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    29 must-see attractions in Kaş, Turkey

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    Eyebrow is one of the richest tourist regions in the Mediterranean and one of the few famous places in the world. Its strategic location has led to the construction of many historic buildings from ancient times to the present day, and its blue one Flagge excellent Beach is accented by the meeting of cool Mediterranean waters and fine sand.

    vacationers in Nov should visit the many historical and natural beauties. The rare geography that has kept its original structure as it was on the first day has helped Kas become a tourist center.

    29 Sights In Kaş Turkey You Must Not Miss 2023 - Turkey Life
    29 Sights In Kaş Turkey You Must Not Miss 2023 - Turkey Life

    These are the 29 must-see attractions of Kaş that you cannot miss

    1. Kaputas Beach

    Kaputas Beach lies between Antalya and Shield, about 7 km from the town of Kalkan. Almost all the blue beaches can be seen and it is easy to get there as it is by the road.

    Its natural beauty is impressive and it is located at the mouth of the so-called canyon. The sheer cliffs that surround the coast help to preserve the natural structure. Because it is in the area where the underground cold water spring meets the sea, the sea water is partially cold. The sea and the coast consist of fine sand and small pebbles. Büyük Çakıl Beach is also one of the places you might want to visit when you come to Kaputaş Beach.

    2. Shield

    Kalkan is a tourist area in Kas district. It lies between Antalya and Fethiye, across from Girl, the closest Greek island to Turkey. The distance between Meis and Kalkan is 18 km.


    Today it stands out for its structure, which reflects the typical Antalya architecture, without losing places of natural beauty and world-famous beaches. As a central point for water and nature sports, it is perfect for many people between the ages of seven and seventy.

    3. Patara Beach

    Patara is considered to be the longest beach in the world with a total length of 12 kilometers Turkey known. In addition, Patara is home to the ruins of the once powerful ancient city, the beach named after it and the spawning Caretta Carettas.
    It has a fine sandy beach with shallow water in places. In an area that's often windy, it's one of those must-see spots if you want to go windsurfing.

    Entry to Patara Beach is free.

    4. Saklikent Canyon

    The Saklıkent Gorge im Hidden CityNational Park is 18 kilometers long, 300 meters deep, steep and narrow.

    Erosion of the rock by water that has been flowing for thousands of years is a factor in its formation. The water in the canyon is cold. Saklıkent Gorge is after April behold as the melting snows of the Taurus Mountains flow through the valley towards the Xanthos River.

    The entrance to Saklikent Canyon is 10 Turkish lira.

    5. Patara Ancient City (Ruins of Patara)

    Patara ruins are located within the boundaries of Gelemis district of Kas and are larger compared to other ancient cities. One of the most important and oldest Lycian cities Time, which date back to the 8th century B.C. dates back to

    The area is close to Patara beach and is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy both natural and historical beauty. As a result of recent excavations, the oldest lighthouse in the world was unearthed in the area. Found inscriptions indicate that the lighthouse dates back to 65 AD.

    Entrance fee to Patara Ruins is 20 TL.

    6. Xanthos Ancient City (Xanthos-Letoon)

    Xanthos-Letoon, consisting of two neighboring settlements in Kaş Kınık district within the borders of provinces Antalya and Muğla, is an extraordinary archaeological structure. It is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    It represents the most unique architectural example of the ancient Lycian civilization and is one of the most important Iron Age cultures in Anatolia. These two regions impressively show the continuity and uniqueness of the Anatolian, Greek, Roman and Byzantine civilizations. The most important Lycian texts are also believed to be in Xanthos-Letoon.

    The entrance fee to the ancient city Xanthos is 12 tsp.

    7. Cukurbag Peninsula (Çukurbağ Yarımadası)

    The Çukurbağ Peninsula, which is almost within walking distance from the district center and has a total length of about 3 kilometers, forms a natural border line through the division of the port of Kaş and is referred to as a natural beauty.

    It has a wide range of accommodation, entertainment, viewpoints and hiking areas. While some locations provide a suitable setting for picnics and camping, others offer great views of Cache's harbor section. Especially for those considering a camping holiday, the area around Çukurbağ should be among the attractions not to be missed in Kaş.

    8. Blue Cave (Mavi Mağara)

    The cave is 18 km from Kas town center and 6 km from Kalkan town center. The cave was discovered in 1972. In this cave, various marine life can be observed today. It is 50 meters long, 40 meters wide and 15 meters high. Boat tours are used to access the Blue Grotto, and entry is free.

    9. Hidayetin Koyu

    Located on the Çukurbağ Peninsula, Hidayet Bay takes its name from a fisherman who once lived in the area.

    The coastline of Hidayetin Bay consists of sheer cliffs with crystal clear waters that are never turbid. Hidayetin Bay with its beautiful sea is listed as one of the special areas among the tourist attractions in Kas. It is in an excellent area for those wanting a great time Vacation plan, it protects people from the city noise as it is a quiet place. The bay is accessible by boat and private car from downtown Kaş. There is also a beach facility in the area.

    10. Kas Marina

    Kas Marina is located about 1,5 km from Kas town center and is one of the most modern marinas in the Mediterranean. It is the largest marina in Kas and has historically been an important port town with a capacity of 450 yachts.

    In addition, there are restaurants and shops at almost every point along the marina.

    11. Ancient city of Antiphellos

    The ancient city Antiphellos lies within the boundaries of Kas Andifli district and houses the only ancient theater with a sea view. It is estimated that the city known as Habesos during the first settlement period was founded in the 4th century BC. was founded.

    Damaged by earthquakes after the Hellenistic period, the ancient theater was further enlarged during the Roman period to take its current form. On the city walls, stones are embroidered with images of women. Especially for tourists who are curious about Historic Buildings If you are at Kas, Kas is the place to be Sightseeing to think.

    Entry into the ancient city of Antiphellos is free.

    12. Long Bazaar (Uzun Çarşı)

    Uzun Çarşı lies within the borders of Andifli district and the royal tomb has become the symbol of Kaş today. Uzun Çarşı is the center of souvenir shops, shopping and many popular tourist destinations. Therefore, it is considered the heart of Kaş. On the other hand, the lion's sarcophagus is located at the foot of the slope of Uzun Çarşı, one of the busiest places in the region. It is a royal tomb from ancient Lycian times. Like other sarcophagi, the lion sarcophagus resembles a miniature house. No artifacts have been found inside as looters have emptied it over time.

    13. Ancient city of Simena

    The ancient city Simena is located in Kaleköy, the midpoint of Kaş and Demre, and stands at the forefront of its natural beauty. the History the city dates back to the 4th century BC. back. It dates from around 400 BC. and is famous for its old castle.

    Although it was one of the most important port cities of the Lycian League, it still existed as an independent city in Roman times. At the first entrance to the port is a plaque stating that it was addressed to Titus, the emperor who once ruled Anatolia.

    The castle is situated on a hill and can be reached from the beach via a steep path. The two sarcophagi at the entrance to the castle are worth seeing. Thyme arrows are widespread in the region and create a very natural environment. From here you can enjoy the view of the island of Kekova.

    Entry into the ancient city of Simena costs 12 liras.

    14. Cyprus Canyon (Kıbrıs Canyon)

    Kıbrıs Gorge, located 50 kilometers from Kaş city center in Sinekçi Beli in Sütleğen village between Kaş and Elmalı districts, is considered a natural wonder.

    The gorge is 16 kilometers long. 5 kilometers of the total route are organized as hiking areas. It is advisable to go with a guide as a solo tour in this canyon is a bit adventurous.

    After traversing the hiking area, visitors are greeted by waterfalls and small ponds formed by waterfalls. June, July and August are ideal months to visit.

    15. Ancient city of Aperlai

    The ancient city aperlai, the earliest settlement dates from the 5th century BC. It is located within the boundaries of Kaş Sahilkılınçlı District. As it is surrounded by mountains, it cannot be reached by road. Transportation from Kas city center is by boat.

    This is the ideal tourist destination for those who want to enjoy the scenery, see historical sites in connection with nature and historical underwater buildings such as sunken cities. There is no construction project that allows the ancient structure of the ancient city to penetrate to the present day.

    The walls of the ancient city are still visible. However, many of them are underwater. In addition, the huge imperial tombs still reflect their solid structure.

    Entry to the ancient city of Aperlai is free.

    16. Islamlar Village

    The village of Islamlar, some 33 kilometers west of Kas, is a bright spot in Antalya, with little damage to its natural structure. Although it is considered a village, there are many villas there. However, due to careful construction, no damage was done to nature.

    There are many historical sites in the village. However, over time these historic neighborhoods have merged with their natural beauty, creating a unique visual feast. The fact that the village is close to the world famous beaches of Kaputaş, Akçagerme and Patara increases the number of visits in terms of accommodation.

    It is also a top choice for hiking, accommodation, cycling and romantic getaways due to its location, convenience and facilities.

    17. Lion Sarcophagus (Lion Tomb) (Aslanlı Lahit (Aslanlı Mezar))

    The Lion Sarcophagus in the Uzun Çarşı district of the city center is a royal mausoleum preserved from the Lycian period to the present day. The building has become one of the symbols of Kas and dates back to the 6th century BC. return.

    The lion sarcophagus figures make up a large part of the souvenirs for those who come to Kas on vacation.

    18. Kalekoy Port

    It is the port of Kaleköy city, about 7 km from the center of Kaş district. In addition to being a historic fishing village, it is also home to the ancient city of Simena. Its history goes back to the 4th century BC. back. From the past to the present, Kaleköy has been one of the stations for those engaged in maritime trade.

    Kaleköy, now a small fishing village, is one of the rare places where you can observe both natural and historical beauty. On the other hand, Kaleköy Port is one of the frequent destinations for boat trips and hosts many people visiting the city.

    19. Ancient Ruins of the Felen Plateau

    The plateau of Felen, home of the ancient city Phellos, about 11 km from the center of Kaş district, is a popular destination for those who want to explore historical beauty amidst natural beauty. Because it occupies a slightly elevated position compared to its surroundings, it can be considered the place that best reflects the progression of the landscape.

    20. Kekova

    Although Kekova Island is located within Demre, it is one of the must-see places in Kaş. With its breathtaking scenery, bays and sunken cities, it is the focal point for year-round boat trips. A part of the sunken city can be observed during the boat tour.

    21. Ancient city of Myra

    The ancient city Myra is located about 40 kilometers from Kas. The ancient city has preserved ruins from Lycian and Roman times. The rock tombs and ancient theaters in the ancient city are worth seeing. These structures date from the 5th century.

    22. Andrea Doria Bay

    Andrea Doria Bay is located about 65 km from Kas. Worth seeing is the bay that lies between the azure sea and the Marquis of the Mediterranean. In addition, the bay is not only a habitat for Caretta Carettas, but also known as a habitat for Mediterranean seals.

    Andrea Doria is one of the must-see coves, although not well known to tourists.

    23. Santa Claus Church (Noel Baba Kilisesi)

    When visiting Kaş, it is also possible to reach the surrounding area in a short time. If it is a historical tour, you should also visit the Church of Santa Claus in the Demre district. The church was built in Byzantine times in honor of the world-famous Santa Claus, St. Nicholas.

    Entrance to Santa Claus Church is 30 lira.

    24. Historical Pirha Ruins

    The ruins of pirha are 20 minutes walk from the village, now known as shopkeeper is known. Although the village's past is not entirely clear, it is known for certain that it belonged to a Turkmen tribe.

    There are stone tombs overlooking the sea. It is also littered with sarcophagi. Also, almost all of the sculptures found here were transferred to the Antalya Museums brought and exhibited there.

    Admission to Pirha is free.

    25. Patara Ancient City (Ruins of Patara)

    The ancient city of Patara is located in the Gremis district of Kas, about 40 kilometers from the city center. Located at the mouth of the Esen River, the city was once Lycia's largest seaport and trading port.

    It played a very important role in history as it was the gateway to the Xanthos Valley in the region. There are ancient theaters, baths, gates, colonnaded streets and sarcophagi in the area, and some sarcophagi have been renovated. The oldest solar-powered lighthouse in the world was recently discovered during excavations.

    Another factor that makes the area famous today is that it is a 10 minute walk away Patara Beach. This beach is also a natural habitat for sea turtles.

    Entry to Patara Ruins is 20 lira.

    26. Ancient City of Letoon

    The ruins of the ancient city letoon are located on Kas Street towards Fethiye, 80 kilometers west of Kas city center. It is located in the middle of Fethiye, Mugla and Kaş in Antalya.

    Letoon is near the ancient city of Xanthos in Lycia, home to the Temple of Leto designed by Zeus and the most important religious city in the region. It is located on the Xanthos River, about four kilometers south of the ancient city of Xanthos.

    Archaeological finds in the city date back to the late 6th century BC. and the city was never fully settled, remaining primarily a religious center. Archaeologists have unearthed most of the remains.

    It was one of the most important cities in the Lycian Union. This area has the most important and longest rock carvings in Lycia, and it is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    Entrance to the ancient city of Leighton costs 10 lira.

    27. Ancient City of Neisa (Nysa)

    The pillars of the ancient city of Nisa are located in the village of Sütlegen, north of Kaş. It is one of the very small Lycian cities. The name of the city has no meaning in Greek, it comes from Lycian and its meaning is not entirely clear.

    Entry to the ancient city Nysa is free.

    28. Ancient city of Apollonia

    The ancient city Apollonia lies between the borders of the village of Kılıçlı and was built like other ancient cities within the borders of Kaş by the sea. Thanks to excavations in the area, it is known that the first settlements of the ancient city date back to the 4th century BC. go back.

    The Acropolis and Cemetery parts of the city are considered part of the Lycian Union and can be partially visited.

    Entrance to the ancient city of Apollonia is free.

    29. Ancient city of Kandyba

    The ancient city of Kandyba in the city of Gendeve suffered more damage than other ancient cities. The first founding of the city is unknown. However, it is believed to have been founded after its name by the hero of ancient Greek mythology, Kandybos, son of Deucalion.

    Due to its location, it was not considered an important city in ancient times. Information about the area was gleaned from Lycian inscriptions found during excavations.

    The Acropolis, known as the city's Agora, is 180 meters long. Directly above is the defensive wall of medieval feudalism. The entrance to the town is an old stone road. However, other structures disappear over time.

    Admission to the ancient city of Kandyba is free.

    Top Sights in Kas

    Kaş has one of the most geographically beautiful coastlines in the Mediterranean and is crowded almost every hour of the year. It has become famous due to its world famous beaches. Kas is located in western Antalya, with Demre and Phenicia to the east, Elmalı to the north, and Muğla and Seydikemer to the west. Antalya city center is 187 km away.

    Known as Antiphellos in ancient times, Kaş has a long history. While the exact date of the first settlement is unknown, according to new research, the city was founded by Luwians who migrated from Central Asia. Its past dates back to 2200 BC. back. And historically known as the Lycian City. Persian rule lasted about 300 years until the time of Alexander the Great. 334 BC BC the lands of Lycia were conquered by Alexander without resistance. It was Rhodes given after the death of Alexander the Great.

    Kas is one of the most active regions of the Mediterranean and offers visitors the whole Summer about very exciting Activities.

    With its fine sandy beaches, large and small bays on the Çukurbağ peninsula, the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea and breathtaking views, Kaş is considered a tourist paradise. An interesting place of historical beauty, natural beauty and beaches all year round. Located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, the city's geography emphasizes its natural beauty.

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