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    Discover the 8 best things to do in Gocek, Turkey: the ultimate list for planning your trip

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    Göcek is a charming little resort town in the district Fethiye from Muğla, a place of interest for local and foreign tourists. Göcek, where blue and green mingle, is a hidden bay and a popular place for sea tourism. Because of its location, it has retained its importance. Göcek also has historical places to explore. It welcomes visitors with its uniquely beautiful bays, small but equally beautiful islands and much more.

    Sights in Gocek

    1. Günlüklü Bay (Günlüklü Koyu)

    Günlüklü Bay is located on the Gocek-Fethiye highway between Gocek Bays, 17 km from Fethiye city center and 10 km from Gocek. The main reason why it is called Günlüklü Bay is because of the trees in the bay.

    Also known as incense, the stem is used to make essentials like perfume. Since these magnificent trees are close to the bay, they greet you with a very pleasant smell.

    Günlüklü Bay has good campsites and a promenade suitable for swimming. Those who want to spend a pleasant day in nature should add it to the list points of interest & sights record in Gocek.

    2. Bedri-Rahmi-Koyu (Taşkaya-Koyu)

    Badri Rahmy Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in Gocek's sights and attracts attention with its pristine natural beauty. The real name of the bay is Taşkaya. Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, an important writer, painter and poet, visited this bay in 1974. It is said that Bedri Rahmi wanted to mark his visit here and painted 6 depictions of animals in a fish frame on a rock. After this visit, his name was changed to Bedri Rahmi Koyo.


    The bay is 17 km from Gocek and can be visited by private boat with a Gocek guide. Surrounded by olive trees, it offers a very nice natural atmosphere. Those who want to swim can also have fun here. But there are no shops nearby. The rock tombs found on the slopes of the bay after a swim indicate that the area is both a historical and natural site.

    3. Pig Island (Domuz Adası)

    Sights in Gocek include Pig Island (Domuz Adası), one of the small islands with an area of ​​1,5 km. It is located 250 meters east of Tersane Island, 100 meters southwest and 100 meters from Kapıdağ Peninsula. The island is surrounded by pine and olive trees. This is one of the most beautiful places in the daily organized private boat trips. Pig Island is home to historical sites both on land and at sea.

    4. Gocek Island (Göcek Adası)

    Gocek island is preferred as there are not many beaches for swimming. There is a small shop on the island. Here you can rent sun loungers and parasols and use services such as showers, changing rooms and toilets. Marina Göcek, located in the center, is used for transport. Transport is by motorboat, every 15 minutes, for about 25 TL. You can add Gocek island to the places you visit and enjoy the blue sea at its best.

    5. Gocek D Marina

    Göcek D Marina is the most secluded natural harbor in the Turkey and connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Aegean Sea. It is made in an environmentally friendly way without damaging it. In addition, it is protected against damage. It is 5 minutes walk from Gocek and there are attractions in the area.

    Around the pier surrounded by pine trees are shops such as cafes and restaurants with a view. In addition, some hotels in Gocek are located very close to the marina, which allows for convenient accommodation.

    6. Shipyard Island (Tersane Adası)

    Göcek Shipyard Island is the largest of the 12 islands and is named after the shipyard that was used until the Ottoman Empire. The total area of ​​the island is 2,5 square kilometers. There are 3 bays on the island. Northwest Bay is one of the best preserved islands.

    Research on the island shows that during the Lycian Time was used as a settlement. Lycian remains can be encountered during the journey. among the attractions from Göcek the island is also a stopover on a private boat tour and there is a nice one Beachwhere you can swim.

    7. Yassıcalar

    Yassıcalar makes in the list of attractions in Gocek with his History and natural beauty draws attention to itself. According to research, it was used as a settlement during the Lycian period and was called Daidala in ancient times. It also makes an excellent anchorage for the port of Gocek.

    In Göcek Yassıcalar there are shallow bays where you can take a nature tour. It is also one of the most popular routes for water sports enthusiasts.

    8. Göcek Bazaar (Göcek Çarşısı)

    Gocek Bazaar, known as the heart of Gocek, is one of the tourist bazaars of many tourist attractions. The bazaar has many shops, such as restaurants and cafes, offering the best selection of world cuisines and local delicacies.

    Göcek Bazaar is also the first choice for shopping. Boutiques in the bazaar sell local clothing made from silos and linen, authentic ceramic ornaments and more. You can add souvenirs to your Gocek attractions to buy souvenirs for you and your loved ones.

    More information about Gocek

    Gocek Festivals

    Göcek, an unmissable address on the Blue Voyage, welcomes guests to 2 different festivals each year in a joyful atmosphere. The Göcek Children's Festival in April offers unforgettable moments for the little ones, while the Göcek Herb Food Festival that everyone March takes place is one of the best organizations for those who want to learn more about the famous herbs of the Aegean.

    What to eat in Gocek?

    At Gocek's beach restaurant you can taste delicious fresh seafood. Meze varieties, herbal dishes and olive oil varieties are some of the most popular flavors in Gocek and all surrounding towns.

    Being a tourist town, the restaurant offers an extensive menu with great flavors of Turkish and international cuisine.

    What to buy in Gocek?

    Located in the heart of Gocek, the bazaar offers its guests a wide range of souvenirs, decorations, ceramic gifts, authentic clothing and goods, as well as jewelry and its beautiful shops. Unique flavors of the region, particularly Aegean herbs, can be found at the nearby Sunday market.

    Nightlife in Gocek

    As one of the most beautiful ports in Turkey, Gocek offers its guests a colorful and decent nightlife. Entertainment venues are often located at the marina and near these areas, attracting both those looking for a quiet night with a drink and those looking for a lively evening.

    How to get to Gocek?

    Passengers coming to Gocek from different cities can choose between air and road transportation. Passengers who want to reach Gocek by intercity bus companies, after arriving at Mugla or Fethiye bus stations, take from these places Minibuses or taxis into town. For those who like to fly, the nearest airport is Dalaman Airport, 18 km away. There is public transport, taxis and Rental car from the airport to the city.

    Gocek hotel and accommodation options

    When it comes to luxury, peace and quiet in Fethiye, the first thing that comes to mind is Göcek Hotels, where the deep blue sea offers you an unforgettable summer vacation in an environment intertwined with nature! Favored for its proximity to Fethiye, Muğla Göcek offers water sports, comfortable accommodation options and an energy-efficient atmosphere, giving you the opportunity to create the vacation of your dreams. Due to the small size of the area, the number of hotels in Gocek is limited. In areas where hotel chains are located, preferred by lovers of luxury and comfort, there are also hotels, aparthotels and boutique hotels that appeal to all segments.

    Activities in Gocek

    • Treat yourself to a unique travel and relaxation experience that allows you to become one with the sea by participating in Göcek's most popular activity, the 12 Islands Tour.
    • You can charter a blue cruise ship in Gocek and stop at each bay to enjoy the crystal clear water and untouched nature.
    • Gocek Bay, covered with pine forests, offers nature walks.
    • You can explore the streets of Gocek city center and in these charming streets whose architecture is in harmony with nature and amazing.
    • You can buy souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones at the Gocek Bazaar, have a drink in one of the cafes in the center and enjoy the fresh air and the unique view.
    • After discovering all the beauty of Gocek, you can continue to Fethiye and Dalaman, which are located near the city. The distance between Gocek and Dalaman is 16 km and the distance between Gocek and Fethiye is 30 km. Sarıgerme Plajı, Dalaman Çayı, Kükürt Havuzu are places that you should see during your visit to Dalaman, while those who love Fethiye, the blue of Oludeniz, which captivates the world, the unique nature of Butterfly Valley and historical Fethiye Museum.

    Drone recording over Göcek

    8 Sights in Gocek, Marina

    Address of Gocek: Gocek, Fethiye/Muğla, Turkey

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