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    Experience the beauty of nature – Visit the Lower Düden Şelalesi in Antalya and enjoy the view

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    The Lower Düden Şelalesi Waterfall

    The Lower Düden Şelalesi Waterfalls create a fantastic landscape and are one of the main tourist attractions in the region Antalya. Visit at least 2 or 3 of these waterfalls when visiting Antalya region and enjoy refreshing moments in nature.

    Lower Düden Şelalesi in Antalya

    Karpuzkaldıran Lower Düden Waterfall

    Note that this is the Untere Düden Wasserfall (Şelalesi, Lower Duden Waterfalls). There is also a Upper Düden Waterfall (Şelalesi) which is about 11 km northeast of Antalya.

    Antalya offers its residents a variety of large and small amusement parks. In all parts of the city you can find oases where you can get rid of everyday stress and the heat of the day.

    The two waterfalls of the Duden river are a popular and frequented local recreation area in the area. The two source rivers of the Düden, Kirkgozler and Pinarbası, rise 30 and 28 kilometers from Antalya in the Taurus Mountains. They come together after a short distance to the Düden and disappear into the karst soil. Now the water continues to flow underground and rises again to the surface of the Düdenbası in Düden Selalesi, the "Upper Duden Waterfall". From here it continues to flow above ground until it plunges more than 30 meters into the sea in the Lara district.

    The Lara Waterfall (also known as Lower Duden Waterfall) is the tallest among Duden Waterfalls in Antalya. As it is on the approach route to Antalya airport is located, as long as the plane approaches from the sea, it is often photographed from the plane.


    The small park is not only a popular destination because of the waterfalls. in the Summer you can enjoy the sunset over the Taurus Mountains from here.

    The falls are a beautiful attraction that can be seen in the park, but also from a boat on the water. 

    The boat trips from Old City to the waterfall is a popular attraction in Antalya.

    Duden Park

    In Düden Park there is a great fish restaurant that serves fresh fish. If you are ever in the area, you should visit the restaurant Ekdağ Balık Carşısı visit.

    There are several restaurants and shisha bars along the Düden Bach that provide live music in the evenings.

    Admission and tickets

    Eintritt der ist frei.

    Questions and Answers

    • How do I get to Lower Düden Şelalesi Waterfall?

      There are several ways that Reaching Lower Düden Şelalesi Waterfall.

    • How do I get there by bus Lower Düden Şelalesi Waterfall?

      The easiest way to get there is by bus. Buses LF09, FL82, VL13, GM23, KL08, LC09, LC07, TC93, VML54, TL94 all stop at Düden Parki 1 and 2 bus stop. Depending on your location in Antalya, you should use one of the buses to Düden Şelalesi Lower Waterfall.

      The public transport variants require the AntalyaCard.

    • How do I come by private vehicle Lower Düden Şelalesi Waterfall?

      If you are not in Antalya Lara, the old town Kaleici or Antalya's Konyaalti Beach is one Rental car to the waterfall the simplest solution.

    • Is there a guided tour  Lower Düden Şelalesi Waterfall?

      There are no tours just for Go down Düden Şelalesi waterfall. They usually combine a visit to the old town of Kaleici, the Antalya Aquarium or the ruins of perge with a visit to the Lower Düden Falls.

    • Is there a Boat trip Lower Düden Şelalesi Waterfall?

      For a few euros you can take a boat tour from Kaleici Marina Do the Lower Düden Şelalesi Waterfall. There are also tours that include a boat trip to the Düden Waterfall. These are mainly tours to Antalya Old Town.

    • Lower Düden Şelalesi waterfall address

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