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    Side Travel Guide, Sights, Tips & Info

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    Ultimate Side Travel Guide With Best Tips 2023 - Turkey Life
    Ultimate Side Travel Guide With Best Tips 2023 - Turkey Life

    Side is a very popular holiday destination on the Turkish Riviera in the region of Manavgat, province Antalya, Turkey. It lies between the cities of Antalya and Alanya. Side has many places to make your vacation perfect, both because it is one of the most famous centers of the History is, as well as for its natural beauty. among the points of interest & sights from Side are the ancient theater of Side, the Side Museum, the famous Manavgat Waterfall and the Koprulu Canyon are among the most worthwhile places to visit during your vacation. Side is rich not only in tourist attractions, but also the one with the blue one Flagge excellent Beach is the first choice.

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    The tourist center is the village of Selimiye at the southern end of the peninsula, where there are many bars and restaurants, souvenir shops and the port. A part of the ancient city is below today's Selimiye.

    In ancient times, Side was an important port city in the Pamphylia region. The old tradition assumes that Side was founded around the 7th century BC. was founded. In the 2nd and 1st centuries B.C. BC Side was considered a focal point of piracy. The most important sites date back to Roman times, the 2nd and 3rd centuries.

    Side travel guide

    300 days of sunshine a year, picturesque streets, first class restaurants, exquisite beaches, ancient ruins and much more make Side one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey.

    Arrive & Depart Side

    Antalya airport "AYT" is the third busiest airport in Turkey with a passenger volume of more than 20 million passengers. The airport is 64 kilometers from the city center.


    The city of Side is known as the district of Manavga district. 10 kilometers from the city center. It is easily accessible from the surrounding towns through the Mediterranean coast. 74 kilometers from Antalya. The distance between Ankara and Side is 508 kilometers. The distance from and Istanbul to Side is 744 kilometers. Antalya Airport, 64 kilometers from Side, is the first choice for air travel.

    Almost all major German and Turkish airlines fly to Antalya. Direct flights to Antalya cost from 70 to 300 euros, depending on the season. Detailed airport information for Antalya Airport are available on our partner site

    airport transfer

    Shared Transfer: The shuttle bus will pick you up at the airport and take you and other passengers to your hotel. You pay one price per person on the bus and the journey takes longer because you have to wait for other passengers at the airport and stop at several hotels. If you have booked a package tour with Hotel Transfer, you will also wait for other passengers at the airport and drive to several hotels on the way to the hotel. The one-way cost from Antalya to Side is about 10 euros.

    Private Transfer: Your own driver will pick you up at the airport terminal exit and take you directly to the hotel. Because you pay one price per trip, a private transfer for three people in the car is only slightly more expensive than one collection bus.

    Taxi: If your hotel is in Side, you can also take a taxi. Most prices are listed on a price board, however the cost of a taxi ride is higher than that of a private transfer.

    Public: There is no direct public transport from Antalya Airport to Side. The tram line runs directly from the two terminals of the airport to the center of Antalya. The journey takes 45 minutes and costs few Turkish lira. Buses to the city center and the surrounding seaside resorts depart from the “Otogar” bus stop in Antalya. To use trams and buses, you must register beforehand AntalyaCard obtain. These can be purchased from ticket machines and require a one-time payment for the card and need to be reloaded when needed.

    Rent a car in Side

    It is very convenient to rent a car from Antalya Airport to the surrounding seaside resorts. The airport lies directly on the D400 highway, which runs through all the seaside resorts on the Turkish Riviera and the Lycian coast.

    The prestigious major Internationals and Nationals Car rental companies have offices directly at the airport and their stands are located at the exit of the terminal.

    Just in Summer you should book a car as early as possible, as demand is always very high.

    Hotel in Side

    Side is one of the Mediterranean seaside resorts that offer the most affordable holiday packages. Side offers a variety of options for different accommodation preferences, so you can arrange your vacation freely. In Side everything is available, from luxury hotels to boutique hotels, from youth hostels to resort hotels.

    Holiday home

    In Side you will find many fully equipped apartments that can be booked through AirBnB.

    Sightseeing in Side

    • Temple of Apollo: The Temple of Apollo is a symbol of this city and region. It is located in the ancient city of Side.
    • Ruins of Side: The ruins of Side are scattered across the peninsula on which the old town is located.
    • Side Museum: Side Archaeological Museum is located next to Side downtown gate. It shows discoveries from Side and the nearby ancient cities.
    • Roman theater: The Roman Theater is a theater from Roman times with more than 10.000 seats. It's in the old town.
    • Old town: In the old town of Side there are dozens of small shops selling leather goods, gold, carpets and souvenirs. In the old town there are many bars and clubs.
    • Port: During the summer, ships leave the pier every few minutes and head for many coves along the coast.

    Things to do in Side

    • Watersports: There are many offers such as parasailing, diving, surfing, jet skiing, rafting and more.
    • Jeep tour: Explore the Taurus Mountains by off-road jeep, visit hilltop villages and ancient ruins.
    • Rafting: Rafting in Koprulu Canyon is the perfect way to cool off with lots of action in summer.
    • the Hammam: Enjoy an afternoon in the Turkish bath, massage and scrub.
    • Nightlife: The nightlife in Side takes place in the old town. You will also find many good restaurants, bars and Nargile "Shisha" bars.
    • tandem paraglider: Take a paragliding trip and enjoy flying like a bird with a professional pilot in Alanya.
    The Ultimate Side Parasailing Guide 2023 - Turkey Life
    The Ultimate Side Parasailing Guide 2023 - Turkey Life

    Excursions from Side

    • Aspendos: The best preserved theater of Roman times.
    • antique City Syedra: The ancient city of Syedra is within the limits of Seki Village. According to the data obtained during the excavations, the history of the city can be traced back to the 7th century BC. trace back.
    • Alara Creek (Uluguney Creek): It is located in the town of Okurcalar in Alanya. This stream comes from the mountains and Kusák Akdağ, the spring water in the middle of the Taurus Mountains flows through around 62 kilometers of grassland and leads to the Mediterranean Sea. Today his name is Uluguni Bach.
    • Manavgat Waterfall: Manavgat Waterfall is located in Manavgat District of Antalya. It is one of the most important waterfalls in Turkey. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the waterfall is a suitable route for a day trip.
    • Manavgat Bazaar: There are farmers markets twice a week. The big market is on Mondays and is mostly frequented by locals. The clothes market in the mosque is mainly for tourists. The Manavgat is the largest market on the Turkish Riviera
    • Ancient city of Seleykia (Etenna): The ancient city of Etenna is one of the most famous attractions of Manavgat.
    • Myra: The Rock Tomb of Myra and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher of Nicholas in Myra, also known as St. Nicholas or Santa Claus.
    • Pamukkale  and hierapolis: Limestone terraces sculpted by hot water, the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A little further away but very worth seeing.
    • Alanya: A day trip to Castle Hill, Red Tower, Damlatas Cave and the famous Cleopatra Beach.
    • Antalya: A day trip to the Lower Düden Waterfall, the old town Kaleici and the beautiful one Konyaalti Beach.
    • Antalya Aquarium: As one of the largest aquariums in the world, Antalya Aquarium offers inspiration, entertainment and education at the same time.
    • Altinbesik: Altinbesik Cave Tour from Side is a wonderful day trip into the magnificent natural beauty and deep-rooted history of the Mediterranean region of Turkey. This cave is the third largest cave in Europe. Explore Turkey's largest cave system and take an underground boat tour under the rocks.
    • Ormana (Ibradi): History and adventure mingle on a full-day guided tour of Ormana Village and Altinbesik Cave National Park.
    • Sapadere Canyon Tour: Sapadere Canyon Tour from Side is a nature tour of the beautiful and famous Sapadere Canyon in Alanya.

    Beaches in Side

    • Side public beach: This is a beach in Colakli Mahallesi in Side town where the shallow water is located. It is mainly preferred by families. Since the beach is very clean and shallow, it is considered a suitable environment for children.
    • Seaside Beach Lounge: The Seaside Beach Lounge is located at Büyük Plaj in Side City and stands out more as a paid beach.
    • Sorgun Beach: Another important beach in the Sorgun district of Side is Sorgun Beach. This is an area where there is less damage to the natural environment and a more natural look is most important. It has clean water that can be described as clear. Unlike other beaches, Sorgun Beach is covered with sand and pebbles.
    • Kumkoy Beach: Kumkoy public beach is located in Kumkoy district of Side town. It is one of the most popular beaches in Side because its beach is very clean and clear even on difficult days, its depth does not suddenly increase and it is one of the safest bathing spots. In addition, the beach consists entirely of fine sand. It is safe for non-swimmers, children and those learning to swim. The depth begins after about 100 meters. Compared to other beaches and beaches, it is the area with the largest sandy area.
    • Colakli Beach: Located in Çolaklı district of Side city, Çolaklı Beach is another shallow beach. The beach is about 9 km away from Side city center.
    • Vibrant Lake Beach: This is an artificial beach built on an area of ​​about 3000 square meters and located in the seaside area of ​​Side Sorgun Mahallesi.
    • Buyuk Plaj: Büyük Plaj is a sandy beach that starts right from the Side Peninsula and stretches to Titreyengol.
    • Beach of Evrenseki: There are hotels right on the coast, some restaurants and beach bars on the beach.
    • Beach of Titreyengol: The beach on the east side of the Side Peninsula with public areas, beach clubs and resorts.
    The Ultimate Guide To Side Manavgat Waterfall 2023 - Turkey Life
    The Ultimate Guide To Side Manavgat Waterfall 2023 - Turkey Life

    Bars, pubs and clubs in Side

    During the summer months, Alanya has become one of the busiest Side, characterized by its history and natural beauty during the day, and is also a colorful place in terms of nightlife. Whether nightclubs and bars, restaurants or bistros, Side offers a variety of options. From traditional raki fish tables to local Turkish cuisine, from club music to local music, each venue welcomes its customers in a different atmosphere. cocktail prices, wine or beer in the bars in the old town are about the same as in Germany.

    Eat in Side

    You should eat out outside of your hotel in Side at least once. In this city you will find many good restaurants with Turkish or international cuisine. The most interesting restaurants are located in the old town and at the port of Side.

    Recommended restaurants in Side:

    • Orfoz Restaurant & Bar: Orfoz Restaurant offers a wonderful sea view of Side and serves special flavors of Turkish and international cuisine. This is an upscale and stylish restaurant. This is a popular destination for those looking to enjoy classical music entertainment.
    • Aphrodite restaurant: Located in the center of Side, the restaurant is very popular among local people as well as local and foreign tourists. Enjoy spectacular sunsets in the restaurant overlooking the harbor. It always offers guests a calm atmosphere.
    • Liman Restaurant Lounge Club: It is one of the restaurants that always offers a focused and innovative service. The menu contains quite complex but simple options. This is a common spot for those who want to try different flavors of international and Mediterranean cuisine.
    • Side Ocakbasi Restaurant: Compared to most modern restaurants in Side, Side Ocakbaşı has an authentic atmosphere. When you enter this place for the first time, it goes without saying that it is different from the restaurant in Side.
    The Ultimate Guide To Side Colonnade Street 2023 - Turkey Life
    The Ultimate Guide To Side Colonnade Street 2023 - Turkey Life

    Shopping in Side

    Shopping centers:

    • Side old town: The old town of Side is a large shopping street with jewelry shops, leather goods, souvenirs and much more.
    • Nova Mall: The shopping center between Side and Manavgat offers international and Turkish brand shops.


    Manavgat: The Manavgat is the largest market on the Turkish Riviera. A farmer's market is held twice a week. The large market is mainly visited by locals on Mondays. The clothes market in the mosque is mainly for tourists.

    How much does a vacation in Side cost

    Since the costs vary greatly depending on the season and your own preferences, only the average costs are considered here. Side is also one of the destinations in Turkey that offers both the cheapest and the most expensive vacation packages.

    Package tour with all inclusive 1 week

    • from €300 in the off-season
    • from €450 in high season
    • from €600 in high season in a 4-star hotel

    Hotel/Accommodation only:

    • Budget hotel or guesthouse with Breakfast: €20 to €40 per day
    • Mid-range hotel with all inclusive: €50 to €80 per day
    • 5 star high-end hotel with all inclusive: more than 90 € per day
    • AirBnB: own room from €10, own apartment from €50


    • Return flight from Germany to Antalya: €70 to €500, depending on the season and airline
    • Airport transfer in a collective bus: €10 to €20
    • Taxi to airport: 40€ to 50€ within Side, private transfer to Side around 40€.

    Eat, Drinks and other:

    • Restaurant in tourist area, main course: €7 to €25
    • Local restaurant, main course: €3 to €10
    • Street food: Simit 50 cents, Rotary €1,50, corn on the cob 50 cents, Dürüm €1,50
    • Glass of wine in the restaurant: €3
    • Glass of beer: €2,50
    • Cocktails: from €8
    • Bottle of water in store: 50 cents
    • Groceries in stores: around 20% cheaper than in Germany
    • Food at the bazaar: fruit and vegetables are 40% cheaper than in Germany

    Total budget:

    • Budget: €40 to €70 per day
    • Mid-range: €60 to €100 per day
    • High end: from €140 per day

    Climate table, weather and the ideal travel time for Side

    Side has a Mediterranean Climate & Environment with hot and dry summers and mild winters.

    Month Temperature: More Hours of sunshine Rainydays
    January5 - 15 ° C17 ° C412
    February7 - 15 ° C18 ° C511
    March8 - 18 ° C19 ° C710
    April10 - 22 ° C20 ° C79
    Mai15 - 27 ° C22 ° C107
    June20 -32 ° C23 ° C123
    July23 - 35 ° C25 ° C121
    August24 - 35 ° C28 ° C101
    September20 - 32 ° C26 ° C92
    October16 - 28 ° C22 ° C87
    November15 - 22 ° C20 ° C79
    December7 - 16 ° C17 ° C513
    Average climate in Side

    High season, June to September:

    In summer, Side has a constant 30° during the day, the sun is shining and there is sometimes a light breeze. In the summer months it rains maybe a maximum of one day a month. September is the ideal Weather for a beach vacation.

    Low season, April and May:

    April starts in Side with 20° warm weather. The sea is still 20° and towards May it warms up quite quickly. Bring a sweater or light jacket on April nights as it can be windy and chilly at times.

    Off-season, October:

    Even in October, the thermometer in Side still reaches 30° for many days and it rarely rains.

    Winter, long-term leave and Moving abroad

    Along with the surrounding seaside resorts, Side is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey for long-term winter vacations. In addition, tens of thousands of German immigrants have now settled in the province of Antalya. Side has a very mild winter climate. The temperature is rarely below 10°. Even in January it can sometimes get over 20° warm and sunny.

    Side in the past and today

    Side is a city on the southern coast of Cilicia (now Turkey) and was founded in the 7th century BC. BC by immigrants from Cyme, an Aeolian community near the Kingdom of Lydia to the north. This city was in the early 2nd century BC. the most notorious slave port in the sea.

    With the conquest of Alexander the Great, Side and Pamphylia were included in the Hellenistic world of the eastern Mediterranean.

    The Romans were reluctant to send their legions across the Aegean against Antioch until increased piracy activities drew their attention there, and they took no interest in the southern coast of Asia Minor. 

    The 5th and 6th centuries brought better times. The city begins to become more populated again. In the early Byzantine era, the metropolis of Side was part of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

    Questions and answers about Side

    1. Where is Side and how to get there?

      Side is one of the most important places in Turkey, especially in terms of tourism. It lies within the borders of Antalya and is administratively known as Manavga District Community. The city center is easily accessible by car and the distance is only 10 kilometers.

    2. Why is Side so popular?

      Side is one of the most popular areas in Antalya, the tourist hub of Turkey, with many tourist destinations combining history and natural beauty.

    3. What is Side known for?

      The resort of Side on the Turkish Riviera offers the best conditions for a varied holiday. The highlight of Side is undoubtedly the ancient ruined city at the port.

    4. What is there in Side?

      A resort town on Turkey's southern Mediterranean coast, Side is an ancient port city known for its long beaches and Greek and Roman ruins.

    5. Is it good to shop in Side?

      Side and adjacent areas offer many opportunities for shopping and walking. Especially the Manavgat Bazaar is very interesting.

    6. What to do in Side in the evening?

      Whether discotheques and bars, restaurants or bistros, Side offers a variety of options for going out.

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