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    Finike travel guide: Discover the Turkish Mediterranean coast

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    Finike travel guide: Discover paradise on the Turkish Aegean

    Welcome to our travel guide to Finike, a charming coastal town on the Turkish Aegean. Finike is a hidden gem on the Turkish coast that is often overlooked but is a true paradise for nature lovers and explorers.

    Located in the province of Antalya, the town of Finike impresses with its breathtaking natural beauty and rich history. The surrounding area of ​​Finike is dominated by majestic mountains and the sparkling Mediterranean, making it a dream destination for relaxation seekers and adventurers alike.

    One of Finike's outstanding features is its picturesque harbor surrounded by idyllic orange and lemon groves. Here you can pick fresh fruit directly from the trees and enjoy the scent of the Mediterranean vegetation.

    The coast of Finike is lined with numerous bays and beaches that are ideal for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. The region is also known for its historical sites, including ancient Phoenice, which was once an important port in ancient times. Here you can walk among the remains of the ancient city and immerse yourself in history.

    For those who love nature, Finike offers numerous hiking and trekking opportunities in the surrounding mountains and forests. The region is also known for its diverse wildlife, and bird watchers can spot rare species here.

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    The Ultimate Finike Travel Guide 2024 - Turkey Life
    The Ultimate Finike Travel Guide 2024 - Turkey Life

    Finike Travel Guide

    In our guide we'll tell you all about the best beaches, sights, activities, restaurants and accommodation in Finike so you can get the most out of your stay in this enchanted coastal town. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Finike and let yourself be enchanted by its unique atmosphere.

    Arrive & depart in Finike

    If you want to visit Finike, this enchanting place on the Turkish coast, then you've come to the right place. In this article you will learn how to get to and from Finike effortlessly. Ready? Let's go!

    Arriving in Finike:

    1. Airplane: The best place to start your trip is at the airport Antalya or Dalaman. After landing, you have various options available. You can rent a car to enjoy the freedom to explore the region. The drive from Antalya takes about 2 hours and offers breathtaking views.
    2. Bus: If you prefer to travel in a relaxed manner and enjoy the views, the bus is a great choice. There are regular bus services from many cities in Turkey to Finike. The bus ride is not only inexpensive, but also offers the opportunity to get in touch with locals.
    3. Car: The freedom of the streets is calling? No problem! When traveling in Turkey, driving is a great option. The coastal road takes you directly to Finike. However, pay attention to road conditions and regulations.

    Departures from Finike:

    1. Airplane: Your return flight is best from Antalya or Dalaman airport. Make sure you allow enough time to get to the airport as distances in the region can sometimes be longer than expected.
    2. Bus: Turkey has an excellent bus network. You can easily buy bus tickets on site or book them in advance to get to other cities.
    3. Car: If you traveled by car, the journey home is just as easy as arriving. Simply follow the road back to your next adventure destination.

    Finike awaits you with beautiful beaches, historical sites and delicious Turkish cuisine. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for unforgettable experiences in Finike!

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    Car hire in Finike

    Here are some tips on how to get a rental car in Finike and Antalya Airport:

    Car rental in Finike:

    1. Online reservation: It's always a good idea to reserve your rental car online in advance. There are many car rental companies that offer this service. You can use various websites and apps to compare prices and vehicle options. Make sure you understand all terms and fees before booking.
    2. Car rental in Finike: In Finike itself there are several car rental companies where you can rent a car directly on site. Look for signs or search online for car rental companies in Finike. They often offer a selection of vehicles including small cars, SUVs and more.
    3. Hotels and travel agencies: You can also ask your hotel or local travel agents to see if they recommend rental cars or offer brokerage services. Sometimes they have partnerships with car rental companies and can help you book.

    Car rental at Antalya Airport:

    1. Rent at the airport: Antalya Airport offers a variety of car rental companies directly on site. When you arrive at the airport you will usually find signs for the car rental companies. You can book a rental car there after you land.
    2. Advance reservation: If you want to make sure you get a car of your choice and save time, reserve your rental car in advance through car rental websites or online platforms.
    3. Compare the prices: Before you decide on a car rental at the airport, compare the prices and conditions of different providers. Please also note any additional fees for airport pickup.
    4. Tank regulation: Pay attention to the tank regulations. Some car rental companies offer vehicles with a full tank and expect you to return them with a full tank. Others charge you for fuel separately.

    Remember to always follow traffic rules and drive safely, whether you are driving in Finike or at the airport. Renting a car can be a great way to explore your surroundings and travel flexibly. Have fun on your journey!

    Hotels in Finike

    Finike is proud to offer a wide range of accommodations to suit the needs and preferences of all travelers. From cozy guesthouses and boutique hotels to luxurious seaside resorts, you'll find the perfect accommodation for your stay here.

    If you are a fan of beach vacations, you can stay in one of the world-class beach resorts right by the sea. These not only offer breathtaking views of the deep blue water, but also a wealth of amenities such as pools, spas and excellent restaurants.

    For those seeking a more personalized experience, charming boutique hotels are available. These small, individually run hotels often offer a unique atmosphere and warm hospitality.

    Travelers on a limited budget will also find what they are looking for in Finike. There is a selection of budget-friendly hotels and guesthouses that still offer comfort and a good base from which to explore the surrounding area.

    Family-friendly accommodation is also plentiful, with dedicated facilities and activities for children.

    In our guide we will present you a list of recommended hotels and accommodations in Finike to help you choose the ideal place to stay for your needs and budget. Look forward to an unforgettable stay in this enchanting coastal town!

    Hotel recommendations for Finike

    Here are some hotel recommendations for your stay in Finike that suit different needs and budgets:

    1. Hotel Sahil Pansiyon*: This charming boutique hotel offers a relaxed atmosphere and an ideal seafront location. The rooms are cozy and comfortable, and the hotel has a terrace where you can enjoy the sound of the sea.
    2. Akdeniz Apart Hotel*: For travelers planning to spend a longer period of time in Finike, the apartments at Akdeniz Apart Hotel are an excellent choice. They are spacious and well-equipped, ideal for families or groups.
    3. Pasha Liman Hotel*: This hotel offers luxurious accommodation in a tranquil setting. With a private beach area, pool and first-class service, it is perfect for a relaxing stay.
    4. Adora Hotel*: The Adora Hotel impresses with its friendly hosts and a warm atmosphere. The rooms are comfortable and clean, and the hotel is close to attractions such as ancient Phoenice.
    5. Kilim Apart Hotel*: If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, Kilim Apart Hotel is a good choice. The clean and simple rooms offer a comfortable stay at affordable prices.
    6. Limon Pansiyon*: This family-run guest house offers a friendly atmosphere and a good location near the beach. The owners are hospitable and will be happy to give you tips for your stay.

    This selection of hotels in Finike offers a variety of options that should suit your needs. Whether you're planning a romantic getaway, a family trip or a relaxing time by the sea, Finike has the right accommodation for you. Enjoy your stay in this charming coastal town!

    Holiday apartments in Finike

    Here are some holiday apartments in Finike that are a great choice for travelers looking for independent accommodation:

    1. Finike Marina Apartment: This modern holiday apartment offers breathtaking views of the Finike marina. The apartment has all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay and is close to restaurants and shops.
    2. Finike Beachfront Villa: This spacious beachfront villa is perfect for families or groups. With multiple bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a private pool, it is ideal for a luxurious beach vacation.
    3. Garden Oasis Apartment: This cozy holiday apartment offers a quiet garden area where you can relax. The apartment has a well-equipped kitchen and is just a short walk from the beach.
    4. Sea View Penthouse: This penthouse offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. With a large terrace and comfortable living areas, it is ideal for couples looking for a romantic getaway.
    5. Mediterranean Apartment: This bright and modern holiday apartment is close to Finike town center and offers easy access to restaurants and shops. It features a well-equipped kitchen and a balcony with sea views.
    6. Harbor View Duplex: This duplex holiday apartment offers a wonderful view of the port of Finike. With two bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen, it is ideal for families or groups.

    These holiday apartments offer a flexible and independent accommodation option in Finike and are perfect for exploring the surrounding area on your own. Enjoy your stay in this charming coastal town!

    Sights in Finike

    Finike is a coastal town in Turkey rich in history and natural beauty. Here are some of the must-see places and attractions you can visit during your stay in Finike:

    1. Ancient city of Phoenice: Finike was built on the ruins of the ancient city of Phoinike, which dates back to the 5th century BC. was founded. You can explore the remains of the city, including temples, amphitheaters and city walls.
    2. Olympus: Located near Finike, this ancient village is known for its well-preserved ruins, including an ancient theater and a Roman bath. It is also the place where the Olympos River flows into the sea.
    3. Tombs of the Kings: These ancient royal tombs are an impressive example of Lycian architecture and an important historical site in Finike.
    4. Finike Marina: Finike Marina is a picturesque place to take a stroll and admire the numerous yachts and boats. You can also take a boat tour to explore the coast from the water.
    5. Finike beach: The long sandy beach of Finike is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Relax by the sea and enjoy the picturesque backdrop of the mountains in the background.
    6. Narlikuyu: This coastal village near Finike is famous for its ancient Roman cisterns known as “Cennet ve Cehennem” (Paradise and Hell). You can also take a boat trip through the Narlıkuyu Caves.
    7. Turtle watching: Finike is known for its turtle population, especially the Caretta-Caretta turtles. You can take guided tours to observe these impressive animals.
    8. Hiking in the Taurus Mountains: The area around Finike offers great hiking opportunities in the Taurus Mountains. Explore the nature trails and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

    Finike is a place that combines history, nature and relaxation. These sights offer you the opportunity to experience the diversity of this charming coastal town.

    Activities in Finike

    There are a variety of activities in Finike that you can enjoy during your stay. Here are some of the best activities and things to do in the area:

    1. Beach day: Spend relaxing days on the beautiful beaches of Finike. Enjoy the clear waters of the Mediterranean, sunbathe on the beach and go for refreshing swims.
    2. Boat Tours: Take the opportunity to take part in boat tours offered from Finike. You can take coastal tours to explore hidden coves and caves or go on fishing trips.
    3. Water sports: For the more adventurous, there are opportunities for snorkeling, diving, windsurfing and kitesurfing along the Finike coast. Rent equipment on site or take classes if you're a beginner.
    4. Hiking: The surrounding nature of Finike, especially the Taurus Mountains, offers great hiking opportunities. Explore hiking trails that take you through forests, gorges and mountain landscapes. The Lycian Way also runs through this region.
    5. Visiting historical sites: Explore the ancient sites of Finike and surrounding areas, including the ancient city of Phoinike and Olympos. These historic sites offer insight into the region's rich history.
    6. Turtle watching: Finike is known for its Caretta-Caretta turtles. You can take guided tours to see these majestic animals in their natural environment.
    7. Visiting markets: Explore Finike's local markets where you can buy fresh produce, spices, crafts and souvenirs. The weekly market is a popular place to experience regional culture.
    8. Culinary discoveries: Enjoy Turkish cuisine at Finike's restaurants and cafes. Try local specialties such as fresh fish, seafood and traditional dishes.
    9. Relaxation in thermal baths: Near Finike you will find thermal baths where you can pamper yourself and enjoy the healing properties of the thermal water.
    10. Ride a bike: Rent a bike and explore the surroundings of Finike on two wheels. There are numerous cycle paths that are suitable for cycling tours.

    These activities offer a wide range of experiences and adventures for travelers in Finike. Whether you want to explore nature, relax on the beach or experience the region's culture, there is something for everyone to discover here.

    Excursions from Finike

    There are many interesting excursion destinations in the Finike area that are worth visiting. Here are some of the best excursions and day trips from Finike:

    1. Ancient city of Myra: The ancient city of Myra is about an hour's drive from Finike. Here you can visit impressive rock tombs and the Roman theater. Myra is also known for St. Nicholas Church, considered the birthplace of Santa Claus.
    2. Kekova: Take a trip to Kekova, a fascinating island near Finike. Here you'll find sunken ruins, including the remains of an ancient city that sank underwater in an earthquake. You can take boat tours to explore the sunken ruins.
    3. Demre: Visit the city of Demre, known for its historical sites and St. Nicholas Church. You can also visit Demre Market to buy local products and souvenirs.
    4. Goynuk Canyon: Göynük Canyon is a natural treasure with crystal clear waters and impressive rock formations. Here you can hike, swim and enjoy the picturesque surroundings.
    5. Arycanda: Located about 40 km from Finike, this ancient city features well-preserved ruins including an impressive theater and Roman baths. It's a great place to explore the region's history.
    6. Cirali: Take a trip to Cirali, a neighboring coastal town. Here you can visit the famous Cirali beach and the ancient ruins of Olympos.
    7. Diving trips: The waters off the coast of Finike are ideal for diving. You can take part in diving trips to explore the underwater world and sunken wrecks.
    8. Phaselis: Visit the ancient city of Phaselis, known for its well-preserved ruins and beautiful harbor. Here you can walk through the ancient streets and enjoy the views of the sea.
    9. Boat tour to the islands: There are various boat tours that take you to nearby islands and bays. You can snorkel, swim and explore the picturesque coastal landscape.
    10. Hiking in the Taurus Mountains: The Taurus Mountains offer great hiking opportunities. You can go hiking in the mountains and enjoy the region's breathtaking nature.

    These excursion destinations allow you to explore the diversity of the region around Finike and experience unforgettable adventures. Whether you want to visit historical sites, explore nature or relax by the sea, there is something to suit every taste.

    Beaches in Finike

    Finike offers some beautiful beaches along its coast, perfect for sun worshipers and water sports enthusiasts. Here are some of the best beaches in Finike:

    1. Finike beach: Finike's main beach stretches along the coastal promenade and offers fine sand and clear water. This beach is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. There are also numerous cafes and restaurants nearby where you can enjoy some refreshment.
    2. Suluada Beach: Suluada is a small island off the coast of Finike and offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. You can go there by boat and enjoy the white sandy beach and turquoise water.
    3. Karaoz Beach: This quiet beach is located about 25 km west of Finike and is surrounded by lush vegetation. It is good for swimming and relaxing. There are also some camping options nearby if you want to spend the night in nature.
    4. adrasan Beach: Adrasan is another picturesque coastal town near Finike. Its beach is surrounded by pine forests and offers a relaxed atmosphere. Here you can try water sports like windsurfing.
    5. Cavuşköy Beach: Located near Çavuşköy Village, this beach is a popular spot for locals and tourists. The turquoise water and the sandy beach invite you to swim and sunbathe.
    6. Kumluca beach: Kumluca is a town near Finike and has some beautiful beaches including Kumluca Beach. Here you can relax on the beach and explore the surrounding nature.
    7. Gökliman Beach: This secluded beach is located in a sheltered bay and is only accessible by boat. The peace and natural beauty make it an ideal place for a quiet day by the sea.
    8. Olympos Beach: You will find a beautiful beach near the ancient city of Olympos. Here you can swim among the ancient ruins and enjoy history and nature at the same time.

    No matter which beach you choose, in Finike you will find beautiful places to fully enjoy the Mediterranean. Relax on the beach, snorkel in the clear waters or take long walks along the coast and experience the beauty of this region.

    Bars, pubs and clubs in Finike

    Finike is known for its relaxed and calm atmosphere, so you won't find any big clubs or loud discos here. However, there are some cozy bars and cafés where you can spend a pleasant evening. Here are some places you can visit in Finike:

    1. Marina Bar: This bar offers a relaxed atmosphere and a terrace overlooking the marina. Here you can enjoy cocktails and local drinks while watching the sunset.
    2. Café Cappuccino: Located near Finike Beach, this cafe is a popular meeting place for locals and tourists. It offers a selection of specialty coffees, refreshments and snacks.
    3. Adrasan Beach Bars: In Adrasan, a nearby coastal town, there are a few beach bars where you can relax during the day and evening. They often offer live music and a relaxed atmosphere.
    4. Yacht Club: The Yacht Club in Finike is a place where sailors and water sports enthusiasts come together. Here you can enjoy a drink and listen to stories about adventures on the sea.
    5. Local Restaurants: You can often order a drink in the local restaurants in Finike and spend the evening in good company. Just ask about the best places to have a drink and experience the nightlife in Finike.

    It is important to note that Finike is known more for its quiet charm and natural attractions than its nightlife. If you're looking for a place to dance the night away, you might be better off heading to a nearby city like Antalya, which offers a livelier nightlife. Finike is more about enjoying nature and the relaxed atmosphere.

    Eat in Finike

    In Finike you can enjoy delicious Turkish cuisine in all its diversity. Here are some of the best dishes and restaurants in Finike:

    1. Fresh fish: Since Finike is a coastal town, there is plenty of fresh fish here. Try grilled or fried fish with a side of fresh vegetables. Most restaurants offer a wide selection of fish dishes.
    2. Mezze: Mezze are a type of appetizers that are very popular in Turkish cuisine. You can enjoy a variety of mezzes including hummus, babaganoush, stuffed grape leaves and more. These small dishes are perfect for sharing and tasting.
    3. Kebabs: Kebab is another mainstay of Turkish cuisine, and you can try different types of kebabs in Finike including Adana Kebab, Shish Kebab and more. They are often served with rice, vegetables and flatbread.
    4. Local Seafood: In addition to fish, you can also try various seafood dishes such as mussels, squid and shrimp. These are often prepared with garlic, olive oil and spices.
    5. Turkish bread: The fresh, warm bread served in Turkey is delicious. It is often served with olive oil and spices and is perfect for dunking.
    6. Turkish tea and mocha: End your meal with a glass of Turkish tea or a strong mocha. These drinks are an important part of Turkish culture and are often served at the end of a meal.
    7. Local Restaurants: There are many cozy restaurants and cafes in Finike where you can try these delicious dishes. Ask the locals for their recommendations to discover the best places to eat in the city.

    Finike offers a wealth of dining experiences that showcase Turkish cuisine at its best. Enjoy the fresh flavors and hospitality of local restaurants and discover the diversity of Turkish cuisine.

    Shopping in Finike

    Shopping in Finike is a relaxed and local experience that allows you to discover authentic products and souvenirs. Here are some of the best shopping options in the city:

    1. Finike Bazaar: Finike Bazaar is the ideal place to buy local products and fresh groceries. Here you will find fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, olives, nuts and other delicacies. The bazaar also offers clothing, shoes and household goods.
    2. Handmade carpets: The Antalya region, to which Finike belongs, is known for high quality hand-knotted carpets. Visit carpet shops in Finike to discover handmade carpets and kilims. These are not only beautiful souvenirs but also long-lasting works of art.
    3. Jewellery: In jewelry stores in Finike you can find jewelry made of gold, silver and precious stones. Turkey is known for its high-quality jewelry, and you'll find an impressive selection here.
    4. Local products: If you're looking for unique souvenirs, look for products made from olive oil, raisins, dried fruits and spices. These are particularly popular in the Antalya region and offer authentic taste.
    5. Handicrafts: Look for local crafts like ceramics, handmade soaps, and textiles. These handcrafted products are often of high quality and reflect the creative culture of the region.
    6. Antiques: If you are a collector of antiques, you might find what you are looking for in antique shops in Finike. Here you may find unique pieces from the region.
    7. Clothing: You can also find clothing and shoes at reasonable prices in the shops in downtown Finike. It's a good opportunity to discover local fashion.

    Shopping in Finike is a relaxed and authentic experience. The local markets and shops offer a wide range of products that make great souvenirs or reminders of your visit to this charming city.

    How much does a holiday in Finike cost?

    The cost of a holiday in Finike can vary depending on your preferences, travel style and the length of your stay. Here are some average prices and costs to consider when planning your trip:

    1. Accommodation: The cost of accommodation varies depending on the type and comfort. There is a wide range of accommodation in Finike, including hotels, guesthouses and holiday apartments. Prices typically start at around 30-50 euros per night for more basic accommodation and can be significantly higher in more luxurious hotels.
    2. Food: The cost of meals in Finike can also vary. You can eat in local restaurants and cafes for relatively cheap prices, especially if you prefer Turkish cuisine. On average, you could spend around 15-20 euros per person for dinner at a restaurant.
    3. Transport: The cost of traveling to Finike depends on your starting point. As a rule, airline tickets are the largest item in terms of travel costs. Within the city, public transport such as buses and dolmusses are affordable. Car rentals are also available, and prices vary depending on vehicle type and rental length.
    4. Activities and excursions: The cost of activities and excursions depends on your interests. Entrance fees to attractions and excursions to nearby locations may vary. Make sure you consider your budget for such activities.
    5. Souvenirs and purchases: If you want to buy souvenirs and local products, you should include an amount in your shopping budget.

    Overall, you could enjoy Finike as a destination on a moderate budget, but luxury options are also available. Your cost will depend on how you want to spend your time in this charming coastal town. It is advisable to plan in advance and set a budget to keep your expenses under control and have an enjoyable vacation.

    Climate table, weather and the ideal travel time for Finike: Plan your perfect vacation

    The weather in Finike is typical of Turkey's Mediterranean coast, meaning the region has mild winters and hot summers. The ideal travel time depends on your preferences and activities:

    MonthTemperatureMoreHours of sunshineRainydays
    January5 - 15 ° C17 ° C412
    February7 - 15 ° C18 ° C511
    March8 - 18 ° C19 ° C710
    April10 - 22 ° C20 ° C79
    May15 - 27 ° C22 ° C107
    June20 -32 ° C23 ° C123
    July23 - 35 ° C25 ° C121
    August24 - 35 ° C28 ° C101
    September20 - 32 ° C26 ° C92
    October16 - 28 ° C22 ° C87
    November15 - 22 ° C20 ° C79
    December7 - 16 ° C17 ° C513
    Average climate in Finike

    Spring (April to June): Spring is one of the best times to visit Finike. The weather is warm and pleasant, the flowers are blooming, and there are many sunny days. This time of year is great for outdoor activities such as hiking, sightseeing and visiting the beaches.

    Summer (July to August): Summer in Finike can be very hot, with temperatures regularly exceeding 30°C. This is the peak season when many tourists visit the beaches and coastal towns. If you like heat and relax on the beach, this is the time for you.

    Autumn (September to November): Fall is another great time to visit. The weather remains warm and sunny, and peak season is over, meaning beaches and attractions are less crowded. This is also the harvest time for many local products such as pomegranates and oranges.

    Winter (December to March): Winter in Finike is mild but rainy. It can get cool, especially at night. This time is good for travelers who want to avoid the tourist crowds and enjoy the local culture and nature in a quieter atmosphere.

    Overall, spring and autumn are the recommended seasons to visit Finike as the weather is pleasant and nature is in full bloom. Summer is ideal for beach lovers, while winter is suitable for travelers who want to experience the tranquility and authenticity of the region. However, it is important to note that temperatures can be very high in summer, so you should prepare for this.

    Finike in the past and today

    Finike, a charming seaside town on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, has a rich history dating back to ancient times. Here is an overview of Finike's past and present:


    • Ancient history: In ancient times, the Finike region was part of Lycia, an ancient region known for its impressive rock tombs, ancient cities and coastal landscapes. Near Finike there are ancient cities such as Arykanda and Limyra, which can be visited today.
    • Roman era: During Roman times, Finike was known as “Phoenicus” and was an important port for trade with Rome. During this time, numerous historical sites and structures were built in the region.
    • Byzantine and Ottoman rule: After the Roman period, Byzantine and later Ottoman rule over the region followed. During this time, agriculture flourished and the area was known for its orange and lemon orchards.


    • Tourism: Today Finike is a popular tourist destination on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. The city has developed into a relaxed seaside resort known for its clean beaches and clear waters. Tourism plays an important economic role and visitors can enjoy a variety of accommodation, dining and leisure activities.
    • Agriculture: Agriculture continues to be an important economic sector in the region. Finike is particularly known for its oranges and citrus fruits. If you visit the city in autumn, you will see the orange groves in full bloom.
    • Natural treasures: The Finike region is also known for its natural beauties, including the 3,5-kilometer-long sandy beach and Olympos Mountain, perfect for hiking and exploring. The turtle population, including Caretta-Caretta turtles, is another notable feature of the region.

    Finike therefore offers a fascinating mix of ancient history, natural beauty and modern tourism. This makes the city a versatile destination for anyone wanting to explore Turkey.


    A unique combination of untouched natural beauty, ancient history and relaxed atmosphere awaits you in Finike, a hidden gem on Turkey's Mediterranean coast. This charming coastal town has had a turbulent history in the past and is now a popular destination for tourists who want to experience the beauty of the Turkish coast away from the tourist crowds.

    The 3,5 kilometer long sandy beach of Finike, surrounded by impressive mountains, offers the perfect backdrop for sunny days by the sea, swimming and relaxing. The ancient ruins of Olympos tell stories of a bygone era and invite exploration.

    For nature lovers, Finike offers Mount Olympos, which offers ideal conditions for hiking and exploring. The turtle population, including the impressive Caretta Caretta tortoises, is another highlight that will delight animal lovers.

    Agriculture, particularly the cultivation of oranges and citrus fruits, is an important industry in Finike. In autumn the orange groves are in full bloom and give the region a magical atmosphere.

    Finike's present is characterized by a booming tourism sector, offering a wide range of accommodation, restaurants and leisure activities. Whether you want to explore the rich history, enjoy nature or just relax on the beach, Finike offers something special for every traveler.

    Finally, Finike is a place where you can escape the stress of everyday life and relax in the middle of nature. This hidden gem is an addition to any travel itinerary and is sure to create unforgettable memories. Welcome to Finike!

    Address: Finike, Antalya, Türkiye

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    Enjoyment like on holiday in Turkey: This is how you can achieve it in your own kitchen

    On a holiday in Turkey on the Mediterranean there is not only lots of sun, beach and sea. The cuisine is also one reason why the holiday destination is so popular with Germans.