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    Eminonu, Istanbul: Discover the 14 top sights of the region - An unforgettable experience

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    Eminonu is an area of ​​the Historical Peninsula west of the Golden Horn. It is one of the liveliest and most central places in and Istanbul and belongs to the top points of interest & sights the city. It welcomes visitors with different possibilities at any time of the day.

    14 must-see attractions in Eminonu, Istanbul

    The area got its name because during the Ottoman Empire it housed important areas such as the Customs Emirate and the Maritime Customs. With its historical structure and atmosphere, Eminonu should definitely include at least one day in your visit plan.

    These are the 14 must-see attractions in Eminonu, Istanbul, Turkey that you cannot miss

    1. tahtakale

    Tahtakale was considered during the Byzantine Time as an important trading center and is located in the Eminonu district southwest of the spice market. Today it is still considered an active trading center.

    This is another popular route where you can experience the atmosphere of the historical streets of Istanbul province. Narrow streets and hills create a different atmosphere. You can come across decorations, electronics, kitchen items and more throughout Tahtakale. It's also a good place to pick up souvenirs. It is recommended to add Eminonu to the place to visit.

    2. Gulhane Park (Gulhane Parkı)

    The Gülhane Park is an important park in Istanbul, located between historical places like the Topkapi Palace, the Alay Building and Sarayburnu is located. During the Ottoman Empire, this park was used as the outdoor garden of Topkapi Palace, surrounded by roses.


    The Gulhane Park, known for his History and natural beauty, should definitely be on the must-see list.

    3. The Egyptian Bazaar (Mısır Çarşısı)

    The Spice Market is one of the largest markets in Istanbul. It is the most famous historical mall after Grand Bazaar. The bazaar is part of the Yeni Mosque complex. Documents show that the name of the bazaar used to be Yeni Bazaar. It is called the Spice Bazaar because it was built in 1660 to collect taxes from Egypt.

    The construction was carried out by the chief architect of Hassa, Kazım Ağa, on behalf of Sultan Turhan. Today the market sells cooked food, nuts and other groceries. In addition to its historic structure, it is also used for shopping purposes.

    4. Galata Bridge (Galata Köprüsü)

    The Galata Bridge is the bridge that Eminonu and Karakoy connects to the Golden Horn. The bridge, which is still in use today, was completed and opened in 1994. Libra has a bridge function, and the 80-meter section can be opened. In addition, the bridge is 490 meters long.

    The Galata Bridge forms a symbolic connection to the historic city of Istanbul. As Peyami Safa writes in his novel Fatih Harbiye, a man traveling from Fatih district to Harbiye across a bridge comes across different civilizations and cultures. This bridge has also established a throne in everyone's heart because of its appearance.

    5. Rüstem Pasha Mosque (Rüstem Paşa Camii)

    Rustem Pasha Mosque was built for Damat Rustem Pasha, husband of Mihrimah Sultan, daughter of Suleiman the Magnificent. Rustem Pasha was also one of Suleiman the Magnificent's grand viziers. The architectural features of the mosque belong to Mimar Sinan.

    According to an examination of the mosque, it was probably completed between 1562 and 1564. The entrance to the mosque is a rectangular plan with stairs on both sides. Tulip pattern tiles are one of the finest examples of Ottoman Iznik tiles and a must have Moscheen. It should be included in the list of religious tourist attractions.

    The Rüstem Paşa Mosque is open for worship without admission.

    6. Eminonu Square (Eminonu Meydanı)

    You can spend time on Istanbul's most popular Eminonu Square spend, Historic Buildings explore and shop. It is a frequent destination for local and foreign tourists as well as locals. Important historical buildings are located near the square. Everyday objects and souvenirs can also be found on Meydan.

    7. Fourth Vakif Han (Dördüncü Vakıf Han)

    The fourth Vakıf Han was designed by architect Kemaleddin Bey in 1911 and attracted attention with its historic building, although it is now used as a hotel. It started with the construction of Sultan Abdul Hamid's Hamidiya complex. Later, the structure, damaged by factors such as the Balkan Wars and World War I, was reorganized.

    It is one of the finest examples of Republican Turkish architecture. Although it is only entered at night, it is worth seeing from the outside because of its unique architecture.

    8. New Mosque (Valide Sultan Mosque) – Yeni Camii (Valide Sultan Camii)

    The Yeni Mosque is located at the southern end of the Galata Bridge in the Eminonu district. The first building was started on the orders of Safiya Sultan, wife of Murad III. However, with donations from Turhan Hatice Sultan, the mother of Muhammad IV, construction began in 1597 and was eventually completed and opened for worship in 1665.

    The exterior of the new mosque is pyramid shaped with two minarets. The main dome is 36 meters high and is supported by half domes on all four sides. The dome plan of the new mosque is based on the earlier Şehzade Mosque designed by Mimar Sinan. Those who want to embark on a historical journey and engage in faith tourism should definitely make it an attraction.

    Admission to the new mosque, which opens for worship today, is free.

    9. PTT Museum (PTT Muzesi)

    The PTT Museum consists of three different departments: Telegraph and Phone, mail and stamps. Artifacts containing information about PTT's historic journey will be on display. Thanks to this work, the changes in the PTT from the past to the present can be clearly seen.

    The history of the most eye-catching, beautiful and historic stamps in the Museum is well preserved, from the Ottoman Empire to the present. It gives you the opportunity to get detailed information about the history of Ottoman stamps. The museum can be visited between 08:30 and 17:30 on weekdays. It is also possible to explore with a guide.

    Admission to the PTT Museum is free.

    10. Hoca Pasha Street (Hoca Paşa Sokak)

    This street, originally named Hoca Sinan Paşasokağı by Fatih Sultan Mehmet's teacher, is one of the places where local and foreign tourists go to explore. There are many restaurants along the street where you can find very good local food.

    Sights around Eminonu

    Eminonu is one of the most important areas of the historical peninsula. The historical buildings within its structure are packed with local and foreign tourists every year. Sightseeing is not limited to Eminonu, many opportunities await visitors in the surrounding areas such as Sirkeci and Galata.

    11. Galata Tower (Galata Kulesi)

    The Galata Tower is located in the Galata district of the district beyoglu, 3 km from Eminonu district. This UNESCO-listed castle offers a chance to see the Bosphorus and Golden Horn from above. It is one of the most popular historical buildings in Istanbul.

    Galata Tower Istanbul

    12. Church of St. Anthony (Sent Antuan Kilisesi)

    The Church of St. Anthony is located in Beyoglu, 4 km from Eminonu city center. It is a Catholic church and is considered to be the largest church in Istanbul and also the largest. It is an important historical building on Istiklal Street that is a must-visit.

    13. Rahmi M. Koç Museum (Rahmi M. Koç Müzesi)

    The Rahmi M. Koc Museum is located in Beyoğlu district, 7 km from Eminonu city center. It was opened to tourists in 1994 with the help of Rahmi Koç. It is notable for its status as the first major museum dedicated to the history of transportation, industry, communications and industry in the Turkey tells

    Rahmi M. Koç Museum Istanbul Guide Anchor

    14. Sirkeci Railway Station (Sirkeci Tren Garı)

    Sirkeci Railway Station is located in Sirkeci District of Istanbul Province, 2 km from Eminonu city center. The bell tower in front of the station is magnificent and attracts everyone's attention. Today it continues to serve as a railway station for Sirkeci District. Also Sirkeci with its historical structure should definitely be added to the sights.

    Questions and Answers about Eminonu, Istanbul

    • Where is Eminonu?

      Eminonu is a district of Istanbul. It is located in the part of Istanbul known as the Historical Peninsula, west of the Golden Horn. Eminonu, which runs until April 7th March 2008 was a district parish was dissolved on that day and incorporated into Fatih district by law.

    • How to get to Eminonu by ferry?

      Passengers wishing to take the ferry to Eminonu should take the Marmaray metro line or the M5 line, then at the station Uskudar disembark and board the ferry. Another option is to take the Kartal-Pendik subway line M4 and get off at the station Kadikoy get off. From here you can also take the ferry from the pier to reach Eminonu.

    • Where to shop in Eminonu?

      The Egyptian Bazaar, Sepetçiler Çarşısı

    • Is Eminonu and Sirkeci the same place?

      Eminonu district, along with Sirkeci district right next to it, is one of the most active and touristic places of Istanbul's historical peninsula. It is also one of the most important transport networks in Istanbul.

    • Where can you take the ferry from Eminonu?

      Bosphorus Line Ferry on the route from Eminonu to Kabatas, Besiktas, Ortaköy, Uskudar, Kuzguncuk, Beylerbeyi, Çengelköy, Arnavutkoy, Bebek, Kandilli, Küçüksu, Anadolu Hisarı, Kanlıca, Emirgan, İstinye, Çubuklu, Paşabahçe, Beykoz, Büyükdere, Sariyer, Rumeli Kavağı, Anadolu Kavağı.

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