Castle, this structure was built to prevent attacks from land. The building consists of two separate sections, each section has three towers. 
    • Damlata's Cave: In 1948, during port works, Damlatas Cave was discovered. The cave is located at the eastern end of Cleopatra Beach. Damlataş Cave is located in Çarşı district of Alanya.
    • archaeological Museum Alanya: The museum contains excavations from the south coast of Turkey with a 7.000 year old History. There are 15 exhibition halls in total and was opened in 1967 with artifacts from the Bronze Age, Phrygian, Urartian and Lydian Periods brought from the Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara were brought.
    • Lighthouse: The lighthouse is located at the port of Alanya.
    • Ataturk House Museum: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish state, stayed in this house during his stay in Alanya. It is located on Şekerhane Mahallesi.
    • Asiklar (Cave of Lovers): The Asiklar Cave is located at the southern end of Castle Hill. 
    • dimcayi: Dim Cay is one of the most tranquil spots in the Mediterranean and an ideal place for tourists looking for a peaceful environment. Also the surrounding restaurants and tea gardens are perfect to spend your time and get good service.
    • Dim Magaresi: Dim Cave is the second largest stalactite cave in Turkey. After research, it was found that the cave in Kestel village in Alanya was more than 1 million years old. The cave is located on the slope of Mount Cebel-i Reis.
    • Alanya viewing terrace: The viewing platform is located 3,5-4 kilometers from the center of Alanya, 650 meters above sea level and gives you the opportunity to see the city from a bird's eye view. There are picnic areas, parks, tea gardens and rest areas in the small area which is very easy to get to.

    Activities in Alanya

    • Watersports: There are many offers such as parasailing, diving, surfing, jet skiing, rafting and more.
    • Jeep tour: Explore the Taurus Mountains by off-road jeep, visit hilltop villages and ancient ruins.
    • tandem paraglider: Jump from Taurus Mountains and enjoy the amazing view.
    • Rafting: Rafting in Koprulu Canyon is the perfect way to cool off with lots of action in summer.
    • bazaar: Visiting the bazaar in Alanya is part of the trip to Turkey. You will find everything you can imagine there.
    • the Hammam: Enjoy an afternoon in the Turkish bath, massage and scrub.
    • Turkish night: Turkish Night offers a combination of folk dance, drama, music, belly dancing and food.
    • Nightlife: The nightlife in Alanya takes place in the old town. You will also find many good restaurants, bars and Nargile "Shisha" bars.
    • Hiking: Travel to abandoned ruins, deserted glades and small villages in the Taurus Mountains.
    • Alanya Teleferik cable car: The cable car in Alanya is 900 m long and leads to Ehmedek citadel 300 m above the castle.

    Excursions from Alanya

    • old town of Side: The ruins of an ancient city with a 3.500 year history, a Roman theater and a beautiful old town with many shops and restaurants.
    • Aspendos: The best preserved theater of Roman times.
    • Sapadere Gorge: The canyon is located in the village of Sapadere, it is 750 meters long and 400 meters high.
    • antique City Syedra: The ancient city of Syedra is within the limits of Seki Village. According to the data obtained during the excavations, the history of the city can be traced back to the 7th century BC. trace back.
    • Alara Creek (Uluguney Creek): It is located in the town of Okurcalar in Alanya. This stream comes from the mountains and Kusák Akdağ, the spring water in the middle of the Taurus Mountains flows through around 62 kilometers of grassland and leads to the Mediterranean Sea. Today his name is Uluguni Bach.
    • Sealanya Dolphin Park: Located in the Turkler city of Alanya, Sealanya Dolphinpark offers you an opportunity to have a fun and enjoyable time.
    • Manavgat Waterfall: Manavgat Waterfall is located in Manavgat District of Antalya. It is one of the most important waterfalls in Turkey. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the waterfall is a suitable route for a day trip.
    • Ancient city of Selinus: The ancient city of Celinus is located on the Antalya-Mersin highway, about 47 kilometers from the center of Alanya, near the district Gazipasa.
    • Iotape Ancient City: The ancient city of Itapé is located on the old Gazipasa highway, about 49 kilometers from the center of Alanya. The ancient city takes its name from Iotape, the wife of King Antioch IV of Commagene.
    • Royal Bay of Delikdeniz: Delikdeniz Kral bay is between Gazipasa and Alanya, about 67 kilometers from the center of Alanya. It contains lots of natural beauty.
    • Ancient city of Seleykia (Etenna): The ancient city of Etenna is one of the most famous points of interest & sights from Manavgat. This is one of the places to visit in one day as it is about 90 kilometers from the center of Alanya.
    • Castle of Alara: Alara Castle was built in the Seljuk period and its history can be traced back to around 1230. The main feature of Alara Castle, which differs from other castles, is that it is difficult to reach.
    • Sapadere Gorge: The Sapadere Canyon has fascinating natural beauty and magnificent scenery. Not only the Canyon, but before reaching the Canyon, the Sapadere Strait also offers such a beautiful view.

    Beaches in Alanya

    • Cleopatra Beach: This 2km long beach was named after Egyptian Queen Cleopatra who walked into the sea here. This reputation of the beach is not only heard worldwide in this area, but also popular with tourists in summer. The shallow sea is between 8-10 meters and the sand consists of fine grains. The water is very clear and you can see the fish on the seabed without glasses. The sea and the beach are very clean. Cleopatra Beach is with the blue Flagge excellent.
    • Damlata's beach: It is located on the shore in front of Damlataş Cave. Damlataş Beach is awarded the blue flag. The sea is often rough and not suitable for children to swim in. The water temperature is average.
    • Keykubat Beach: This beach is located in the east of the historical peninsula and has a blue flag. The approximate length of the beach is 3 kilometers. The beach and the inside of the sea are sandy and there is no rocky area. Sandstone can only be found in certain places.
    • Mahmutlar beach: Mahmutlar public beach is one of the quietest Beaches in Alanya. Sand and rocks can be seen on the beach and the sea. The coastline of this natural beach is about 5 kilometers. There are cliffs in the sea. So you should wear bathing shoes.
    • Ulas beach: Ulaşlı beach is 5 kilometers away from Alanya just off the highway. There are picnic areas around the beach. In the summer months the beach gets very crowded due to this area.
    • orange beach: Portakal Beach has a blue flag and is 1 kilometer long.
    • Incekum Beach: As the name suggests, the sand structure of this beach is very thin. It is 25 kilometers away from Alanya.
    • Fugla Beach: Fugla public beach is about 20 kilometers away from the quiet beaches of Alanya. The beach is in a wide bay and is often docked by boats. The beach part and the sea are clean and consist of fine sand.
    • Goya Beach Club: It is the most popular beach club in Alanya. The pool inside is quite big. There are sun loungers around the pool.
    The Ultimate Guide To Alanya Lighthouse 2023 - Turkey Life
    The Ultimate Guide To Alanya Lighthouse 2023 - Turkey Life

    Bars, Pubs and Clubs in Alanya

    During the summer months, Alanya has become one of the busiest sea tourism areas in Alanya, where almost all kinds of entertainment can take place. It is one of the favorite tourism and entertainment centers for many people and vacationers from all over the world. When it comes to nightlife, there are almost all kinds of entertainment options. Some nightclubs don't stop entertaining until the early hours of the morning, and there are also quiet places to have a chat.

    Food in Alanya

    You should at least once outside your Hotels in Alanya Eat outdoors. In this city you will find many good restaurants with Turkish or international cuisine. The most interesting restaurants are located at the port of Alanya.

    The Ultimate Travel Guide To Alanya Food 2023 - Turkey Life
    The Ultimate Travel Guide To Alanya Food 2023 - Turkey Life

    Shopping in Alanya

    Shopping centers:

    • Alanyum Mall: Alanyum shopping center is a shopping center similar to what we know in Germany. It is located in the eastern part of Alanya and is open daily from 10am to 22pm for shopping.
    • Alanya city shopping tour: Rihtim Cd. Located at the port of Alanya.
    • megamall / time centers: Megamall or Time Center is located west of Alanya, near Payallar village.

    Downtown bazaars:

    Big bazaar: Alanya Big Bazaar is located on Ataturk Boulevard.

    Tosmur Bazaar: Tosmur district or village and bazaar is located in the east of Alanya city. In Tosmur there is a market or bazaar every Thursday. Counterfeit goods and clothing, as well as some foods, are particularly popular at the market.

    In general, it is common to bargain at bazaars that cater to travelers. Discounts of discount from 20 to 30% are possible. On the other hand, there is no longer trading in normal shops.

    How much does a vacation in Alanya cost

    Since the costs vary greatly depending on the season and your own preferences, only the average costs are considered here.

    Package tour with all inclusive 1 week

    • from €300 in the off-season
    • from €450 in high season
    • from €700 in high season in a 4-star hotel

    Hotel/Accommodation only:

    • Budget hotel or guesthouse with Breakfast: €15 to €30 per day
    • Mid-range hotel with all inclusive: €40 to €80 per day
    • Hostel: €10 to €20
    • AirBnB: own room from €10, own apartment from €50


    • Return flight from Germany to Antalya: €70 to €500, depending on the season and airline
    • Airport transfer in a collective bus: €10 to €20
    • Taxi to the airport: 15 € to 20 € within Antalya, private transfer in Antalya around 25 €, private transfer to all seaside resorts around 60 € (to Alanya much more)

    Eat, Drinks and other:

    • Restaurant in tourist area, main course: €7 to €25
    • Local restaurant, main course: €3 to €10
    • Street food: Simit 50 cents, Rotary €1,50, corn on the cob 50 cents, Dürüm €1,50
    • Glass wine in the restaurant: €3
    • Glass of beer: €2,50
    • Cocktails: from €8
    • Bottle of water in store: 50 cents
    • Groceries in stores: around 20% cheaper than in Germany
    • Food at the bazaar: fruit and vegetables are 40% cheaper than in Germany

    Total budget:

    • Budget: €40 to €70 per day
    • Mid-range: €60 to €100 per day
    • High end: from €140 per day

    Climate table, weather and the ideal travel time for Alanya

    Alanya has a Mediterranean Climate & Environment with hot and dry summers and mild winters.

    Month Temperature: More Hours of sunshine Rainydays
    January5 - 15 ° C17 ° C412
    February7 - 15 ° C18 ° C511
    March8 - 18 ° C19 ° C710
    April10 - 22 ° C20 ° C79
    Mai15 - 27 ° C22 ° C107
    June20 -32 ° C23 ° C123
    July23 - 35 ° C25 ° C121
    August24 - 35 ° C28 ° C101
    September20 - 32 ° C26 ° C92
    October16 - 28 ° C22 ° C87
    November15 - 22 ° C20 ° C79
    December7 - 16 ° C17 ° C513
    Average climate in Alanya

    High season, June to September:

    In summer Alanya has a constant 30° during the day, the sun is shining and there is sometimes a light breeze. In the summer months it rains maybe a maximum of one day a month. September is the ideal Weather for a beach vacation.

    Low season, April and May:

    April starts with 20° warm weather. The sea is still 20° and towards May it warms up quite quickly. Bring a sweater or light jacket on April nights as it can be windy and chilly at times.

    Off-season, October:

    Even in October, the thermometer still reaches 30° for many days and it rarely rains.

    Winter, long-term leave and Moving abroad

    Along with the surrounding seaside resorts, Alanya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey for long-term winter vacations. In addition, tens of thousands of German immigrants have now settled in the province of Antalya. Alanya has a very mild winter climate. The temperature is rarely below 10°. Even in January it can sometimes get over 20° warm and sunny.

    Alanya in the past and today

    It is unclear when and by whom Alanya was first founded. The oldest name of the city is Korakesium. In Byzantine times it was called Kalanoros.

    The city's name dates back to the 13th century, from Ala-iye, meaning "City of Al". Since the city was used as the winter residence of the Seljuk Rum Sultan Alaeddin Kai Kobad I in the 13th century, the city was named after Sultan Alayye. In Latin origin, the city is often called Alaya. In 1933 Kemal Atatürk changed the name of the city to Alanya.

    Questions and answers about Alanya

    1. Where is Alanya and how to get there?

      The center of the district is located on the Antalya-Iser highway on the east shore of Antalya Bay, 137 kilometers from Antalya city center. The average travel time is 2 hours. Alanya, east of the city center; it borders with Manavgat, Gazipaşa and Gündoğmuş districts. In the north-east it borders on the provinces Karaman and Konya.

    2. Why is Alanya so popular?

      Due to its geographic position, one of the most distinctive features of Alanya is its unique natural beauty. The south is surrounded by dense forests of the Taurus Mountains and the north is covered by the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

    3. For what is Alanya known?

      Kleopatra Beach and Alanya Castle are among the top highlights in Alanya

    4. What's in Alanya?

      Alanya is one of the tourist centers and offers everything from museums to ancient works, from caves to beaches. Due to its geographic structure, natural beauty and historical relics, it is one of the must-visit places in Turkey. Alanya is an area rich in tourist attractions and is the perfect choice for tourists in summer.

    5. Can you in Alanya good shopping?

      Alanya and adjacent areas offer many opportunities for shopping and walking. Especially the Manavgat Bazaar is very interesting.

    6. What can you in Do Alanya in the evening?

      Whether discotheques and bars, restaurants or bistros, Alanya offers a variety of options for going out.

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