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    Turkish proverbs, sayings and wisdom

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    18 well-known Turkish proverbs, sayings and wisdom

    Are you looking for Turkish proverbs? Turkish proverbs, sayings and wisdom that we have translated into German.

    At the moment of vacation in the Turkey you feel lost in everyday life because you have no sense of linguistic security. In Turkey, you can use proverbs in many situations.

    Many words from the Arabic world have become established in Turkish. Inshallah literally means "God willing," but it is also used as a synonym for "Hopefully," regardless of whether a person is a believer or not.

    There are countless phrases and phrases in Turkish. This is a small part of the best.

    1. Sakla samanı, gelir zamanı

    Analogous: "Keep the hay, the usable one Time will come."


    German equivalent: "What does not shine during the day shines at night."

    Significance: Eventually you can use anything. Don't throw anything away. Who knows what else it's good for.

    2. Bir lisan, bir insan. Iki lisan, iki Insan

    Analogous: “One language, one person. Two languages, two people.”

    German equivalent: “Whoever speaks a language is only one person; but if you speak two languages, you are considered two people.”

    Significance: It means mutual understanding between peoples.

    3. İyi insan lafının üzerine gelirmiş

    Analogous: "Good people come when you talk about them."

    German equivalent: "Opposite of: When one speaks of the devil..."

    Significance: We love or like the people we liked with this good personality so that suddenly when the topic is spoken they climax.

    4. Gülme komşuna, gelir başına

    Analogous: "Don't laugh at your neighbors, you could be next."

    German equivalent: "Whoever digs a pit for others falls into it himself."

    Significance: It is not right to rejoice in people's troubled times. This is not ethical and you can experience the same thing. For this reason you should stop being happy when people are unhappy and try to help them.

    5. Çok yaşayan bilmez, çok gezen bilir

    Analogous: Not the one who lives long, but the one who has traveled a lot has knowledge.

    German equivalent: "Not the age, but experiences form."

    Significance: A person's knowledge cannot be measured by their age. The knowledge of people who live long lives but never leave their surroundings is also limited. However, people who travel a lot and see a lot of places are more knowledgeable. Because they have informed themselves separately about the places they have seen and enriched their knowledge.

    6. Umut fakirin ekmegidir

    Analogous: "Hope is the bread of the poor."

    German equivalent: "Hope dies last"

    Significance: The poorest thing about the poor are the dreams he hoped to fulfill in the future. No one lives in the hope of feeling comfortable and relaxed anytime soon.

    7. Keskin sirke kupune zarar

    Analogous: "Sour vinegar damages his barrel."

    German equivalent: "Aggression harms oneself."

    Significance: "A very bad man spoils his health, carries his body and disturbs his work."

    8. Üzüme yetişemeyen tilki, üzüme ekşi dermiş

    Analogous: "The fox that couldn't get hold of the grapes says they're sour."

    German equivalent: “One speaks badly of what is denied one. "

    Significance: "You don't know something and still talk bad about it."

    9. Damlaya damlaya gol olur, bir damla sel olur

    Analogous: "A drop creates a lake, a droplet creates a flood."

    German equivalent: "Small animals also make crap"

    Significance: "The widespread "little animals also mess up" expresses that even smaller or apparently insignificant things can bring certain (larger) advantages."

    10. Gerçek dost kötü günde belli olur

    Analogous: "Real friends prove themselves on bad days."

    German equivalent: "A friend in need is a friend indeed."

    Significance: "You only meet good friends on bad days."

    11. Çivi Çiviyi Soker

    Analogous: "One nail pulls the other."

    German equivalent: “Strong people can do tough jobs.”

    Significance: “A powerful situation or person can only be overcome or overcome by something stronger than themselves.”

    12. Denimle dalga geçiyorsun

    Analogous: "Are you kidding me."

    German equivalent: "Are you kidding me?"

    Significance: "If you think someone is joking with you."

    13. Esek sudan gelene kadar

    Analogous: "Until the donkey comes back from the water."

    German equivalent: "How much longer should I wait?"

    Significance: "You can also say "until the donkey quenches its thirst" because it takes a long time for the donkey to do this."

    14. Eğri otur, duz konuş

    Analogous: "Sit crooked, talk straight!"

    German equivalent: "Do what you want, but stick to the truth."

    Significance: "Show that you do what you want to do on your behalf, but only tell the truth in public."

    15. Alman hesabi

    Analogous: "German invoice"

    German equivalent: "Divided Bill."

    Significance: "If you say "German bill" to the waiter, it means that you want to pay separately."

    16. Kafamı yicem

    Analogous: "I eat my head."

    German equivalent: "I'm going nuts!"

    Significance: "When you're about to lose your mind."

    17. Bozuk para var mi

    Analogous: "Do you have broken money?"

    German equivalent: "Can you change money?"

    Significance: “There used to be no banknotes, only coins, which were then divided because the weight and content of gold, silver or copper was important. So a round coin was indeed broken.”

    18. Kulağına kupe olsun

    Analogous: "There shall be an earring in your ear"

    German equivalent: "Write something behind your ears."

    Significance: "Some things should be the lessons of your life."

    That was our list of Turkish proverbs

    Some proverbs are often used in Turkey. Other proverbs rarely appear in everyday speech.

    What other proverbs do you know and which ones do you use yourself?

    Feel free to write us your proverbs, sayings and wisdom in the comment box below!

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