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    Time difference Turkey: Summer time applies all year round

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    The Turkey since 2016 there is no more winter time and therefore summer time permanently. Thus, in Turkey, the whole year Summer. The clock is not reset to winter time. This should also Winter better use of daylight. In the future, Turkey will permanently keep daylight saving time and thus actually change the time zone.

    When summer time prevails in Central Europe, Turkey is still one hour ahead of Germany. In winter, the time difference increases to two hours. Then it is always three hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) – not two hours in standard time, as was previously the case.

    New time difference between Germany and Turkey:

    • Summer time (CET+1 hour)

    12.00 clock in Germany 13.00 clock in Turkey.

    Daylight saving time lasts from the last Sunday in March until the last Sunday in October.

    • Winter time (CET+2 hours)

    12.00 clock in Germany 14.00 clock in Turkey.


    Winter time lasts from the last Sunday in October to the last Sunday in March.

    The real impact of the time change

    Nothing will change in the travel plans for the summer. The summer time shift remains the same: +1 hour!

    Even the hours of sunshine do not change in summer and you can stay in the sun for as long as before. The time difference between Turkey and Germany changes in winter and increases to +2 hours.

    How to change the time correctly

    Your smartphone changes the time automatically, so you don't have to do anything else. However, remember that you need at least a short time to visit the Turkish mobile network or WiFi network to switch automatically.

    The same applies to your return to Germany. As long as there is an internet connection, the time on your smartphone will change automatically when you return.

    • Otherwise, the following simple rule applies: If you fly to Turkey in the summer, please put the clock forward one hour, for example: 12 p.m. to 13 p.m.
    • In winter add two hours, for example: from 12:00 to 14:00.

    The suspension of daylight saving time in winter also changes the time difference to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The future time difference from UTC is 3 hours.

    Reason for the time change

    Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said in 2016: "Starting this year, there will be no more daylight saving time. We canceled that. There will be no more confusion. Both in summer and in winter the time will be the same.”

    Complete cancellation of the time change: what has changed in the EU plan?

    As early as 2018, the EU Commission proposed a plan to end the time change once and for all. In March 2019, the European Parliament voted to abolish it in 2021. However, shortly before the corona crisis, this topic did not go any further.

    The topic of time change has long been controversial. The reason for the time difference was initially to save energy or coal for power generation and to establish a time correspondence with neighboring countries.

    In Germany, the rejection of changes over time is particularly strong. The reasons given by the participants included, for example, that the change is harmful to their health. Only Greece and Cyprus supported keeping the time change.

    According to the EU Commission, the ball is in the hands of 27 member states. They have to agree and clarify whether they want permanent summer or winter time. Until then, the time change will remain in Germany and Europe.

    What speaks for a permanent summer time?

    The summer evenings are getting longer and many know how to use it for leisure activities and mild nights outdoors. For early risers as well as for school children, this means: longer dark hours in the morning, which is particularly noticeable in winter.

    What is the argument for the so-called winter time?

    The so-called "winter time" is the normal time that ensures brighter hours in the morning. With eternal summer time, the sun rises much later, which is uncomfortable for many people.

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