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    The largest and leading supermarket chains in Turkey

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    Many large supermarket chains are in the Turkey effectively working. Most are original Turkish brands, but there are other foreign chains that dominate the supermarket segment. As urbanization and the need for affordable prices dominate the industry, the number of markets that meet almost every need at the same time is gradually increasing. In this context, market chains have spread across the country and are beginning to open new branches in the provinces to open.

    The largest and leading supermarket chains in Turkey

    These are the largest supermarket chains in Turkey

    Bim Birleşik Mağazalar A.Ş.

    BİM Birleşik Mağazalar A.Ş. is a Turkish retail chain established in 1995 and currently operates around 7.500 stores in Turkey, Morocco and Egypt. It is the largest retail company in Turkey and the market leader in food distribution. The first branch of the discounter was opened in 1995. BIM could be seen as the image of the German discounter Aldi in Turkey. products in BIM branches, like ALDI, are sold on pallets and boxes.

    A101 Yeni Mağazacılık A.Ş.

    A101 Yeni Mağazacılık A.Ş., or simply A101, is a discount supermarket chain in Turkey. The company was founded on 2008. The company is headquartered in the district Uskudar in and Istanbul. A101 provides services in Turkey's 81 provinces and 923 districts. A101 is the main competitor of Şok and BİM , which are similar Turkish discount supermarket chains. A101 product groups include meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, Drinks, Legumes and Bakery Products, Nuts, Breakfast Products, Biscuits and Confectionery, Preserves and Spices, Margarine and Oils, Fruits and Vegetables, Ice Cream and Frozen Products, Detergents and Cleaning Products, Produce, Paper Products, Cosmetics, Non-Food Products.

    Migros Ticaret A.S. (Turkiye)

    Migros Ticaret AS is one of the supermarket chains in Turkey. Migros is also one of the oldest supermarket chains in Turkey. Originally came the brand Migros 1954 with the contribution of Istanbul Governor and Mayor Fahrettin Kerim Gökay to Istanbul. M Migros only offers basic needs, MM Migros has a wider range, MMM Migros has textiles, electronics, books and complementary groceries, while 5M Migros is essentially a large mall with other brands and stores.


    CarrefourSA is a supermarket chain based in Maltepe/Istanbul, founded in 1991. His first shop opened in November 1993 under the name Carrefour in Istanbul's İçerenköy district. As one of the most successful supermarket chains in Turkey, Carrefour continues to achieve great goals.

    ŞOK Marketler Ticaret A.Ş.


    ŞOK Marketler Ticaret A.Ş. is a discount supermarket chain based in Turkey. The company was founded in 1995 by Migros. Shock is the main competitor of similar Turkish discount store chains BİM and A101. The discounter is incredibly successful and profitable with more than 7.500 branches in Turkey.

    Questions and answers about supermarkets in Turkey

    1. Grocery costs in Turkey

      The cost of groceries in Turkey also depends a lot on where you buy them. Most Turks buy fruit and vegetables at the weekly market and, in emergencies, from the greengrocer.

    2. How much does meat cost in Turkey?

      Meat has become a real luxury in Turkey. The average Turkish population actually only eats meat on public holidays. Incidentally, this does not only apply to the lower class, the middle class also eats very little meat.

    3. How much do dairy products cost in Turkey?

      In 2021, milk price in Turkey increased by almost 22%. This is also directly reflected in the refrigerated shelves.

    4. How much do grain products cost in Turkey?

      The cheapest way to get away in Turkey is bulgur, rice, lentils, beans, chickpeas, etc. Prices depend heavily on quality and variety.

    5. How much do drinks cost in Turkey?

      First of all, you need to buy drinking water in Turkey. Prices vary by brand. The prices for branded soft drinks and alcohol are very high.

    6. How much do fruits and vegetables cost in Turkey?

      The prices for Turkish fruit and vegetables are largely determined by the place of sale and the season. While prices vary widely, exotic fruits are always expensive.

    7. How much does pizza cost in Turkey?

      Sometimes you would rather have your food delivered - that costs money! Pizza prices in Turkey range from 20 to 70 lira. It depends on the size and the restaurant.

    8. How much does a doner kebab cost in Turkey?

      You will find very little meat in Turkish kebabs. That's why people go into the store and quote the price they pay for a Rotary want to spend. Accordingly, meat in kebab shops is calculated in grams.

    9. Which supermarkets are there in Turkey?

      BIM, A-101, ŞOK, Migros, CarrefourSA, Hakmar and many more.

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