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    Finike Travel Guide (Sightseeing, Beach, Hotel, Vacation)

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    Wo History meets nature is Phenicia an area in Antalya and the Turkey, famous for its oranges. While its geographic scope is limited compared to other administrative regions, its distinctive features are historical sites.

    The Ultimate Finike Travel Guide 2023 - Turkey Life

    Finike Travel Guide

    Holidaymakers who Summer come into the area, they will attractions Visit from Finike, the last Time has become a popular tourist destination. At the same time, Finike is often preferred by other nearby communities due to its easy access.

    Arrive & depart in Finike

    Finike is one of the Antalya regions with an enchanting and untouched natural landscape, which is located in the west of Antalya. It borders Kumluka to the east, to the north-west Nov, to the north by Elmalı and to the west by Demre.

    Since Finike does not have an airport, visitors can go to Antalya airport fliegen.

    Antalya Airport "AYT" is the third busiest airport in Turkey with a passenger volume of more than 20 million passengers. The airport is 105 kilometers from the city center.


    Almost all major German and Turkish airlines fly to the airports in the region. Direct flights to the Turkish riviera cost between 70 and 300 euros, depending on the season.

    airport transfer

    It is directly accessible from many places in Turkey and can be used by public transport and private cars.

    The distance from Antalya city center to Finike is 113 kilometers. The average journey time is 1 hour 49 minutes. Passengers departing from Antalya should use Konyaaltı and Belts follow. After Kemer, transition to Kumluka area. Then you can follow the instructions to reach Finike.

    Shared Transfer: The shuttle bus will pick you up at the airport and take you and other passengers to your hotel. You pay one price per person on the bus and the journey takes longer because you have to wait for other passengers at the airport and stop at several hotels. If you have booked a package tour with Hotel Transfer, you will also wait for other passengers at the airport and drive to several hotels on the way to the hotel.

    Private Transfer: Your own driver will pick you up at the airport terminal exit and take you directly to the hotel. Because you pay one price per trip, a private transfer for three people in the car is only slightly more expensive than one collection bus.

    Car hire in Finike

    It is very convenient to rent a car from Antalya Airport to the surrounding seaside resorts. The airport is located directly on the D400 highway, which goes through all the seaside resorts on the Turkish Riviera and the Lycian coast.

    The prestigious major Internationals and Nationals Car rental companies have offices directly at the airport and their stands are located at the exit of the terminal.

    Especially in summer you should book a car as early as possible, as demand is always very high.

    Hotel in Finike

    The district of Finike in Antalya province, the orange paradise of Turkey, also offers sea tourism. Compared to other parts of Antalya, it welcomes visitors with its bluer beaches Flagge and a quieter atmosphere.

    Finike Hotels offers unforgettable vacation deals mostly offering room only, half board and full board concepts. If you choose these hotels, you can organize your holiday according to your wishes. When it comes to hotels, Finike has hotel options not only on the coast, but also in central locations such as downtown. Finike and boutique hotels in the city center are particularly numerous. Most hotels are suitable for all walks of life and offer services for age groups, children and pets.

    Sights in Finike

    The ancient city of Arykanda, the ancient city Apollonia, the ancient city of Gagai and the ancient city of Rhodiapolis are some of the Sights in Finike, which are characterized by deep history, natural beauty and deep blue sea.

    • Ancient city of Limyra: The ancient city of Limyra is one of the oldest historical sites in the Finike area with an average history of 2.000 years. Being located on a high mountain, it has an important strategic importance in times of war.
    • Gokbuk Gorge: Another place where nature walks, camping and picnic activities often take place is the approximately 4 kilometers long Gökbük Gorge. By adding Finike to the list of places to visit, you can spend time with nature. This is the place of choice for people who want to stay away from the crowds and have a peaceful vacation in summer.
    • Ancient city of Arykanda: The ancient city of Arykanda, where archaeological research is still being conducted, is located on Finike Elmalı Street within the limits of Arif Village. Although it is not clear when the first settlement appeared in the city, artifacts discovered during the excavations indicate that it was in the 5th century BC. BC appeared. 
    • Suluin Cave: In terms of depth, Finike Suluin Cave is one of the deepest caves in the world, located 1 kilometer from the city center.
    • Bay of Doria: The coast of Antalya region usually offers an environment suitable for camping and picnicking. As we all know, Andrea Doria Bay, located about 3 kilometers from the center of Finike, is one of the most popular places for them Activities.
    • antique City Myra: Despite being within the borders of Demre, the ancient city of Myra, about 27 km from the center of Finike district, is often the first choice for Sightseeing.
    • Ancient city of Rhodiapolis: The ancient city of Rodiapolis was built on a very high mountain by the Rhodesians who once ruled the area. Admission to the ancient city of Rhodiapolis is free.
    • Ancient city of Gagai: It lies east of Finike Bay, between Finike and Kumluca.
    • Gocliman Bay: The Fenike Gökliman Koyu with its natural beauty is a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourists every year. Since it was used as a port in ancient times, there are also ancient ruins.
    • Marina of Finike: Finike Port is considered to be the most beautiful marina in Antalya. The water is clean and offers unforgettable sunrise and sunset views.
    • bazaar: Weekly market / bazaar in Kumluca or Finike.
    • antique City Xanthos:
    • Gokbuk village: The village is characterized by natural beauty, often for sightseeing. It attracts hikers with its lush natural scenery and fresh air.
    • Gokbuk Gorge: Gökbük Gorge is one of the first places Finike thinks of when camping, picnicking and hiking, about 22 kilometers from the city center. Since it is far from the city center, it is always quiet and the natural structure has not been damaged.
    • Finike Orange festivals: In Finike, famous for its oranges, there is a festival that aims to publicize the area and offer interesting moments. The Finike Music Festival, held every year in June takes place, also organizes concerts of famous Turkish artists.

    Activities in Finike

    The city is considered the center of agricultural production of citrus fruits and is famous for its oranges.

    • Watersports: One of the most beautiful activities in Finike is undoubtedly the deep blue sea. Besides swimming in the city's unique and beautiful waters, you can also practice water sports such as pedal boats, surfing, canoeing and even diving clubs to explore the underwater world.
    • Hiking: At Finike on the Lycian Way, one of the longest hiking trails in the world, you can experience this unique atmosphere along the route while experiencing history and natural beauty.
    • boat tours: You can join a daily boat tour to explore the paradisiacal bays around Finike. In the vast dark blue area, you can explore unique places like Mount Olympus and Suluada.
    • Diving: To experience the beauty of the underwater world, you can take a diving trip and experience unforgettable moments.
    • the Hammam: Enjoy an afternoon in the Turkish bath, massage and scrub.
    • tandem paraglider: Jump from Tahtali Dagi/Olympos and enjoy the amazing view.
    • Jeep tour: Explore the Taurus Mountains by off-road jeep, visit hilltop villages and ancient ruins.

    Excursions from Finike

    • Myra: The Rock Tomb of Myra and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher of Nicholas in Myra, also known as St. Nicholas or Santa Claus.
    • Pamukkale  and hierapolis: Limestone terraces sculpted by hot water, the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A little further away but very worth seeing.
    • antique City Olympos: The ruins of the ancient port city and the sheltered Beach from Olympus. Olympos is located at the southern end of Kirali Bay. The best way to get there is from Ciralı beach.
    • Chimaera or Chimaera: (Turkish Chimera, "burning stone") has been known since antiquity as a place where a rare, millennia-old natural phenomenon can still be observed today: flames erupt in several places from the rocky ground of a mountain slope - the "eternal fires of the chimera".
    • Cappadocia: You can see the cave city of Cappadocia and with a Hot air balloon fly over the volcanic landscape. The tour lasts two to three days.
    • Ancient city of Side: The ruins of an ancient city with a 3.500 year history, a Roman theater and a beautiful old town with many shops and restaurants.
    • Simena: It is an ancient city submerged in the sea off the island of Kekova.
    • Antalya: With more than 2,5 million inhabitants, Antalya is a top resort on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Today the area is also known as the Turkish Riviera because of the long sandy beaches.
    • Belts: Kemer is one of the most touristic regions in the Mediterranean and offers a variety of vacation opportunities throughout the year.
    • phaselis: Phaselis Ruins You can escape the hustle and bustle of Kemer, take a break and explore historical sites.
    • Goynuk Canyon: The Göynük Canyon is a natural formation near the Göynük area. It is very popular among domestic and foreign tourists visiting Kemer.

    Beaches in Finike

    The sea of ​​Finike used to be a place of legends, its coastline is quite short compared to other regions. Although it offers natural beauty and historical beauty throughout the day, its coastal beaches also offer a trio of sea, sand and sunshine.

    • Gocliman Beach: Gökliman beach bathing area is located on the seafront of Finike's Boldağ district. It is not only of great importance for swimming, but also of great importance for history. During the Lycian period it was used as a port. Therefore, it offers tourists the opportunity to swim alongside the historical sites.
    • Cagilli Beach: Cagilli Beach is located on Demre Finike Street, within the boundaries of the Boldag district. The beach has a very calm sea and consists of pebbles. It is considered a paradise hidden in nature, surrounded by green areas.
    • Finike public beach: Finike Public Beach is located within the boundaries of Finike's Sahilkent district and is the longest beach in the area. The existence of the beach structure creates an ideal environment for sunbathing and resting on the beach.
    • Altuncan Hatun Ladies Beach: It is located in Kale Mahallesi, 21 kilometers south of the center of Finike district. This is a beach that only women can spend.

    Bars, pubs and clubs in Finike

    Compared to other places in Antalya, Finike's nightlife is generally quieter, but there are several places where you can have fun at night.

    Eat in Finike

    Since Finike Bay is home to many Mediterranean fish, it is recommended to try this fresh fish before heading to the area to try the local delicacies. Another flavor that you should definitely try in Finike is undoubtedly orange, which is juicy and aromatic.

    In addition to these options, you can also taste Antalya cuisine in the region.

    Shopping in Finike

    Most of the products that Finike can buy are made from oranges. In addition to fresh oranges, you can also buy orange marmalade and dried oranges in the area.

    How much does a holiday in Finike cost

    Since the costs vary greatly depending on the season and your own preferences, only the average costs are considered here.

    Package tour with all inclusive 1 week

    • from €300 in the off-season
    • from €450 in high season
    • from €700 in high season in a 4-star hotel

    Hotel/Accommodation only:

    • Budget hotel or guesthouse with Breakfast: €15 to €30 per day
    • Mid-range hotel with all inclusive: €40 to €80 per day
    • AirBnB: own room from €10, own apartment from €50


    • Return flight from Germany to Antalya: €70 to €500, depending on the season and airline
    • Single journey by bus: up to €1
    • Airport transfer in a collective bus: €10 to €20
    • Day trip, for example Pamukkale: 50 € to 70 € incl. entrance fee and food

    Eat, Drinks and other:

    • Restaurant in tourist area, main course: €7 to €25
    • Local restaurant, main course: €3 to €10
    • Street food: Simit 50 cents, Rotary €1,50, corn on the cob 50 cents, Dürüm €1,50
    • Glass wine in the restaurant: €3
    • Glass of beer: €2,50
    • Cocktails: from €8
    • Bottle of water in store: 50 cents
    • Groceries in stores: around 20% cheaper than in Germany
    • Food at the bazaar: fruit and vegetables are 40% cheaper than in Germany

    Total budget:

    • Budget: €40 to €70 per day
    • Mid-range: €60 to €100 per day

    Climate table, weather and the ideal travel time for Finike

    Finike has a Mediterranean Climate & Environment with hot and dry summers and mild winters.

    MonthTemperature:MoreHours of sunshineRainydays
    January5 - 15 ° C17 ° C412
    February7 - 15 ° C18 ° C511
    March8 - 18 ° C19 ° C710
    April10 - 22 ° C20 ° C79
    Mai15 - 27 ° C22 ° C107
    June20 -32 ° C23 ° C123
    July23 - 35 ° C25 ° C121
    August24 - 35 ° C28 ° C101
    September20 - 32 ° C26 ° C92
    October16 - 28 ° C22 ° C87
    November15 - 22 ° C20 ° C79
    December7 - 16 ° C17 ° C513
    Average climate in Finike

    High season, June to September:

    In summer, Finike has a constant 30° during the day, the sun is shining and there is sometimes a light breeze. In the summer months it rains maybe a maximum of one day a month. September is the ideal Weather for a beach vacation.

    Low season, April and May:

    April starts in Finike with 20° warm weather. The sea is still 20° and towards May it warms up quite quickly. Bring a sweater or light jacket on April nights as it can be windy and chilly at times.

    Off-season, October:

    Even in October, the thermometer still reaches 30° for many days in Finike, and it rarely rains.

    Winter, long-term leave and Moving abroad

    It is difficult to find long-term vacationers in Finike. Most tourism companies are closed from November to March.

    Finike in the past and today

    Finike was founded in the 5th century BC. founded. Founded by the Phoenicians as a trading town under the name Phoenicus to supply agricultural products to the nearby town of Limyra. In 655 AD, a naval battle took place off the city and the Eastern Roman or Byzantine fleet was defeated by the Arabs.

    The city is heavily dependent on tourism. There are many hotels and motels on the main Kumluca to Finike road along the 20 km long beach that stretches beyond Mavikent at Kumluca.

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