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    9 Popular Turkish Clothing Brands - Koton, Defacto, LC Waikiki, Colin's, LTB, Ipekyol, Vakko, Mavi, Roman

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    Feel good and look good in the Turkey Hand in hand, as the younger generation of Turkish shoppers not only follow clothing brands, clothing and fashion trends, but also lead them. Turkey has long been more than a production location valued by foreign textile and fashion companies. More and more Turkish manufacturers have their own high-quality brands, stores and showrooms.

    9 Popular Turkish Clothing Brands (Online & Shopping)

    Turkey is one of the largest garment manufacturers and exporters in the world. Compared to top countries like China, Bangladesh and Vietnam, Turkey generally offers better quality products and services. Various top brands in Europe prefer Turkish clothing manufacturers to source their clothing products.

    With its many fashion boutiques and top-class events like the and Istanbul Fashion Week and Istanbul Design Week, Istanbul is an incredible destination for any fashion lover. With the growing interest in Turkish fashion, Turkish designers are reaching a new global audience.

    The most popular Turkish clothing brands

    1. Ipekyol

    The Turkish brand Ipekyol is known for offering luxurious and diverse clothing at different prices, specializing in the manufacture and sale of women's clothing.

    Ipekyol has more than 240 branches in Turkey and 48 branches in all countries around the world. Over the years, Ipekyol has managed to secure a prominent place among the best women's clothing brands with innovative and original designs for the local and international market.


    Ipekyol stores are located around the world in Bahrain, UAE, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus and Azerbaijan.

    2. Defacto

    De facto is one of the main clothing brands in Turkey, offering reasonable prices and high quality clothing to many countries around the world. With stores in many countries around the world, Defacto is considered one of Turkey's most famous clothing brands.

    Defacto clothing is suitable for everyone as the clothing store offers many designs for the local culture depending on the country where the branch is located.

    Defacto has more than 500 branches in about 30 countries around the world, the most important of which are: Kazakhstan, Iraq, Egypt, Belarus, Morocco, Tunisia, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Georgia, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Algeria, Azerbaijan , Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan, Malaysia, Moldova, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Oman, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkey.

    3. LC Waikiki

    LC Waikiki is one of the most important names in the global clothing industry and is known for offering high quality clothing at low prices.

    In addition to Russia, Eastern European countries and many other countries, LC Waikiki has branches in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and Kuwait.

    Clothing store LC Waikiki offers all kinds of men's and women's clothing, mainly sweatshirts, jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, shirts, dress pants, jeans, tracksuits, chinos, shorts, evening wear, beachwear, sweatpants. Jackets and outerwear, underwear, pyjamas, socks and sleepwear.

    4. Mavi

    Mavi is a Turkish fashion brand. Founded in 1991 by Sait Akarlılar, the company began producing high quality denim for leading international brands and has grown into a global retailer. As of 2021, the company employs more than 4.000 people and is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Mavi has 439 retail stores, including flagship stores in cities like New York, Vancouver, Montreal, Berlin, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. The company has more than 4.000 wholesale customers worldwide and its product range is sold in 50 countries including Germany, the United States, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

    5. Vacko

    Vakko is a Turkish company that manufactures and sells luxury ready-to-wear products. It was founded in 1934 on the initiative of Vitali Hakko under the name Şen Hat in Sultanhamam. After the 1940s, it continued production under the name of Vakko and in 1962 opened its first main store in the Istanbul district Beyoglu.


    Roman quickly gained recognition for its high design collections and is now one of the world's leading luxury clothing brands. The product range extends from everyday wear to evening dresses.

    7. Koton

    Cotton is a chain of stores with branches in 28 countries, headquartered in Istanbul, with more than 8.500 employees and a total of 434 branches, of which 275 are in Turkey and 159 abroad.

    Koton operates in the ready-to-wear sector and was founded in Istanbul in 1988 by the married couple Yılmaz Yılmaz and Gülden Yılmaz


    LTB Jeans is a denim and textile brand established in Istanbul in 1994. The brand has 114 stores in Turkey, including 38 in Istanbul.

    9. Colins

    Colin's is one of the leading clothing brands in Turkey. Colin's Jeans is part of the Eroglu Group. LOFT is another popular brand of the group.

    Colin's Jeans is available in 700 stores in 38 countries and is the market leader in Russia.

    Colin's was founded in Turkey in 1992 and today employs around 5.500 people.

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