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    22 Sweet Turkish Desserts You Must Try

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    The 22 Best Turkish Desserts of 2023 - Turkey Life

    These popular Turkish desserts are sweet, unique and delicious!

    Turkish desserts are there to seduce your taste buds and satisfy your craving for sweetness. Turks have a great way of making desserts that are irresistible!

    They can be divided into three types: milk-based, pastry-based, and fruit or vegetable-based.

    Unusual ingredients such as chicken breast are also used in this cuisine. In addition to the popular Baklava there are many desserts from the Turkeythat are worth trying.

    1. Kadayif tatlisi

    22 Best Turkish Desserts You Must Try Kadayif 2023 - Turkey Life

    Similar to Baklava, Kadayif (Kadaif) is a famous and very popular dessert in Turkey. Kadayif, also known as angel hair, is a sweet pastry from the Middle East. Kadaif is made from thin dough with almonds or walnuts and syrup. The filling is flavored with cinnamon and cloves and wrapped in the threads of the dough. After baking and cooling, it is soaked in lemon syrup. This particularly sweet dish is also used in ice cream as kadaifi ice cream.

    2. Künefe tatlisi

    22 Best Turkish Desserts You Must Try Künüfe 2023 - Turkey Life

    Künefe (also as kunafa, CanafakanafehKunafehKnafeh and Kunefe known) is a warm Levantine dessert made from special cheese (quark) and kadayif. Künefe is a Turkish dessert that is a sugar lover's dream. Künefe is made from thin Kadayif noodles and cheese, baked in a mold and then poured over with syrup. Chopped pistachios are often found as a garnish on Künefe.

    3. Firin Sutlac

    22 Best Turkish Desserts You Must Try Firin Sütlac 2023 - Turkey Life

    Firin Sütlac is Turkish-style rice pudding. Compared to the relatively firm consistency of German cuisine, Sütlac is almost a liquid cream. Vanilla and cinnamon are the two main flavors. In Turkey, various small restaurants have specialized in rice pudding and similar dishes. They are called Muhallebici, which roughly translates to Dairy Shop. Baked rice pudding with a delicious brown crust is called Fırın Sütlac or Oven Rice Pudding. Ballı Muzlu is a variant with honey and bananas. Dried fruits and jams make rice pudding the Atom Sütlac.

    4. Salep

    22 Best Turkish Desserts You Must Try Salep 2023 - Turkey Life

    Sālep, also spelled Sahlep or Sahlab, is flour made from the tubers of the orchid genus Orchis. Salep flour is used in drinks and desserts. The Kahramanmaraş region of Turkey is the main production area of ​​sahlab called Maraş Salepi. It can be flavored with sugar, cinnamon powder, dried coconut, crushed peanuts, hazelnuts and/or pistachios. Salep is a special hot milk drink.

    5. Tulumba

    22 Best Turkish Desserts You Must Try Tulumba 2023 - Turkey Life

    Tulumba or Bamiyeh is a fried dessert from Turkish and former Ottoman cuisine. This is a fried batter soaked in syrup, similar to jalebis and churros. First it is fried until golden brown and then, while it is still hot, it is doused with sweet sugar syrup. It is eaten cold.

    6. Halka Tatlisi

    22 Best Turkish Desserts You Must Try Halka Tatlisi 2023 - Turkey Life

    Turkish spritzers soaked in sugar syrup or Serbet. The Turkish Halka Tatlisi is one of the most famous and popular desserts in the world Turkish cuisine.

    7. Kabak Tatlisi

    22 Best Turkish Desserts You Must Try Kabak Tatlisi 2023 - Turkey Life

    Kabak tatlısı is a pumpkin dessert in Turkish cuisine. It is boiled, peeled and sliced ​​pumpkin, sprinkled with sugar. Milk can also be used. This dish is topped with chopped walnuts, tahini and kaymak.

    8. Helva

    22 Best Turkish Desserts You Must Try Helva 2023 - Turkey Life

    Halva or Halwa(h) is dessert native to India, Iran, Pakistan and Central Asia. Tahini helva made from sesame (tahina) is most widespread in Iran and Turkey. In Turkish and Persian cuisine, helva has two other variants (semolina helva and flour helva).

    9. Ayva Tatlisi

    22 Best Turkish Desserts You Must Try Ayva Talisi 2023 - Turkey Life

    Ayva tatlısı is a gourmet Turkish dessert made from quince. The quince is cooked by boiling in water or in the oven with cloves, sweet syrup and stuffed with apple or quince flour and raisins and topped with kayak.

    10. Sekerpare

    Şekerpare is one of the most popular desserts in Turkish cuisine. Şekerpare is mainly made by baking soft almond cookie balls that are dipped in lemon-flavored syrup.

    11. Hanim Gobegi

    A lady's or woman's belly button is a sweet pastry from Turkey. They are made from puff pastry balls that are ruffled, deep fried, and then soaked in syrup.

    12. Keskul

    Keşkül is an almond milk pudding from Turkish cuisine. It is usually served in a bowl and eaten with a spoon, and is usually decorated with dried coconut or pistachios, which are cream in color.

    13. Revani tatlisi

    Revani or Basbousa is a sweet semolina cake soaked in syrup that originated in Turkey but is also very popular in other countries. The semolina dough is baked in a pan and then sweetened with orange blossom water, rose water or simple syrup, usually cut into diamonds or squares.

    14. Tavuk Gogsu Tatlisi

    22 Best Turkish Desserts You Must Try Tavuk Gögsu Tatlisi 2023 - Turkey Life

    Tavuk Gögsü Tatlisi / Chicken Breast Milk Dessert. In the dessert, as the name suggests, there is actually very thin chicken breast. Tavuk Göğsü is a Turkish dessert from the Ottoman Empire. It's made with rice flour, cornstarch, milk, powdered sugar, chicken breast, and salt.


    Aşure is a dessert that is very common in the Middle East and many Islamic countries. It consists of white beans, chickpeas, wheat, rice, water, raisins, chopped walnuts, pomegranate seeds and powdered sugar. The ingredients are cooked all at once and then mixed together.

    16. Baklava

    22 Best Turkish Desserts You Must Try Baklava 2023 - Turkey Life

    Baklava is a pastry made from puff pastry or filo pastry in honey or syrup and filled with chopped walnuts, almonds or pistachios. The Turkish national pastry originally comes from Syria or Armenia. Gaziantep in south-eastern Turkey is the pistachio capital. They say they have the best baklava in the world.

    17. Locum

    Lokum or Turkish Delight is a sweet made from a syrup of starch, rose water and sugar. It is soft and sticky, transparent yellow or can be different colors.

    18. Ice cream

    Dondurma is the Turkish name for ice cream. Originally, Dondurma is said to come from the area around Kahramanmaraş, which is why it was also called "Maraş Ice Cream". In Turkey, dondurma is mainly sold by street vendors. The material retains its elastic consistency through continuous stirring. Buying Dondurma is also street entertainment as street vendors celebrate the handing over of the ice cream and combine it with fun. One of the most famous is the Çılgın Dondurmacı which is celebrated as a star on social media.

    Adı Çılgın Dondurmacı | Şarkısı Kalbimsin

    21. Pismaniye

    Pişmaniye is a Turkish sweet made from flour baked with butter mixed with pulled sugar. Sometimes it is decorated with pistachio powder. Although it is sometimes compared to cotton candy, both the ingredients and the manufacturing methods are very different.

    22. Sutlu Nuriye

    Sütlü Nuriye is a Turkish dessert similar to baklava, but contains milk instead of syrup, which makes the dessert look whitish. The name means Nuriye with milk. The name means Nuriye (Turkish female given name) and milk.

    Questions and Answers on Turkish Desserts

    • Which drink do you drink with the Turkish dessert?

      Traditional Turkish Tea, Cay On türkisch or Turkish mocha, Türk Kahvesi Turkish.

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