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    Didim Travel Guide: Discover the beauty of Turkey with our ultimate guide

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    Didim is a charming area of Aydin in the Aegean region, famous for its historical sites, natural beauty, miles of beaches and nearby resorts.

    Due to the fertile land around Aydin and Didim, various civilizations lived here for many years in ancient times.

    Didim Travel Guide 2023 - Turkey Life
    Didim Travel Guide 2023 - Turkey Life

    Didim travel guide

    Didim is one of the main tourist areas of the Turkey and welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year.

    Arrive & Depart Didim

    Since there isn't one in Didim Airport there, you can click on the nearest Airport land. There are 3 different airports around Didim. Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, Milas-Bodrum Airport and Dalaman Airport. These airports are approximately 150 kilometers, 95 kilometers and 200 kilometers apart. The closest Airport from Didim, Milas-Bodrum Airport is on the south side, 95 km from Hotel .

    Almost all major German and Turkish Airlines fly to the airports in the region. direct Flights to the Turkish Aegean cost between 70 and 300 euros, depending on the season.


    airport transfer

    Vacationers at the airport Milas-Bodrum land, can MUTTAŞ, HAVAŞ, taxis, Car rental companies, travel company minibus services, airline company services, or pick-up and drop-off services to reach the area.

    You can enter for an average of 150-200 lira Taxi to downtown Didim. In addition, VIP vehicles allow you to provide comfortable transportation services that are different from taxi services. The transfer fee may vary from company to company. The average cost is between 250-300 lira.

    After landing at the airport Izmir Adnan Menderes you need to go to Izmir bus station first. After taking the HAVAŞ shuttle bus to the bus station, you can take the bus to Didim. You can use HAVAŞ service to go to Izmir bus station for 20 lira. You need to use taxis, tour companies and other transportation to reach Didim directly.

    Shared Transfer: The shuttle bus will pick you up at the airport and take you and other passengers to your Hotel. You pay one price per person on the bus and the journey takes longer because you are waiting for other passengers at the airport and for several Hotels have to stop. If you have a package tour with Hotel Once you have booked a transfer, you will also wait for other passengers at the airport and drive several on the way to the hotel Hotels


    Private Transfer: Your own driver will pick you up at the airport terminal exit and take you directly to the hotel. Since you pay one price per trip, a private transfer for three people is included Cars only slightly more expensive than one collection bus.

    Bus and minibus schedules from Aydın to Didim: From Aydın you can easily reach the center of Didim district by bus and Minibus. There are two different ways to get to Didim. You can reach the center of the district by minibus and city bus. Bus 405 departs from Forum Aydın at 6:20 am on weekdays and at 7:30 am on weekends. Bus 405 from Didim departs at 6:30 AM on weekdays and 9:00 AM on weekends. The bus fare is around 10 lira per person.

    Car rental in Didim

    It's very handy a Cars from Milas-Bodrum Airport, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport or Dalaman Airport to the surrounding seaside resorts.

    The prestigious major Internationals and Nationals Car rental companies have offices directly at the airport and their stands are located at the exit of the terminal.

    Just in Summer should be entered as early as possible Cars Book as demand is always very high.


    Hotel in Didim

    If you are looking for something affordable Vacation are, you can all Activities by checking out Didim hotel deals. In addition, you can Vacation make it cheaper by choosing an all-inclusive hotel that meets all your needs and half board with a pleasant dinner at the hotel. Didim offers you a wide choice Hotels, so you the wonderful Vacation spend whatever you desire.

    Don't miss the opportunity to book in advance a cheap vacation plan in Didim, the favorite resort of Aydin. Regarding hotels, Didim offers a variety of services such as: B. Room Only, Bed & Breakfast, Full Board, Half Board, All Inclusive and Ultra All Inclusive.

    Holiday home

    In Didim you will find many fully equipped apartments that can be booked through AirBnB.

    Attractions in Didim

    • The ancient city The nation and the surrounding historic buildings: It is known as one of the most important trading ports during the ancient city of Miletus. According to research in the Ören area, it is believed that this ancient city was built in the Neolithic period. This ancient city is called the "City of Philosophers" because it is believed that the most important philosophers of antiquity came from Miletus.
    • Village of Doganbey: Doğanbey Village (Doğanbey Köyü), which is about half an hour away from Didim District, is one of the rare villages.
    • Ancient city of Didyma: In the ancient city of Didyma (Didyma Antik Kenti), which means “twin brother” (İkiz Kardeş) in Greek, there is Apollo, twin brother of Artemis and son of Zeus. It is the most famous center of the prophecy center in the Time the world famous ancient city of Ephesus.
    • Lake Bafa Nature Park: Bafa Lake (Bafa Gölü Tabiat Parkı) is an excellent park on the border of provinces Aydin and Mugla about 25 kilometers from Didim where you can fish, take photos, bird watch, visit the ancient city, hike and plant tours.
    • Didim Marina: Didim Marina is a quiet and peaceful place where you can relax, enjoy the unique sea view and have a drink by the sea.
    • Sirince village: Located about 99 kilometers from Şirince Köyü, Didim city center is a place full of joy for day tourists. You can spend a quiet day in a village with strong wine and olive growing, taste local cuisine in the restaurant and visit the historical church.
    • pigeon island: Güvercinada is located about 77 kilometers from Didim and is home to a magnificent castle of the same name, which dates back to the Byzantine period.
    • Kusadasi National Park: Kusadasi National Park, about 78 kilometers from Didim city center, has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign tourists with its diverse coastline. Besides the natural beauty and the unique sea, the national park also offers cultural tours and its historical sites at the foot of Mount Dilek.
    • Sapli Island: The island of Saples is said to be a mixture of volcanic ash from a very large volcanic eruption in the Aegean Sea in the 16th century BC. be.
    • Buyuk Menderes Dalyans: Büyük Menderes Dalyans is located in the Didim district of Aydin and is one of the most special districts in Didim, although not very popular. For those looking for a peaceful holiday in nature, Buyuk Menderes Dalyans is Didim's number one tourist attraction.
    • Ancient city of Heraclea: The ancient city of Herakleia (Herakleia Antik Kenti), also known as Latmos, is located on the slopes of the Beşparmak Mountains. Due to the rugged and rocky environment of the ancient city, there are 65 castles and 6,5 meter city walls. Street planning is well implemented in historic buildings in the form of grids.
    • Miletus Museum: The Miletus Museum (Milet Müzesi) displays artifacts found in the ruins of Didim District
    • Faustina bath: The Faustina Bath (Faustina Hamamı) is located about 22 km from the center of Didim. The Faustina Bath is located within the boundaries of the ancient city of Miletus, 150 m from the ancient city's amphitheater. The Roman Emperor Marcus Avrelius built the Faustina Baths for his wife. A large pool in the bath and the fountain at the entrance to the bath are currently under construction Museums Miletus issued.
    • Ilyas Bey complex: The complex (İlyas Bey Külliyesi) was built in 1404 by İlyas Bey and contains Historic Buildings such as baths, bazaars, Moscheen and Islamic schools. Culiya in Barat belongs to the Duchy of Anatolia and is housed in a historic building from the Byzantine period. This way you will learn more about the structure and History of the Middle Ages.
    • Didim Bazaar: The market offers products from local farmers and textiles. There are also usual souvenirs.

    Activities in Didim

    You can hike around Lake Bafa including its natural beauty and historical monuments, interesting boat trips from morning to evening, safari tours among the muddy and narrow roads, and windsurfing in the clear blue sea.

    • Trekking: You can also see historical relics by walking around Didim's Bafa Lake.
    • Tents and Camping: There are places for camping, camping and swimming in various places in Didim.
    • Bicycle: There are several options for renting bikes in Didim. You can rent bikes from vendors in Didim city center, am Beach Altinkum and rent in the city of Akbuk.
    • pedal canoe: Altinkum Beach is one of the few beaches where water sports are practiced. Since it is Beach Altınkum has no waves in the sea, it is very calm and canoeing is offered.
    • amusement park: In the waterfront amusement park in the second bay of Altınkum, there are entertainment facilities such as trampolines, slides, towers and swings. You must have the sea view on the Ferris wheel . see
    • Windsurfing: You can windsurf on the rough seas of Didim. The sailing center is located in the second bay of Altınkum and provides windsurfing opportunities for thousands of local and foreign tourists.
    • Daily boat tours: During the boat trip, one can see the bay around Didim and have the opportunity to swim in the deep blue water
    • Jeep Safari Tour: You can take a jeep safari tour where you can drive through the trails and muddy puddles of Didim, the charming town of Aydin.
    • Festivals of Didim: At the annual Altinkum Beach Festival, you can be a guest on the stage of a famous artist and have fun by participating in the drama of the event. The Altinkum Writers Festival takes place every year in the August instead of. The Apollon Motofest is organized for motorcycle enthusiasts and takes place every year in the September instead.
    • Diving: There is a diving school in the third bay of Didim Altinkum. After a short training, please start with your coach.

    Excursions from Didim

    • Ephesus: The ancient city of Ephesus was founded in 6000 BC. Built and carried various civilizations. People who lived in the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Princely and Ottoman periods used this ancient city. There are rumors that the ancient city of Ephesus was founded by female warriors.
    • house of Virgin Mary: The House of the Virgin Mary in the ancient city of Ephesus is a holy place for Catholics and Muslims in Bülbüldağı.
    • Temple of Artemis: The Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world, was built in 550 BC. built. It is estimated that the construction of the Temple of Artemis took about 120 years.
    • Cave of the Seven Sleepers: The Cave of the Seven Sleepers (Yedi Uyuyanlar Mağarası) is located on the hill behind the ancient city of Ephesus and is estimated to have been built in the 5th and 6th centuries. During the excavation of the cave of the dormouse, two were found Catholic Churches and various tombstones discovered. The ancient city of Ephesus is about 2 kilometers from the Cave of the Seven Sleepers.
    • Archaeological Museum of Ephesus: The Museum (Efes Arkeoloji Müzesi) displays important historical buildings from the Greek, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods excavated in ancient settlements around the ancient city of Ephesus. The museum card is not valid for the Ephesus Museum. Admission to the Ephesus Museum is 10 lira for domestic and foreign tourists.
    • Pamukkale  and hierapolis: Limestone terraces sculpted by hot water, the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A little further away but very worth seeing.
    • Bodrum: Bodrum is one of the main tourist destinations that is flooded with locals and foreigners in summer. Untouched natural landscapes, historical beauty, points of interest & sights and first class accommodation opens the door to an unforgettable holiday. Bodrum has become one of the frequent stops for ships and yachts and also has beautiful bays. Bordum also offers many resorts like Yalikavak, Gumusluk, Gumbet, Turgutreis, Bitez and Torba.
    • antique City Priene: The ancient city of Priene (Priene Antik Kenti) is located about 22 kilometers from the center of Didim district, within the boundaries of Söke district. This ancient city is one of the oldest settlements in Ionia and the political and religious center of the Ionian League. Because of these qualities, it has received thousands of tourists from different religions.
    • Island Samos: From the port Kusadasi There are regular ferries to the Greek island of Samos.
    • Dilek Peninsula National Park: Three beautiful beaches, hiking and picnic areas make the peninsula a perfect recreation area.

    Beaches in Didim

    The one with the blue one Flagge excellent Beach of Didim attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists. You should see Didim's beaches and bays as well as its historical structure and natural beauty.

    • Aquarium bay: Aquarium Bay is one of the bays where you can swim with fish. Marine life abounds in the turquoise waters. Daily boat tours from Altinkum Beach reach Aquarium Bay.
    • Didim Altinkum Beach: Altınkum is one of the most popular beaches in the Aegean, named for its yellow sand. Didim's most popular beach is very crowded as it is located in the hotel zone.
    • Medusa Beach Club: Medusa Beach Club in Didim Altinkum is a great place to swim in the morning, sunbathe on the sunbeds and enjoy outdoor entertainment in the evening.
    • Dalyanaki Bay: Dalyanaki Bay is one of the rare bays without wind and waves. Dalyanaki Bay is one of Didim's unique bays and looks like a natural harbor.
    • Didim Akbuk Beach: Located about 20 kilometers from Didim city center, Akbuk is very popular among domestic and foreign tourists.
    • Sarikum Beach: Sarıkum Beach takes its name from the yellow sand on the beach. You can hike in the mountains around Sarıkum or camp in tent.
    • Sensation Beach Club: Sensation Beach Club is a 10-minute walk from Altinkum, an open-air venue by night and a beach by day.
    • paradise bay: Cennet Bay is a place where the sea is crystal clear and the trees in densely forested areas have a dark blue appearance. There is fine sand on the beach at Cennet Bay and rocks at the end of the sea.
    • D-Marin Blue Point Beach Club: D-Marin Blue Point Beach Club is one of those places where you can sunbathe on its sun loungers, swim in the deep blue sea and have fun while listening to music.

    Bars, pubs and clubs in Didim

    In Didim city, which is connected to the Aydin province in the Aegean region, there are various types of entertainment venues where all vacationers can have fun. Didim's nightlife is quite active.

    Eat in Didim

    Didim is one of the Aydin regions with a deep history, and the influence of different cultures is also reflected in Didims Turkish cuisine contrary. Thanks to the unique land, you can taste the freshest and most organic farm products, and seafood is the favorite food of Didim tourists.

    Shopping in Didim

    In Didim, one of the tourist hubs, handmade jewelry and accessories, jewelry and magnets are some of the gift options that you can buy for yourself and your loved ones.

    How much does a vacation in Didim cost

    Since the costs vary greatly depending on the season and your own preferences, only the average costs are considered here.

    package tour with all inclusive 1 week

    • from €300 in the off-season
    • from €450 in high season
    • from €700 in high season in a 4-star hotel
    • more than 900 € in the high season in a 5 star hotel

    Hotel/Accommodation only:

    • Budget hotel or guesthouse with breakfast: €15 to €30 per day
    • Mid-range hotel with all inclusive: €40 to €80 per day
    • 5 star high-end hotel with all inclusive: more than 90 € per day
    • AirBnB: own room from €10, own apartment from €50


    • Return Flight from Germany to Izmir, Bodrum or Dalaman: €70 to €500, depending on the season and airline
    • Single journey by bus: up to €1
    • airport transfer in the collective bus: €10 to €20
    • Taxi to the airport: €40 to €50. Private transfer from €35.
    • Day trip, for example Pamukkale: 50 € to 70 € incl. entrance fee and food

    Eat, Drinks and other:

    • Restaurant in tourist area, main course: €7 to €25
    • Local restaurant, main course: €3 to €10
    • Street food: Simit 50 cents, Rotary €1,50, corn on the cob 50 cents, Dürüm €1,50
    • Glass wine in the restaurant: €3
    • Glass of beer: €2,50
    • Cocktails: from €8
    • Bottle of water in store: 50 cents
    • Groceries in stores: around 20% cheaper than in Germany
    • Food at the bazaar: fruit and vegetables are 40% cheaper than in Germany

    Total budget:

    • Budget: €40 to €70 per day
    • Mid-range: €60 to €100 per day
    • High end: from €140 per day

    Climate table, weather and the ideal travel time for Didim

    Didim has a Mediterranean Climate & Environment with hot and dry summers and mild winters.

    MonthTemperature:MoreHours of sunshineRainydays
    January5 - 13 ° C17 ° C412
    February7 - 15 ° C18 ° C511
    March8 - 18 ° C19 ° C710
    April10 - 22 ° C20 ° C79
    Never15 - 27 ° C22 ° C107
    June20 -32 ° C23 ° C123
    July23 - 33 ° C25 ° C121
    August24 - 33 ° C26 ° C101
    September20 - 32 ° C26 ° C92
    October16 - 28 ° C22 ° C87
    November15 - 22 ° C20 ° C79
    December7 - 16 ° C17 ° C513
    Average climate in Didim

    High season, June to September:

    The Weather of Didim is influenced by the Aegean Sea. The temperature in summer is 24 to 27°. In summer, the daytime temperatures are still above 30°.

    Low season, April and May:

    The temperature reached 20° in early April. In mid-April it is usually already 25° warmer. The sea temperature at the beginning of the month is 20°. Until the beginning of May the temperature is 23 to 24°C.

    Off-season, October:

    Even in October, the thermometer still reaches 30° for many days in Didim, and it rarely rains.

    Winter, long-term leave and Moving abroad

    Didim's winter is mild. It doesn't get cold until the end of December to February. The temperature during the day is rarely below 10°. The temperature during the day is mostly between 15 and 20°. Sometimes even 25° are very pleasant days.

    Didim in the past and today

    In ancient times, the city of Didima was located here, which was an important oracle shrine for the god Apollo. The Temple of Apollo is one of the best preserved ancient grand buildings. Along with Delphi, Dodona and Klaros, it is one of the most important Greek oracles.

    The city of Didim was founded after the 1955 earthquake. The name of old Didyma was adopted.

    Didim is a fast growing tourist destination. Tourism infrastructure is especially concentrated on the main beaches in Altınkum County. Other places frequented by tourists are Mavişehir, Akbük and Yeşilkent.


    Indispensable important travel essentials for the next vacation


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