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    Turkish drinks you should definitely know

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    The Turkey offers a wide range of local drinks to try – hot or cold, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Some of them sound and look familiar but have Turkish flavors like tea or coffee. Others are new to you and worth trying to please your taste buds. This includes Ayran, boza and other juices. In the alcohol sector Raki the undisputed national drink, followed by local beer and wine. Here is an overview of what to drink in Turkey.

    Turkish drinks you should definitely know

    Coffee and tea in Turkey

    The most common drink in Turkey is tea (çay), served in a small tulip-shaped glass. Turks eat it Breakfast and drink it all day long. They are in shops and fairs, but also in Couches and offices available for you. What about her famous turkish coffee (Turk kahvesi)? Locals usually drink it in the morning and after meals.

    • Black tea – Locals drink it almost as dark as coffee, usually unaccompanied. However, it is possible that this is too "strong" for you. Try starting with a lighter version (açıkçay) and add sugar cubes to taste.
    • Türkischer Kaffee – dark, strong, classified by sugar content: low (sade), medium (orta) and high (çok şekerli). You drink it in a few short sips. Remember to stop on time as you shouldn't drink the coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup.

    Other non-alcoholic beverages

    • Water – Locals don’t drink water from the tap, and neither should you. Bottled mineral water is cheap and widely available.
    • Ayran – This is a liquid yogurt made by whipping yogurt and adding water and salt. It should be cold and fresh! It is freshly made in cafes and restaurants or sold in plastic cups in grocery stores and supermarkets.
    • Boza – Another local drink is boza, which is made from fermented bulgur with water and sugar.
    • fruit and vegetable juices – why buy and drink ready-made products when every corner shop (büfe) makes fresh juice on site. Popular juices are Orange Juice (Portakal Suyu), Cherry Juice (Vişne Suyu) and Trunip Juice (şalgam Suyu). if you im Winter in Turkey, try this weird and delicious salep, a hot drink made from crushed tapioca root extracts.

    Alcoholic beverages in Turkey

    Although Turkey is a Muslim country, its residents (especially men) enjoy social drinks. Rakı is undoubtedly the most popular of all alcoholic beverages, followed by beer (bira).

    • Raki – This is a strong, clear, aniseed-flavored spirit, similar to Greek ouzo and French pastis. Most people drink it by adding cold water and ice cubes, which gives rakı its chalky appearance. Therefore it is also called lion's milk. The most popular brands are Yeni, Efe and Tekirdag. Locals usually consume rakı while enjoying appetizers and fish.
    • Beer – Efes Pilsen is the undisputed number one beer in Turkey. This Pils is available in bottles, cans and taps. When ordering, the waiter or bartender will ask what size you prefer. The most common choice is small (33 cl) or large (50 cl). The selection of imported beers is mainly limited to Tuborg, Corona, Beck's and Heineken.
    • wine – Thanks to Turkey’s booming wine industry, there is a wide variety of local wines to choose from.

    Questions and Answers on Turkish Drinks

    • What do Turks say when toasting?

      In Turkey, people toast each other with a passionate "Cheers! " to.

    • What is the national drink of Turkey?

      Raki is the national drink of Turkey - a spicy anise made from grapes.

    • What is the difference between raki and ouzo?


      Manufacturing makes the difference. Contrary to Raki not only anise is used in the production of ouzo, but also fennel seeds.

    • How does salgam taste?

      This is a non-alcoholic Aperitif from Turkey. It tasted slightly sour and spicy or hot.

    • What do Turks drink the most?

      Tea is an important part of Turkish culture and despite the long History of coffee consumption is the most frequently consumed hot drink.

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