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    Turkish for beginners - short language course for your next holiday in Turkey

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    The most important vocabulary for a trip to Turkey

    With a lot of courage and perseverance you will during your journey in the Turkey sometime some turkish words and expressions master. This is not easy, because the pronunciation is very different from the Latin alphabet.

    Turkish as the official language

    The Turkish alphabet consists of 29 letters and some of its letters do not appear in our classical alphabet. Even if you study it diligently, despite the small vocabulary, you will find that pronunciation is a major obstacle. However, if you persist and study, you will be able to pronounce a few words correctly. About 100 million people speak Turkish and its variants.

    Pronunciation tips

    Proper pronunciation will be the main communication problem for your trip to the Turkey be. First rule, you must always roll an "r". That's the easiest part, now comes the difficult part. In alphabetic order. "c" becomes "djungel" pronounced and "ç" becomes "TSCHANechic". "e" must "efeel (as an open e)”. For a "g" say "g" and "ğ" lengthen the vowel that follows it. "ı" without a dot becomes like "come onen (as a very dull and short i)” pronounced. “ö” is pronounced “ö” like in German. The "ş" becomes like "Schule, Buschpronounced. "u" is pronounced "(as an open u)" and "ü" like "ü" in German.

    Basic idioms

    Good day good eveningMerhaba / Iyi günler / Iyi akşamlar
    Wie geht es Ihnen?How are you?
    Good thanks and you?Iyiyim, teşekkurler, ya siz?
    I understand / I don't understandAnlıyorum / anlamadım
    Auf WiedersehenGoodbye
    Good day, ServusMerhaba!, İyi Günler!
    Thank you very muchThank you so much
    Excuse me pleaseAfedersiniz air / Bakar mısınız
    My name is…Benim adım…
    No thank youHayır teşekkurler
    Yes NoEvet / Hayır
    Bitte sehrBuyurun / Rica ederim / Buyurun

    Trade / Buy

    How much does it cost?How much?
    That is a good priceBu iyi bir fiyat / Ucuz
    It is too expensiveBu çok pahalı
    Can you lower the price?Fiyatı düşürebilir misin?
    I would like to buy thisBunu almak istiyorum
    I like it / I don't like itBeğendin / beğenmiyorum
    MoneyTo withdraw from your
    Just browsingSadece bakıyorum

    Mode of Transport

    I want to go to...… gitmek istiyorum
    BootVapor / Tekne
    bus / MinibusOtobus / Dolmuş
    I want to rent a...Bir … kiralamak istiyorum
    CarsAraba / Otomobile


    Where is...?/ How do I get to/to...?Nerede? / Nasıl … gidiyorum?
    train station / bus stopStation
    city ​​centerTown center
    Ist es weit?Is it far?
    geradeausYönü değiştirmeden / Dik / Düz
    Left rightSol / Sag
    North South West EastKuzey / Güney / Batı / Doğu


    one two three four five six seven eight nine tenbir, iki, üç, dört, beş, altı, yedi, sekiz, dokuz, on
    twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninetyyirmi, otuz, kırk, elli, altmış, yetmış, seksen, doksan

    Time / Date / Days

    Wieviel Uhr ist es?What time is it?
    Today (morning / noon / evening)Bugün (sabah / öğleyin / akşam)
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sundaypazartesi, salı, çarşamba, perşembe, cuma, cumartesi, pazar
    I'm here in VacationBen burada tatil yapıyorum
    I'm here to workÇalışmak için buradayım

    To table

    I'm hungry / I'm thirstyBen açım / susadım
    Good AppetiteBon Appetit
    It was excellentMukemmeldi
    What do you recommend?Ne tavsiye edersiniz?
    I'm vegetarianBen vejetaryenim
    Not sharpPainless
    It is too hot!Çok sıcak!
    I have an allergyBen bir alerjim var
    Seafoodsea ​​products
    I take / I would likeAliyorum / istiyorum
    tea / coffeeçay / kahve
    Beer / wineBira / şarap
    The Bill pleaseHesap air


    I have to see a doctorBir doktora gitmek zorundayım
    Call a doctor/ambulanceBir doctor / ambulances arayın
    Where is the hospital?Hastane nerede?
    I do not feel goodkendimi iyi hissetmiyorum / hastayım
    I am in pain hereBurada acı cekiyorum
    Where are the restrooms?Tuvaletians nerede?
    I've lost my wayYolumu kaybettim

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