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    Tips for a cheap flight to Turkey

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    The Turkey It is not for nothing that one of the most popular travel destinations for many holidaymakers. The whole country impresses with wonderful landscapes, with a wealth of culture and History, with fantastic beaches and above all with a very special hospitality of the people.  

    One of the most popular holiday regions is the Turkish riviera, the Turkish Aegean and of course the city on the Bosphorus and Istanbul. But also in the others provinces of Turkey there is a lot to discover. The plane is usually chosen to travel to Turkey and the plane tickets do not necessarily have to be expensive if you prepare a little for the trip.

    Here we show you how you can save money when booking:

    1. Flexible date selection: It is well known that plane tickets are most expensive in the high season and the holiday season should be avoided accordingly. If this is not possible for professional reasons or if you are tied to the school holidays because of school-age children, there are still ways to save money. For example, flights during the week are often cheaper than flights at the weekend. There are also price differences if the return flight is not booked exactly on a weekly basis, but rather a little earlier or later. It is generally said that the cheapest deals for Turkey flights are in the January and in the April gives. However, flexibility in travel days will help you find a cheap fare in other months as well. 
    2. Select destination airport: A flight not only takes you to the holiday destination you want, but also to a wide variety of airports in the country. Flexibility in choosing the destination airport is also rewarded! The more you save on the flight ticket, the more one or two euros will be available to spend on vacation. So also look for the tariffs of other nearby airports. In addition to Istanbul Airport (IST), there is also a second airport in Istanbul: Istanbul-Sabiha Gökcen (SAW), which is regularly served by low-cost airlines. With the Istanbul Taxi or cheap bus connections, you can then continue to your desired destination. Incidentally, cheap domestic flights in Turkey for onward travel are offered by Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines and SunExpress.
    3. Select departure airport: In addition to the choice of the destination airport, the choice of the departure airport can also have a positive effect on the price. While the school holidays have already begun in one federal state, cheaper flight tickets can possibly be booked from the neighboring federal state without holidays. Then it is even worth the slightly longer journey to the airport. Did you know that the Düsseldorf-Istanbul flight is at the top of the most frequently booked routes between Germany and Turkey? Accordingly, you will probably find many offers for this route.
    4. Book flight: When booking a flight you should think about something Time take it in order to be able to compare the respective fares of the different airlines with each other. You should first check whether the airlines offer the same services. So what is included in the price and which services have to be booked at an additional cost? What appears cheap at the beginning can ultimately become more expensive if all services such as luggage, on-board service or seat reservation have to be paid for separately. Our advice: Sometimes it is even cheaper if you book the flight routes individually. If necessary, even with two different airlines.
    5. Drive to the airport: Especially with luggage, the most convenient way to get to the airport is by car. However, it is then important to find out about parking options at the airport in advance and to book a cheap offer in advance. This saves you the time-consuming search for a cheap parking space on the day of departure and prevents you from having to park in the expensive airport car park under time pressure. If you are starting from an airport that is highly frequented all year round, such as in Düsseldorf, then it is worth paying for that Parking Dusseldorf Airport to choose the favorable offers of private parking providers in the vicinity of the airport. These offer monitored parking spaces, including a shuttle service to the terminal. Even more convenient is the valet service, which is very popular with holidaymakers, where you simply hand your car over to an employee right in front of the terminal, who will park it for you. 
    6. Book accommodation: When choosing accommodation, the general rule is: the earlier you book, the cheaper it will be. Many hotels in Turkey offer attractive early booking offers that can save you a lot of money, especially during the holiday season. For example, if you are traveling with children, a well-run children's club with all-inclusive meals is highly recommended. So you no longer have to pay attention to the prices on site and instead the whole family can help themselves to the delicious food and drinks from the hotel buffet as the mood takes them. But a holiday apartment or a beach house can also be very inexpensive, since you can cater for yourself here at low cost. If you are traveling with several people, the costs incurred can even be divided among the fellow travelers. 

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