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    Travel warning and safety instructions for Turkey

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    This news article for the Turkey is constantly updated!

    Update 06.03.2022

    Turkey has the general Mask requirement suspended outdoors and at certain venues. As Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced at a press conference on Wednesday evening, mouth and nose protection will only be required in future if a minimum distance cannot be maintained or ventilation will not be sufficient in the future. Masks are still compulsory in certain facilities such as theatres, cinemas, hospitals and public transport.

    Update 05.03.2022

    The HES code is no longer required to enter certain institutions such as banks, shopping malls and venues in Turkey. Vacationers will receive one after filling out an electronic registration form HES code. However, the statement from the Turkish Ministry of Health did not specify whether the code will no longer be required for entry in the future. The minister said the easing measures would be implemented immediately, with further details to be clarified shortly through an Interior Ministry decree.


    Update 21.02.2022

    How normal will our holidays be in summer 2022?

    The Germans are longing for vacation more than ever - the bookings are increasing massively. The Germans' desire to travel has grown, and more than two years of the Covid 19 pandemic with bans and obstacles have caused many to catch up. The framework conditions for tourism have improved again. More and more countries are lifting widespread travel restrictions or planning to do so in the foreseeable future. Turkey is again one of the most attractive travel destinations for Germans. Many travel agencies have adapted to this and, in addition to the hygiene concept, rely on cancellable flexible tariffs and corona insurance. It is currently worth choosing an early bird discount and booking a holiday trip.

    Update 10.12.2021

    This is how we travel in 2022

    The coming travel year will again be shaped by the Covid-19 corona pandemic. Probable vaccination requirements and the emergence of new corona variants or mutants will continue to concern the tourism industry.

    Travelers have to be better and more frequently informed, topics are becoming more and more complex, travelers have to react to them more spontaneously and flexibly. Because the coronavirus pandemic will continue to accompany us in 2022.

    In the event of cancellations or sudden changes, vacation packages offer travelers much more security. The individual traveler has to hope for the goodwill of hotel operators, airlines and travel companies.

    Still that remains Turkey also in 2022 the preferred destination of many German travelers and holidaymakers.

    Update 09.12.2021

    Over 21 percent inflation in Turkey

    The bad news for the Turkish economy continues. According to the statistics office, inflation has risen again. The country's central bank had to intervene again.

    More than 21%, that's the official value of Turkey's inflation in the November in comparison to the previous year. The inflation rate has never been so high in three years. During this period, food prices even increased by 27%.

    Rating agency Fitch downgraded Turkey's credit outlook to negative from stable.

    Current information on travel warnings, safety regulations and travel advice in Turkey.

    The words “travel warnings, COVID-19 corona virus, politics, border crossing, security, Syria or arrests” are the first words that come to mind for many Germans planning a trip to Turkey.

    Here you will find a summary and regular updates of government and media reports on travel safety in Turkey.

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    Situations in Turkey can change and develop quickly. We recommend you:

    Travel warning Turkey

    The security situation in the tourist resorts:

    crime in Turkey

    To date, Turkey has been a country with relatively low levels of violent crime.

    As in other major cities, the same applies in and Istanbul Beware of pickpockets. Victims are often distracted by begging children.

    Especially in the district beyoglu There are increasing cases of fraud in which tourists are invited into bars under the pretense of having to withdraw large amounts of cash from ATMs in order to pay extremely high bills. Passport theft is also common.

    In the past, German vacationers in Turkey have been victims of fraud after returning to Germany.

    • Be especially careful when going to remote places and doing things with unfamiliar people.
    • Safely store and copy money, ID cards, driver's licenses, airline tickets and other important documents.
    • It is best to pay cashless, only take the cash you need for the day and do not take unnecessary valuables with you.
    • Be particularly vigilant in large crowds at airports, train stations and public transport and pay attention to your valuables.
    • Be suspicious of unfamiliar emails, winning notifications, invitations and requests for help from so-called friends, or calls from so-called police and judicial personnel. Do not pass on any personal data. If necessary, please confirm this personally or contact the police.

    COVID-19 in Turkey

    The spread of COVID-19 can further restrict international air and travel traffic and affect public life.

    Upon entering Turkey, you can have a random PCR test ordered. If the test result is positive, treatment is carried out according to Turkish guidelines. Upon entering, the Temperature: measured. If your body temperature rises or you have other symptoms of COVID-19, additional health checks may be carried out.

    International air, bus and rail services operate normally, but may be restricted due to epidemics.

    Some public institutions (including schools) and public events are only allowed entry if they have complete proof of vaccination or recovery or a negative PCR test. The check is carried out using the "HES code". Further restrictions may be rearranged at any time depending on the occurrence of the infection.

    Protective masks must be worn in all public places, supermarkets and public transport. Social distance of at least three steps away.

    Continue to be extra careful when traveling.

    Safety instructions for Turkey

    • From Travel – In the border areas between Turkey and Syria and Iraq, especially Diyarbakir, Sizre, Silopi, Idir, Yuksekova and Nusaybin, and – Usually to the provinces Batman, Sirte, Mardin, Şırnak and Hakkâri are discouraged.


    There have been repeated terrorist attacks in Turkey. It cannot be ruled out that terrorist organizations will continue to attempt attacks, especially in large cities. These can also be aimed at foreigners.

    Security throughout the country is at a high level, and the presence of police and security agencies is particularly evident in major cities.

    • Be extra vigilant in busy places and on special occasions.
    • Avoid all non-essential travel to the above border areas and provinces.
    • Find out about the security situation.
    • Avoid large gatherings in public places and tourist attractions, and near government and military installations.

    Special instructions on how to behave in Turkey

    Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country. Away from the tourist bathing beaches, you should adapt your behavior and clothing to local customs. During Ramadan, there are restrictions outside the tourist area, eating and smoking are not tolerated.

    Photographing military and other security installations, border facilities and members of the security forces is not permitted. In some locations, such as cemeteries, religious sites, or private property, taking pictures may provoke negative reactions from the public and security forces.

    The Turkish Tobacco Products and Alcohol Inspectorate (TAPDK) warns of the dangers of counterfeit alcohol and recommends looking for the original packaging and approvals (TAPDK logo on the bottle cap, undamaged blue-green ribbon) when purchasing alcohol.

    • Get to know the peculiarities of Turkey and prepare accordingly when traveling in Turkey.
    • Be sure to dress appropriately, especially when visiting religious sites.
    • Outside of tourist areas, you should be careful about eating and smoking in public places during Ramadan.
    • Be careful when taking photos, make sure or ask permission if necessary.

    LGBTIQ in Turkey

    Homosexuality is not a criminal offense in Turkey. It will be on non-governmental Raised awareness of violent incidents in which LGBTIQ people were attacked. Therefore, one should anticipate the strong prejudices against this group in Turkish society.

    General remark: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, bisexual and queer travelers may face unique challenges abroad. The laws and social settings of certain countries/regions may seriously affect your safety.

    Legal particularities in Turkey

    • It is forbidden to publicly oppose the speech of the Turkish state, to express sympathy for organizations classified by Turkey as a terrorist organization, to insult or defame state institutions and high-ranking figures, and is punishable by fines or imprisonment.
    • It is forbidden to photograph military installations and members of security forces or in military security zones.
    • Drug offenses are severely punished in Turkey: imported drugs are sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison and exported drugs are sentenced to 6 to 12 years in prison.
    • Acquisition, possession and export of "cultural and natural products" are also punishable with up to 10 years imprisonment, as these are considered state property. Tourists can also be jailed for several months for violators, and it is common to pay large bails (up to or over €9.000) even for antiques or second-hand items of perceived low value.
    • Weapons and knives, including camping knives, are not allowed to be imported without a special permit. In principle, actions prohibited in Germany are also punished in Turkey.
    • In the event of arrest or a ban on leaving the country, inform the responsible German mission abroad if possible.
    • Don't sign any documents you don't understand.
    • Always carry an identification document with you.
    • Cooperate as much as possible during the security check.

    Driving license and traffic in Turkey

    A German driving license is sufficient for tourists.

    Traffic in Turkey is very lively and dense, especially in the cities. The rules of the road traffic regulations are very often not observed. Traffic conflicts on the road can provoke aggressive reactions from other drivers.

    The alcohol limit is 0,5.

    Driving after dark, even on major connecting roads, increases risk, especially when there are no lights. Unattended parking lots or campsites can pose risks to travelers.

    • Drive carefully in traffic and don't get into arguments.
    • If possible, avoid driving out of town after dark.
    • If possible, only stay overnight in a guarded parking lot or campsite.

    Nature and climate notes

    Most of Turkey lies in areas where earthquakes are very active, therefore there have been many smaller but also more severe earthquakes, the last of which was in Summer 2017 on the Turkish Aegean coast. If necessary, landslides, severe traffic disruptions and long-lasting aftershocks are to be expected.

    On the south and west coast there is a Mediterranean atmosphere Climate & Environment and in the Anatolian highlands continental climate. Especially in summer, bush and forest fires can occur due to the prevailing climatic conditions in Turkey. Heavy rains can cause flooding and landslides.

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