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    Istanbul Dolphinarium in Eyup (insider tips on the popular attraction)

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    The and Istanbul Dolphinarium / Delphinarium is one of the most popular theme parks and dolphinariums in Istanbul and is located in the Eyup area of ​​the Golden Horn. It is also the largest indoor dolphinarium in Europe.

    The Dolphinarium was opened in 2008 by the Mayor of Istanbul in Eyup. It is the largest dolphin show center in Europe. In the dolphinarium with an area of ​​5.800 square meters there are over 3.000 cubic meters of sea water. Guests of all ages who come to this show center will witness the magical show of dolphins with their own eyes. In fact, they not only meet dolphins, but also beluga whales, walruses and North manatees (hairy seals). You will be surprised to see how these creatures do what they want and how they are trained and disciplined like humans.

    What awaits you at the Istanbul Dolphinarium?

    You can enjoy the dolphin show, explore the world of marine mammals such as dolphins, playful seals, giant walruses and beautiful beluga whales and have a pleasant Time spend in the Istanbul Dolphinarium. Besides the dolphin show, you can also swim with dolphins, dive with dolphins, interact with dolphins or do dolphin therapy. The dolphin show lasts about 1 hour and visitors can also take photos with dolphins.

    You can participate in the dolphinarium's dolphin swim program, dolphin interactions and dolphin dives all year round. Learn more about plans, pricing, reservations, and schedules on the Istanbul Dolphinarium website.

    Dolphin Assisted Therapy is a supportive replacement therapy that is particularly effective in children aged 3-16 and is offered by the Istanbul Dolphinarium. Check the Istanbul Dolphinarium website for more information.

    YouTube video presentation of Istanbul Dolphinarium

    Frequently asked questions about Istanbul Dolphinarium

    Will the bad weather conditions affect Istanbul Dolphinarium operations?


    Since the show pool and the hall with grandstands are located indoors, operation of the facility is not affected by the weather.

    Under what conditions can you swim with dolphins?

    First and foremost, people wishing to take part in a swimming event should be able to swim well unaided - the pool is 5 meters deep and no aids such as vests or collars are allowed. Children participating in swimming must Winter 10 years and im Summer be 6 years old. For safety reasons, pregnant women are not allowed to participate in swimming events. Because if you want to swim with dolphins, you have to be physically and mentally healthy and free from contagious diseases. *Data from the website of Istanbul Dolphinarium

    How long is the dolphin show?

    The performance lasts about 1 hour.

    Can I go to them? Take photos or videos of dolphin performances or other events?

    Yes, you can take photos or videos during performances, swimming or interactive programs

    Entry, tickets and tours to Istanbul Dolphinarium

    • Admission: Istanbul Dolphinarium is open every day except Monday between 09:00-18:00.
    • Tickets: Entrance ticket to Istanbul Dolphinarium costs 250 TL (Standard) – 400 TL (VIP Grandstand) at the on-site ticket office. You don't need to book tickets in advance, you can buy them at the Dolphinarium ticket office on the day of your visit.
    • Tours: No tours are offered.

    Schedule of dolphin shows

    • Tuesday: 11:00 and 14:00
    • Wednesday: 11:00 and 14:00
    • Thursday: 11:00 and 14:00
    • Friday: 11:00 and 14:00
    • Saturday: 14: 00
    • Sunday: 14: 00
    • Monday: Closed

    How to get to Istanbul Dolphinarium?

    You can find the Istanbul Dolphinarium at the end of the north coast of the Golden Horn coast in the Eyup district.

    The easiest way to get to the Istanbul Dolphinarium is by public city bus:

    • Line 39 Beyazıt-Akşemsettin Mah.
    • Line 99 Eminonu- Akşemsettin Mah.
    • Line 36CE Eminonu – Cebeci Mah.
    • Line 399B Eminonu – Güzeltepe
    • Line 39Ç Beyazıt -Hamidiye Mah.
    • Line 39B Vezneciler – İmar Blokları
    • Line 48A Topkapı-Göktürk Köyü
    • Line 399D Eminönü – Yeşilpınar
    • Line 39O Otogar –Yeşilpınar
    • Line 39Y Yeşilpınar –Vezneciler
    • Line 39D Yeşilpınar – Yenikapı
    • Line 399C Yunus Emre Mah. – Eminonu
    • Alibeykoy – Yeşilpınar Minibuses

    Check the city's public bus routes and timetables

    Address : Istanbul Dolphinarium, Silahtaraga Mh, Silahtaraga Cd. No:20, 34050 Eyupsultan/İstanbul, Turkey

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