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    13 must-see attractions in Kalkan, Turkey

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    Shield is a tourist destination in the district Nov in the province Antalya with a wealth of tourist attractions; it is one of the preferred routes for domestic and foreign tourists every year. It is believed to have been founded by a merchant named Metz, who was inspired by the Greek Meis island to the region Eyebrow came. These traces can be found in the historical buildings that you will explore in the town of Kalkan.

    Kalkan is also a resort town that impresses everyone with its natural beauty. Kalkan is a popular holiday destination with world famous blue beaches Flagge as well as ancient cities, caves, lush forests and more natural beauty. Be sure to visit destinations like this during your vacation in Kalkan, Kas region shopkeeper Add Plateau and Islamlar Village, known for their natural beauty, to your must-see list.

    13 Must-See Attractions in Kalkan Turkey 2023 - Turkey Life

    These are the 13 must-see attractions of Kalkan that you cannot miss

    1. Kaputas Beach

    Kaputas Beach is a beach at the mouth of the Kalkan Gorge, which lies on the coastal road between Kaş and Kalkan. It has a beautiful turquoise color and fairly cold water. You can spend a great day at Kaputaş Beach, add it to your list of must-sees during your vacation in Kalkan attractions can add.

    There is a shop in the beach area that offers services for toilets, showers, changing rooms, groceries and Drinks offering.

    Admission to Kaputaş Beach is free.

    2. Patara Beach


    The Patara Beach in Kalkan is the largest beach in the region, near the ancient city of Patara. The beach is 12 kilometers long and covered with fine sand. It also has a shallow sea. It is also preferred for windsurfing as it is located where there is constant wind.

    The entrance to Patara Beach, a popular beach in Kalkan district, is 20 lira.

    3. Patara Ancient City (Ruins of Patara)

    The ancient city of Patara in kiddle is one of the first places to visit in Kalkan. It was used as Lycia's largest seaport and trading port in ancient times. It is located at the entrance of Eşen Stream. The main factor in the course of the History has played an important role is that it is the region's gateway to the valley of Xanthos at a hunt.

    All points of interest & sights the surrounding area includes ancient theatres, bathhouses, gates, colonnaded streets and sarcophagi. The world's oldest solar-powered lighthouse is soon to be unearthed in the city. The fact that Patara Beach is only a 10 minute walk away also adds to the interest in the town.

    Entry to Patara Ruins is 20 lira.

    4. Blue Cave

    The caves are located on the road between Kaş and Kalkan, 6 km from the center of Kalkan. Its location is very close to Kaputaş beach.

    The cave is accessible by boat that you add to your list of Activities can add in Kalkan.

    Entry to the Blue Grotto is free.

    5. Firnaz Bay

    Fırnaz Bay, 5 km from Kalkan, stands out among the pristine areas of the bathing area. Fırnaz Bay is one of the most common destinations for boat excursions in Kalkan and one of the ideal places for blue cruises.

    Famous for its mud baths, the bay's natural beauty makes it an unmissable destination for a holiday in Kalkan.

    6. İnbaş Cave

    İnbaş Cave is located 100 m from Güvercinlik Sea Cave within the borders of Kalkan. The entrance to the cave is very narrow, and is 40 meters long.

    7. Saklikent Gorge

    The Saklikent Gorge lies between the provincial borders Fethiye and Antalya, about 40 km from Kalkan and 40 km from Fethiye district. Hidden City is characterized by the wondrous natural beauty of the region and offers indescribable beauty when the snow falls on the mountains in the Mai melts and flows over the rocks. The gorge is one of the must-see places in Kalkan with uninterrupted views of natural beauty and a beautiful Time with the family.

    8. Babadag

    Located 68 km from Kalkan, Babadag is known for its unique natural beauty and activities such as Paragliding. You can have a pleasant paragliding experience in Babadag, which you can visit every day during your holiday in Kalkan.

    9. Ancient city of Myra

    Myra is located in the Demre district of Antalya, 60 km from Kalkan, and is known for its Lycian rock tombs, the Roman theater and the Byzantine Santa Claus church. The ancient city is one of the must-see places on holiday in Kalkan.

    10. Ancient City of Xanthos

    The ancient city of Xanthos is located at the junction of Fethiye district in Mugla province and Kas district in Antalya province, 21 kilometers from the center of Kalkan. The city's history dates back to the 8th century and was founded by the Lycian League.

    11. Ancient City of Letoon

    Located in Kumlova District of Seydikemer District, 24 km from Kalkan, this ancient city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can enjoy a pleasant vacation experience by organizing a tour of the ancient city where you can discover the history of the area.

    12. Kekova Island

    Kaikova Island, 55 km from Kalkan, is a tourist area just opposite the ancient city known as the Sunken City. With areas suitable for diving, with its peaceful atmosphere, sunken cities and historical buildings, Kekova is one of the must-see destinations when visiting Kalkan during your vacation Travel Guides create.

    13. Ancient city of Antiphellos

    Antiphhellos is located in the Andifli district of Kas, 25 km from Kalkan city centre. This ancient city is one of the cities of the Lycian League and offers ancient theatres, temples, acropolis and ancient settlements for you to explore. The Old Town, where you can take your time to enjoy the historical tour and the natural beauty of the area, is one of the monuments that bear witness to the area's past.

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