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    11 must-see attractions in Oludeniz, Turkey

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    Oludeniz, with the title of the most beautiful beaches in the world, is a neighborhood in the Muğla district Fethiye. Although there is only a limited number of attractions in a limited geographic area, it is tourist friendly all year round. It has a unique structure that allows both blue and green colors to be observed.

    There is even more natural beauty in Oludeniz, so in short Time can enjoy a unique holiday experience. With these natural beauties Activities such as swimming and nature sports are both scenic and a unique holiday experience.

    These are the 11 must-see sights of Oludeniz that you cannot miss

    1. Butterfly Valley (Kelebekler Vadisi)

    The Butterfly Valley is one of the rare places where the unspoilt nature of Oludeniz has been preserved and stands out for its reputation of natural beauty.

    Although the view can be seen from the rocky area, it creates an atmosphere suitable for swimming thanks to its 250-meter-long pebble beach and the sea, which does not deepen immediately. It is recommended that you add Butterfly Valley with the most beautiful natural scenery to your Oludeniz must-see list.

    2. Kumburnu Beach

    The Beach Oludeniz, which has won the World's Best Ocean Award, is one of the most popular spots for sea tourism in the Turkey. Since the sea is not waveless and deep, it accommodates people of all ages.


    The fact that Ölüdeniz beach is covered with fine sand makes it the preferred spot for the trio of sea, sand and sun, as there are many shops for individual needs and some are easily accessible. It is recommended that friends who like swimming add Oludeniz to the list of tourist attractions.

    Access to Oludeniz beach costs 9 TL.

    3. Lycian Way

    The historic Lycian Way, known as Turkey's longest hiking trail, also passes through the natural beauty of the Oludeniz region. The Lycian Way passes through and connects 19 different ancient Lycian cities History and natural beauty.

    4. Babadag

    Babadag is the best paragliding spot in Ölüdeniz with two peaks. Its first peak is 1969 meters above sea level and the second peak is 1400 meters above sea level. Between these two opposing peaks is a flood valley.

    Babadag also attracts attention with its different plant species. For those who like studying plants and climbing mountains, Oludeniz is a beautiful excursion route that is among the points of interest & sights must be found.

    5. Belcekiz

    Belcekiz, a must for those who Paragliding and wanting to swim is number one for Sightseeing in Oludeniz. As one of the best bathing spots in Oludeniz, Belcekiz Beach is considered a natural wonder and is often preferred by those looking to get away from it all. The turquoise sea is accompanied by fine sandy beaches, and the taste of the trio of sea, sand and sun has a different meaning.

    When it comes to paragliding in Oludeniz, this is one of the most convenient places to experience the unique blue color of the sea and have a dynamic experience. The presence of many companies in Belcekiz allows for more activities as well as easy fulfillment of individual needs.

    6. Oludeniz Nature Park

    Oludeniz Nature Park is one of the largest nature parks in Mugla, covers about 950 hectares and has been in operation since 1978. The park contains archaeological remains, the sea and sheer cliffs and is home to hundreds of species of animals.

    Entry to Oludeniz Nature Park is 8 TL.

    7. Oludeniz Kidrak Bay

    Ölüdeniz-Kıdrak Bay, which has been declared a nature reserve, has attracted a lot of attention because of its intact natural beauty.

    Full access to Ölüdeniz Kıdrak bay costs 6 lira, reduced 3 TL. If you come by private car and want to use the parking lot, you need to pay 18 lira.

    8. Kabak Bay

    Kabak Bay is one of Fethiye's most popular attractions and is only 18 km from Oludeniz. It's one of those places where blue and green meet. Kabak Bay is a top spot not only for swimming but also for camping. Recommended for nature lovers to add it to the attractions.

    9. Saklikent Gorge

    The Saklıkent Gorge has become a hidden paradise within the borders of Muğla, a popular canyon located 48 km from Oludeniz. In addition to being one of the longest canyons, you can hike, swim, and engage in a variety of nature sports.

    10. Ancient city of Tlos

    The ancient city tlos in Fethiye is located 41 km from the center of Oludeniz. The city was one of the most important settlements of the Lycian League and still has a well-preserved history. After research, it turns out that it is the largest city in Lycia.

    11. Gemile Island

    Gemile Island, 17 km from Oludeniz, is one of the main attractions of Fethiye. In the past it was used as a place for religious settlements. It also has another name, Aya Nikola. It's one of those rare places where the historical buildings that house it have changed over time as if they were part of nature. This is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy historical beauty, natural beauty and the sea together.

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