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    Daily Essential Turkish Greetings and Phrases

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    Knowledge of typical Turkish greetings and Redewendungen of the day is very important in everyday life for language learners of all levels. It makes the difference between a conversation and a friendship or an exciting opportunity. Visitors coming to the for the first time Turkey travel, should pay attention to how the locals speak and pronounce themselves.

    Daily Important Turkish Greetings And Expressions
    Daily Essential Turkish Greetings And Phrases 2023 - Turkey Life

    It is easy to integrate into Turkish society because they are a friendly country, but a whole different world opens up to a language learner. Some take language courses, others use online apps to learn the Turkish language.

    Essential Turkish Greetings and Responses for everyday use that you can use again and again

    1. How do you say good morning in Turkish? (Günaydin)

      Everyone from the local baker to the restaurant owner utters the conversational phrase Günaydın, which means good morning.

    2. How do you say hello in Turkish? (merhaba)

      At the end of the morning (Günaydin) the tone changed to a "Merhaba" greeting and the Turk responded with the same phrase. between shops, Couches, other institutions and friends, a simple hello can brighten the atmosphere. You can also use this greeting when speaking to someone you don't know. Another option when joining close friends is "Selam".

    3. How do you say good evening in Turkish? (Iyi Aksamlar)

      "İyi akşamlar" is used for "good evening" after 18 p.m. but before nightfall. For example, when you enter and exit a restaurant, the waiter will say it to indicate that he wants to wish you a nice evening.

    4. How do you say "good night" in Turkish? (İyi geceler)

      This formal "İyi geceler," polite greeting, signifies the end of the day, and Turks say it is Time for her or others is to go. Usually good night "İyi akşamlar" is said more often than this sentence!

    5. How do you wish a good day in Turkish? (iyi gunler)

      What do the Turks say between morning and evening? Officially, "iyi günler" means good day, and this greeting is polite when speaking to strangers and saying goodbye.

    6. How do you say "How are you" in Turkish? (Nasılsın)

      "Nasılsın" means up türkisch, "how are you?" To reply, say "Iyiyim". The terms stated here are informal. Formally, the Turks say "nasilsiniz".

    7. How do you say "bon voyage" in Turkish? (İyi Yolculuklar)

      This is where Turkish comes in, as this standard greeting applies when travelling, whether the conversation is informal or formal. "İyi Yolculuklar" means something like "a pleasant journey".

    8. How do you say "See you later" in Turkish? (Görüşürüz)

      Be prepared to use this phrase “Görüşürüz” everywhere as it applies to many occasions. Not only will you have many opportunities to say it, but you will hear it many times as well.

    9. How do you say "after you" in Turkish? (buy run)

      When you enter the store, the owner will say "buyrun". Another example is public transport where someone gives up their seat, meaning they are asked to be seated.

    10. How do you say "Welcome" in Turkish? (Hoşgeldiniz)

      In Turkish culture, every stranger is a friend. So, even when you meet someone for the first time, you will often hear this phrase "Hoşgeldiniz". The polite answer is "hos bulduk", but Turks do not answer when entering a shop or public facility.

    11. How do you say "thank you" in Turkish? (Teşekkurler)

      Turks like polite people, so practice this phrase often. "Teşekkür ederim" is the official version. Often close friends or acquaintances say "Sagol", which is informal. Another shortened version is "Teşekkürler".

    12. How do you say "You're welcome" in Turkish? (Rica ederim)

      Someone appreciates your kindness and you want to respond very politely and say don't mention it. In that case, say "Bir sey degil" which means it's not a problem. For a more formal response to a stranger, say "Rica ederim."

    13. How do you say "bon appetit" in Turkish? (Afiyet olsun)

      Whether you are sitting with friends or family or ordering at a restaurant, you will hear this phrase “Afiyet olsun”. Answer with thank you "Teşekkür ederim".

    14. How do you say in Turkish "Entschuldigung“? (Affesiniz)

      To avoid a stranger on the street or to get the attention of a waiter, say "Affedresiniz." Make sure your tone is polite.

    15. How do you say in Turkish "I am sorry“? (Ozur dilerim)

      Turks are uncomplicated people. So don't take things too seriously. However, if a Turk is being socially disrespectful, a hand-on-heart apology can put people in a good mood. You can also use this phrase "Özür dilerim" to apologize to a friend, family member or colleague.

    16. How do you say goodbye in Turkish? (Hoşçakal, Güle Güle)

      The standard version of "Hoşçakal" can be used by strangers, colleagues, and people unrelated to you. For strangers, friends and family, use "Güle Güle" which means leave with a smile. However, most Turks with close friends use phrases like “Görüşürüz” when saying goodbye, which means see you later.

    17. How do you say in Turkish "Nice to meet you“? (Memnun Oldum)

      The Turkey there is every day the opportunity to meet someone. If you meet someone after exchanging names, say "Memnun oldum" to cement your friendship.

    18. How do you say in Turkish "Get well“? (Gecmis Olsun)

      This emotion is perfect when someone has a physical or mental need and you want to express empathy. Even having a problem that causes stress or anxiety means I wish you good health and hope this will be over soon "Gecmis Olsun".

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