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    Discover the 29 best things to do in Fethiye, Turkey: the ultimate list for planning your trip

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    Fethiye is one of the 13 most beautiful districts in Mugla and welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. Remarkable for its natural beauty and historical structures, the area is known as one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world.

    The lush forest, Lycia, known as the Land of Lights, protected as a nature reserve Faralya, Butterfly Valley with dozens of species of butterflies, the famous Oludeniz and Hidden City, the wonders of the world are some of the great places to visit.

    Considering the attractions from Fethiye it will meet your expectations especially when it comes to the beaches. You can also expect beautiful seas and bays.

    30 Sights In Fethiye Turkey You Must Not Miss 2023 - Turkey Life
    30 Sights In Fethiye Turkey You Must Not Miss 2023 - Turkey Life

    These are the 29 must-see attractions of Fethiye that you cannot miss

    1. Butterfly Valley (Kelebekler Vadisi)

    Butterfly Valley is one of those uniquely beautiful places. 80 different species of butterflies live in the valley connected to Fethiye in Oludeniz area. Fethiye, which has become a world-famous region in this regard, is also considered a perfect holiday destination to enjoy the beauty. the History this valley dates back to 400 BC. back. It comes from the Time BC and even hosted Byzantine and Greek civilizations.

    If its about Sightseeing In Fethiye, Butterfly Valley is the number one area and very popular with tourists. During the valley tour you will have the opportunity to cool off in the waterfalls inside. There are also campsites here. You can camp in tents or bungalows. If you want to stay near Butterfly Valley without camping, there are hotels and inns, although not nearby. If you want to be close to nature and start your adventure in the valley, professional camping offers are waiting for you. Here you can arrive with a tent or rent a tent at the campsite and make the most of your Vacation . make


    2. Oludeniz

    Oludeniz is one of the most beautiful places in Fethiye, located on the southern side of the region on the shore of Belceğiz Gulf. Oludeniz, one of the largest bays in the Turkey, has a rare beauty.

    It draws attention for its extremely calm sea, underwater ecosystem and beach sand. At the Beach there are dwarf plants, laurel and myrtle blossoms. Ölüdeniz, a place where, in addition to the magnificent sea, many extreme sports, in particular Paragliding, is one of the best places in the region. This sea, which you should definitely take a day trip to, is one of the places worth visiting in Fethiye as it looks clean and is warmer and more pleasant than other seas. If you want to spend a different day, you can also take a 12-island cruise in Oludeniz. The average distance between Oludeniz and Fethiye is 13 km, which takes about 25 minutes by car.

    3. Lycian Way

    The Lycian Way is the most famous hiking trail in our country. This journey is accompanied by what is perhaps the most beautiful landscape in the world, used for trading purposes by the Lycians in ancient times.

    The route consists of 10 different routes with a total length of 540 km, starting from Fethiye and ending in Antalya end up. On the Lycian Way, the longest hiking trail in our country, travel through extensive forests and enjoy beautiful views of the bay. Especially those who want to participate in such nature hike, don't forget to add this mountain trail to Fethiye's list of attractions.

    4. Saklikent Gorge

    Considered to be the border between Antalya and Mugla, Eşen Çayı has been flowing and eroding the rock to form the Saklikent Gorge for thousands of years. The creek flows in Winter and Summer continuously, and in winter the water level rises sharply, making it impossible to walk in the gorge. However, in summer it is fairly quiet and ideal for hiking.

    5. Kayakoy

    Until the beginning of the 20th century Kayakoy a very large city and today consists of abandoned houses and streets. The sites were abandoned after the Greeks who built houses on rocky slopes left their homes.

    After the population exchange in 1923, the Turks wanted to settle in the ghost town, but the Turks didn't want to live here and emigrated elsewhere. More than 3.000 houses, boys' and girls' schools, cisterns, wells, shops, pharmacies, windmills, chapels and two large Churches can be seen.

    The first route to get to Kayaköy from Fethiye in two different ways is the mountain road. This is an 8km trail, the other with the Minibus from the old garage.

    6. Faralya

    Located 25 km from Fethiye city center, Faralya is one of the unique places declared a protected area. In addition to the Roman and Lycian ruins, the Butterfly Valley and Kabak Bay are also located here. See historical places and natural beauty while trekking in Faralya. In Faralya, usually the stop for a boat tour, the first visit to a historical site. After a nature walk, you can swim in Kabak Bay.

    7. Love Mountain (Aşıklar Tepesi)

    Âşıklar Mountain stretches from Karagözler district to Kesikkapı district and is one of the best places to watch the sunset or sunrise. There are also very beautiful places on this mountain, perfect to bring your lover or loved ones for a peaceful and enjoyable day.

    8. Ancient city of Tlos

    tlos, one of the most important settlements of the Lycians, lies within the limits of the village of Yaka, 42 km from Fethiye. Tlos, known as "Land" in some sources, are very large. Inside are stone tombs, temples and city walls.

    This ancient city offers one of the most beautiful views in the world, better than other cities, and is very effective in terms of natural beauty.

    Entrance to the city costs 5 TL.

    9. Fethiye Museum

    The Fethiye Museums consists of two halls of archeology and ethnography, all exhibits consist of objects found during excavations in Fethiye. The archeological section features inscriptions, statues, coins and glass ceramics that describe the history of the area. The museum has been open to visitors since 1987 and is easily accessible thanks to its central location in the area.

    The museum is open from 9.00am to 19.00pm and is free.

    10. Fish Market

    The fish market in the middle of the block used to be where local traders sold fish. But with the increase in tourism, a lot has changed here too.

    The market is in the center of the fish market and there are many shops. These shops will clean, cook and serve your fish for a small fee.

    11. Amyntas Rock Tombs – Fethiye Royal Tombs (Amintas Kaya Mezarları – Fethiye Kral Mezarları)

    Located near Âşıklar Mountain, Amintas Rock Tombs is one of the most popular attractions. Stone tombs for famous figures of the Lycian period were carved out of natural rock.

    To get to the tomb you have to climb 100 steps. If you go to the place where the artifacts are located, you will see an amazing view.

    Admission to the amintas Rock Tombs is 5 TL.

    12. Ancient City of Sidyma (Sidyma Antik Kenti)

    It is one of the ancient Lycian settlements near the village of Dodurga in the southwest of Eşen County. Its most important period is known in historical records as the Roman period. Rock tombs and ruins within the ancient city can be seen on the Lycian Way.

    13. Gizlikent Fethiye

    The real Gizlikent is not known to many people. This is one of the attractions after Saklıkent.

    It is tucked away 1km from Sacklikent and is accessed via 200 steps. You can spend wonderful hours in nature surrounded by lush trees and flowing rivers.

    After 300 meters in the water and 200 steps down you will come across the Secretkent Waterfall. The picnic takes place around the rather cold water of the waterfall.

    14. Pinara Ancient City (Pınara Antik Kenti)

    In the ancient city of Pınara, near the village of Minare, 45 km from Fethiye city center, you can see buildings such as rock tombs, sarcophagi, city walls, bathhouses, the theater district, the bazaar and the opera house. Pınara, which means "circle" in the ancient Lycian language, was one of the prosperous cities of that time.

    The city can be reached by free minibuses from the district center. On average, the cost of transportation to the ancient city of Pinara is 10 TL.

    15. Afkule Monastery (Afkule Manastırı)

    The Afkule Monastery is located in Karakoy, 400 meters above sea level, on top of a steep cliff. The monastery was built by the monk Eleftherios on a magnificent panoramic position.

    The monastery was built by the monk Eleftherios in a completely natural location far away from the public and is considered one of the most famous cult centers of this time.

    Entry to the monastery is free.

    16. Daedala - Daedalus

    The ruins of the ancient city of Daedala have steps, huge cisterns and walls surrounding the Inliche communities on the Fethiye and Mugla highways. On the west side of the ruins are rock tombs believed to date from the Lycian period.

    The ancient city can be reached by minibuses from the center of the area, and entry is free.

    17. Kadyanda Ancient City (Kadyanda Antik Kenti)

    The ruins of the ancient city of Kadyanda near Yeşilüzümlü district, about 34 kilometers from the center of Fethiye district, date back to the 5th century BC and have survived to this day.

    There are not many remains of the ancient city. However, it has an amazing view. Small sarcophagi, chambers and stone walls can be seen.

    18. Fethiye Archaeological Museum

    The museum opened to visitors in 1965 and displays artifacts unearthed following archaeological excavations in the Telmessos region. Funerary fragments, burials, votive steles, plinths and capitals excavated at Tlos are on display, as well as products used in the Lycian, Roman and East Roman periods.

    This is a museum with various currencies, collectibles and marble sculptures and busts.

    Admission to the museum is free.

    19. Ruins of the ancient city of Karymlesos

    Karymlesos Ancient City Ruins is a city built in Kayaköy, 7 km from Fethiye city center, in a valley by the sea. Although there are not many remains of the site, it is one of the places worth visiting.

    Since you can't drive here, you have to walk a bit.

    20. Ölüdeniz from a bird's eye view: paragliding

    Paragliding is one of the most exciting and unforgettable for many vacationers Activities. The best place to paragliding, which is widespread in Fethiye is definitely the location Babadag.

    During the flight, the bird's-eye view covers an area of ​​200 square kilometers and the scenery is grandiose. The average price for an event with an experienced coach varies from year to year.

    21. Karagozler

    Karagözler, 7 km from Fethiye city center, is a magnificent peninsula with a very beautiful bay. The bay offers stunning views, especially at sunset, and is a top choice for photographers and swimmers.

    22. Hisaronu Bar Street

    Bar Street is the heart of Fethiye. This extremely busy street welcomes almost all holidaymakers at night. The Hisarönü Pub Street with its many bars, nightclubs and discos is the first choice for local, especially British holidaymakers.

    23. Saklikent Canyon

    The canyon is an absolute must-see, 40 kilometers from downtown. The gorge can be reached by private car or minibus from the center of the district.

    The gorge is formed by a river that flows for many years and can only be visited in summer. In winter, when the water level rises, the gorge becomes impassable.

    Trout are also farmed in many restaurants on or near the flowing river. In these places you can sit and eat.

    23. Paspatur Bazaar (Paspatur Çarşısı)

    Paspatur Bazaar, across from Umbrella Street (Şemsiyeli Sokağı), is full of colorful shops. You can find anything you want in a bazaar that mainly sells tourist products. Once the store is complete you will find bars and nightclubs.

    Many vacationers enjoy and dance in this narrow alley. Downtown markets and streets come alive, especially at night.

    24. Oludeniz

    Beautiful Ölüdeniz, which gave its name to Fethiye, is one of the unique places where you can see all shades of blue. Ölüdeniz, named after the extremely still water, is perfect for water sports.

    With soft sandy beaches and warm waters, it is ideal for swimming and water sports. Good for swimming as the water gets deeper very quickly.

    25. Patara Beach

    The one after the ancient city Patara named beach is 12 kilometers long. Beaches for vacationers during the day and full of turtles at night.

    Walking on the beach is very pleasant, the sand on the beach is very fine and white. However, the sea is cool but too wavy for swimming. It is not suitable for children and non-swimmers as it gets deeper very quickly.

    26. Calis Beach

    Çalış Beach is the closest to Fethiye city center and has a beach of sand and fine pebbles. It gets crowded because it's close to the center.

    The rough seas in the afternoon become very calm in the morning. In addition, the sea is very cool due to the constant breeze. The shallow sea is great for children in the morning. The 2 km long beach is crowded, but its length avoids congestion.

    27. Belcekiz Beach

    Belcekız Beach in Oludeniz District is one of the most popular beaches among vacationers. Watching vacationers skydiving from Babadag and sitting in the scenery will be a truly wonderful experience.

    28. Kumburnu Beach

    kumburnu Beach is located in Oludeniz Nature Park and is actually a lagoon. Since it is a lagoon formation, the sea is relatively calm even when there are no waves.

    The beach consists of soft sand. Since the sea is clear, you can wear diving goggles to observe underwater. Kumburnu Beach has warm, shallow waters and is ideal for families with children.

    29. Bays of Fethiye

    Kabak Bay, 29 km from Fethiye city center, has been declared a protected area and is one of those unique ones points of interest & sights. Surrounded by huge slopes and the sea on three sides, the bay is one of those places that remains fairly natural due to the lack of shops.

    Katrancı Bay, surrounded by eucalyptus and pine trees, 15 km from Fethiye city center, is another place fascinated by its nature. The bay welcomes its guests with its pebbly and sandy beaches and its turquoise sea and has also been declared a natural park.

    Günlüklü Bay is a natural beauty surrounded by huge tree trunks. It is known for its clear water and pebbly beaches.

    Gemiler bay is one of the pristine bays. Unlike other bays, the old Roman church can be seen at the head of historic Gemiler Bay. The hotel organizes daily boat trips to the bay surrounded by pine and olive trees.

    Best Sights in Fethiye

    One of the most popular holiday destinations in our country, Fethiye is one of the enchanting areas of Mugla with its deep blue sea, lush forests, bays, ancient towns, sanctuaries, butterfly valley and fresh air.

    Fethiye is visited every year by local and foreign tourists for vacationers with accommodation and entertainment options.

    Located in western Mediterranean Sea, Fethiye is one of the 13 districts of Mugla. Fethiye, the largest in terms of area, is also the most densely populated area. It is bordered by Antalya to the east and south-east, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and Dalaman to the north-west Denizlic and Burdur to the north.

    With bays, beaches with blue Flagge, historical sites and valleys, Fethiye is one of the resorts rich in natural beauty. The Butterfly Valley of Fethiye, Oludeniz, the Saklıkent Gorge, Çubucak Nature Park and beaches attract many local and foreign tourists every year.

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