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    Travel Guide to the Ancient City of Olympos

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    Located in the Kumluca district, the ancient city of Olympos is one of the most important cities of the ancient Lycian civilization, 90 kilometers southwest of Antalya, near the village Cirali.

    Although the History of the surviving city ruins is not yet fully understood, some studies have shown that the oldest history dates back to the 4th century BC. can be traced back.

    The ruins of the city lie in the coastal valley and belong together with the cities phaselis and Idyros to National Park Olympos Beydağları. The fire of Chimera is located a few kilometers northwest of the city. The ruins of the theatre, bridge piers, medieval castles, Byzantine cathedrals and baths remain in the city to this day.

    What can I do in Olympos?

    Visit the archeological sites of Olympos including the Temple Gate, Olympus Theater, Necropolis Church and Acropolis Hill.

    The remains of Olympos that have survived to this day are mostly scattered on both sides and at the mouth of a river that flows into the sea from east to west. In ancient times, the river bed that divided the city in two was transformed into a canal, the pillars of which were connected by a bridge on both sides.


    On the south bank you can see the polygonal wall of Hellenistic Time and the adjoining parts of the Roman and Byzantine Restoration. In the small and steep acropolis near the mouth of the river there are remains of later architecture. The small theater with Hellenistic foundations and Roman restoration on the Henan bank is a ruin, the entrance side is well preserved. Another important visible building in the city is the Temple Gate, located 150 meters west of the river mouth.

    The most interesting of the ruins is the sarcophagus of Captain Eudoms, discovered during the excavations.

    East of Olympos, 300 meters from Beach away, lies the famous settlement Çıralı with beautiful beaches.

    Olympos beach

    Olympos Beach is located in the middle of the nature reserve, with beautiful vegetation, ancient ruins and a unique atmosphere. Swimming in the beautiful clear waters in the middle of the nature reserve and enjoying the peaceful seclusion during the day is an extraordinary experience.

    Olympos Teleferik (cable car)

    The high-altitude cable car ride is a spectacular experience. Anyone who tries it can look forward to spectacular and exciting panoramic views Activities look forward to the more than 2.300 meter high Olympos.


    About 8 kilometers from Olympos lies the ancient Chimera Yanartaş Mountain. The gas escaping from the cracks will create an eternal flame. A visit at night is usually worthwhile because you can see the fire better.

    Entrance fee, tickets and tours to the ancient city of Olympos

    • Admission: Mount Olympus is open to visitors every day of the week. you can im Summer (April until October) from 8.00 a.m. to 21.00 p.m. and in Winter (November until March) from 8.30 a.m. to 17.30 p.m.
    • Tickets: Olympos Ancient City Admission Ticket is 30 TL. If you have a museum card, you can enter the ancient city for free.
    • Tours: There are several tour operators that offer combined tours of this place.

    Questions and Answers on the Ancient City of Olympos

    • How to get to the ancient city of Olympos

      The ancient city of Olympos is located in the province of Antalya in the Mediterranean. Antalya city center is 90 km away. The ancient ruins are in Olympos Beydaglari National Park.

    • How to get to ancient city of Olympos by bus

      The Minibuses and buses from Kumluca Fethiye and from Antalya Bus Station stop at Olympos bus stop.

    • How to get to Ancient City of Olympos by private vehicle

      On the Kemer-Kumluca highway, about 50 meters after the Çıralı exit, turn left at the Çavuşköy exit. After about 11 kilometers you will see the Olympos sign.

    • Ancient city of Olympos address

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