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    Discover the beauty of Antalya Province - top sights, beaches and activities

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    Explore the province Antalya on the south coast of Turkey. Antalya is known for its stunning beaches, historical sites and rich culture. Explore historical sites like the old town of Old City and the Hadrian's Gate. Sample Antalya specialties such as kebabs and local sweets. Admire the natural beauty of the Taurus Mountains and Teke National Park. Experience the province of Antalya, where culture, History and nature come together.

    It is a very developed city on the Mediterranean coast. Antalya, known as Turkey's banana and orange garden; İçel (Mersin) is located on the Mediterranean coast, surrounded by the provinces Konya, Isparta, Burdur and Mugla. The territory of the province lies between 36°06′ to 37°27′ north latitude and 29°14′ to 32°27′ east longitude. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides. It is one of our wealthiest cities with a pleasant Climate & Environment, fertile soil, lush forests, beautiful beaches and historic sites. Antalya is the tourism capital of Turkey. The license plate is 07.

    Origin of the name Antalya

    The name "Antalya" has its origins in antiquity. The city was founded by the Romans under the name "Attalia". The name "Attalia" was given by Attalus II, a king of Pergamonwho ruled the city in the 2nd century B.C. had founded, derived. The name "Attalia" comes from the Greek and means "father of the sea". Later the name was changed by the Byzantines to "Antalya", which basically means the same thing. With the Time the name "Antalya" was adopted by the population and has been preserved to this day.

    Sights in the province of Antalya

    The province of Antalya in Turkey is home to many points of interest & sights, including:

    1. Antalya Old Town (Kaleiçi): a historic district with narrow streets, old buildings and ruins from Roman times.
    2. The Taurus Mountains: an impressive mountain range that is great for hiking and Skiing is known.
    3. The Konyaalti Beach: a favorite Beach, which is known for its crystal clear waters and water sports.
    4. Hadrian's Gate: a 2nd-century Roman structure that is a symbol of the city.
    5. The Yivli Minaret: a 13th-century minaret known for its architecture and views.
    6. The Antalya Museum: A museum presenting the history and culture of the region.
    7. The Kursunlu Waterfalls: a natural spectacle known for its scenic setting and hiking trails.
    8. The Duden Waterfall: a natural spectacle known for its scenic surroundings and hiking trails.
    9. The Antalya Aquapark: A water park known for its water slides and Activities is known.
    10. Antalya Zoo: A zoo that houses a wide variety of animals from all over the world.

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