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    Explore the province of Bingöl in eastern Turkey - experience sights, history and nature

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    Explore the Bingol province in the east of the Turkey. Bingle is known for its unspoilt natural beauty and rich culture and History. Explore historical sites such as the Ottoman Tomb and Bingol Castle. Sample specialties like Bingöl kebabs and local sweets. Admire the natural beauty of Munzur National Park and Bingle National Park. Experience Bingol Province where culture, history and nature come together.

    Bingöl is located on the upper Euphrates in the Eastern Anatolia region, a land of green plateaus. It lies between latitudes 41°20′ and 39°54′ north and longitudes 38°27′ and 40°27′ east. It borders with Muş to the east, Erzurum and Erzincan to the north, Tunceli and Elazığ to the west, and Diyarbakir to the south. The license plate number is 12.

    Origin of the name Bingöl

    Bingol takes its name from Mount Bingol. There are many glacial lakes on this mountain. According to legend, an army fighting in the area was looking for water. A villager described Mount Bingol and said there was a lake here. The general led his troops here and saw the spring bubbling up in a thousand ponds: "That's not a lake, that's Bingol!" she cried. The old name of Bingol Province was "Cevlik". After the republic was proclaimed, it became a region called "Çabakçur". According to old books, Çapakçur means “clean water”. Çabakçur was renamed the provincial center in 1936 and Bingol in 1945. The Bingol Mountains with clouds and fog above, snow-capped peaks and hundreds of large and small glacial ponds became the name of the province.

    Sights in Bingol province

    Bingöl Province in Turkey is known for its rich history and culture, as well as scenic natural attractions. Some of the points of interest & sights in Bingöl Province are:

    1. Yuzen Islands (Floating Islands): Yüzen Adalar (Floating Islands) consists of three independent islands floating on a purely natural crater lake surrounded by mountains on three sides.
    2. Buban Peri Bacaları (Chimney Landscape): Buban Bacaları (Chimney or Fairy Chimney) in Oğuldere Village, Sancak Village, 50 km from the provincial center, is part of the diverse beauty of Bingöl.
    3. Zağ Kaya Sığınak Odaları (Cave Dwellings of Zağ): They are located on a steep cliff on the banks of the Murat River. The four-storey sanctuary, carved into the rock, is accessible via narrow paths and steps carved into the rock. Each floor has a different number of rooms of different sizes.
    4. İsfahan Bey Mosque: The Isfahan Bey Mosque, which was built during the Time by Aq Qoyunlu in the early 16th century on the Bingöl Bazaar (in Bingöl Aşağı Çarşı) is the only one Historic Buildings downtown.
    5. Balaban Bey Mosque
    6. Kral Kız Kalesi Castle: The castle is located on a hill 2-3 km east of Genç district.
    7. Vank Kilisesi (Church)
    8. Kigı Kalesi Castle
    9. Eskikavak Köyü Manastırı (Monastery in Eskikavak Village): Eskikavak Village Monastery dates back to the 14th century.

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