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    Ölüdeniz daily pirate ship tours along the bays (with photos)

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    Oludeniz Pirate Boat Trip is a beautiful program with a worldwide reputation. We believe that this boat trip (Turkish: Tekne Turları) is one of the favorite options for many domestic and foreign tourists who want to end their vacation in Fethiye/Oludeniz and make it unforgettable and offer you a peaceful and fun one Time will bring! Discover the hidden beauties of Oludeniz.

    The Turkey, with some of the most beautiful bays and beaches in the Mediterranean and Aegean, Pirate Boat Trips are one of the most attractive holiday options.

    Ölüdeniz Daily Pirate Ship Tours
    Pirate Ship 2023 - Turkey Life

    All details about Ölüdeniz pirate boat tour at Fethiye

    First of all, we would like to write in detail about the concept of a pirate boat tour in Oludeniz and give you an idea of ​​what to expect. Perhaps you have never embarked on such an adventure, perhaps you have experienced it many times.

    The tour is a 6-7 hour drive from Oludeniz Beach, one of the most famous bathing and points of interest & sights in Fethiye, to the deep blue waters of the surrounding bays, islands, coasts, beaches and bathing spots. In addition, you are away from the hustle and bustle of a bay inaccessible to cars, while you can peacefully enjoy the crystal clear water, sun and fresh air.

    Oludeniz Pirate Boat Tour Route

    The tour begins when you arrive at the pier or Beach arrive and board the boat.

    Butterfly Valley (Kelebekler Vadisi, Butterfly Valley)


    Butterfly Valley (Turkish: butterfly Valley, English: Butterfly Valley) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with steep hillsides, turquoise golden sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. If you wish, you can swim, walk and sunbathe in this magnificent place. Since this valley is a common habitat for butterflies named after rare creatures, you may also encounter rare butterflies!

    Butterfly Valley is one of the few places where the untouched nature of Oludeniz has been preserved and is known for its prestigious natural beauty. Although the rocky area offers a view, it creates an atmosphere suitable for swimming thanks to its 250-meter-long pebble beach and the sea, which does not deepen immediately. It is recommended that you add Butterfly Valley to your list of nature's most beautiful features attractions Add in Oludeniz.

    After swimming and hiking in Butterfly Valley, enjoy a delicious lunch on board. Chicken or fish are usually served with rice or pasta, salads and bread. Drinks are usually charged unless the tour includes an all-inclusive concept.

    Aquarium Bay (Akvaryum Koyu)

    Next stop is Aquarium Bay where you can see all the shades of blue. In this crystal clear bay, you can swim as much as you like within the allotted time.

    St. Nicholas Island (St. Nicolas Adası, Gemiler Adası)

    On the island there are several ruins of Churches and buildings constructed between the 4th and 6th centuries. Archaeologists believe this is the original site of St. Petersburg. Nicholas in Myra. The Byzantine ruins of five churches were built between the fourth and sixth centuries. Next to the church are the remains of about 40 buildings and 50 Christian tombs. The Turkish name Gemiler Adası means "boat island". The island is the destination of many excursion boats, most of which depart from Oludeniz, but private yachts can also dock in the harbour. in the Summer a small restaurant caters to tourists. Tickets are not included in the price and cost around €2.

    St. Nicholas Island St. Nicolas Adasi Oludeniz 2023 - Turkey Life
    St. Nicholas Island St. Nicolas Adasi Oludeniz 2023 - Turkey Life

    Cold Water Bay (Soğuk Su Koyu)

    In the hot summer months you might feel a bit overwhelmed. This bay is the perfect place to cool off from the heat. As the name suggests, it is colder than the other bays in Fethiye/Oludeniz. If cold water is not your thing, you can watch and enjoy the crystal clear sea from above.

    Camel Beach (Deve Plajı)

    Another cove is Camel Beach, the last stop on the route and not accessible by land vehicles. After enjoying the warm sea, the boat returns to Oludeniz.

    What services are included in the price?

    • All boat tours offer lunch
    • Insurance
    • Hotel pickup and drop-off
    Boat Tour Turkey Lunch With Chicken Or Fish And Noodle Salad Bread 2023 - Turkey Life
    Boat Tour Turkey Lunch With Chicken Or Fish And Noodle Salad Bread 2023 - Turkey Life

    What should I pack or take with me on a boat trip?

    Where do I reserve or book a boat tour?

    You can compare and book boat tours with different tour operators or tour booths around the city. There are also stands in front of the different boats. You can then also view or select a boat and book it on the spot. Important: Tours for male singles are not sold in some cities!

    Also note that the pirate ships are a bit noisier and have an animated show or foam parties at the end. If you prefer it quieter or more relaxed, choose a normal boat! Drinks may not be brought into the boat from outside.

    When does the boat tour start and end?

    Normally the boat tour starts at 10:30 am and ends around 17:00 pm.

    How long is the boat tour?

    Total duration of the tour (including transfers): about 6 hours (it may take a little longer depending on the distance from the hotel).

    How much does a boat tour in Turkey cost?

    Prices vary by region and range from €10 to €20. These prices can vary significantly due to high global inflation!

    About Oludeniz

    Oludeniz, which holds the title of the most beautiful beach in the world, is a district of Muğla Province of Fethiye Municipality. Despite the limited number of attractions in a limited geographic area, it is tourist-friendly 365 days a year. Oludeniz has more natural beauty and you can enjoy a unique vacation experience in a short time. With these natural beauties Activities such as swimming and nature sports are both scenic and a unique holiday experience.

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