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    Internet and telephone in Turkey (insider tips on WiFi, mobile network & roaming)

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    If you want to answer a typical travel question: "How do I stay up Journeys connected to the internet and telephone?” Get an overview of the internet and telephony in the Turkey.

    Find detailed information about WiFi including best WiFi solutions, free WiFi hotspots, prepaid SIM cards and more.

    When traveling abroad, contact with family, friends or work has top priority. Connections to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube or Twitter or the use of GPS or useful city apps are other popular reasons.

    Internet And Telephone In Turkey Vodafone 2023 - Turkey Life
    Internet And Telephone In Turkey Vodafone 2023 - Turkey Life

    The Internet in Turkey: How to be always online!

    Information on internet speed, Turkish SIM prepaid card purchases, roaming charges, Turkish SIM card alternatives, internet blocking and other frequently asked questions.

    1. Is the internet in the Turkey fast?

    Mobile internet is almost ubiquitous in Turkey, with download speeds in excess of 10MB, and it works well. Mobile Internet works well in all cities and tourist areas. Very few hotels have bad internet connection.


    In recent years, the influence of the internet and the mobile sector has increased significantly. Nevertheless, there are problems with the internet connection, especially in the south-east. Network coverage is good except for a few sparsely populated areas.

    1. Is there free WiFi in Turkey?

    For travelers who are on a budget and don't need to be constantly connected to the internet while traveling, using free WiFi in hotels is a good solution. Most hotels, apartments or hostels in Turkey offer free WiFi to their guests.

    Taking advantage of free WiFi in restaurants and cafes is another great option for budget travelers. In most restaurants and cafes in Turkey, in tourist areas, regions and popular ones points of interest & sights find free WiFi.

    All you have to do is order a drink or meal when hungry or thirsty, ask for the wifi password and enjoy the internet.

    However, note that while most hotels, restaurants, and cafes have connection speeds that are usually fast enough, they sometimes slow down due to the number of guests and poor internet security.

    Tourist airports in and Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bodrum-Milas and Dalaman offer at least 2 hours of free internet access. You have to register once for free with your telephone number in the WLAN. A very unfavorable exception is the airport of Antalya. Few restaurants, cafes, and airport lounges offer paid Wi-Fi.

    Some cities also offer free WiFi connections provided by local communities through multiple hotspots around the city. In order to be able to use this service, you must first register. The downside can be that it rarely works, sometimes it is difficult to register, connect and the speed is very slow.

    1. Can I buy a SIM card in Turkey?

    For those who need to make and receive calls, buying a Turkish SIM card or a prepaid card can be a good solution.

    There are only 3 GSM cell phone providers in Turkey that can offer you a SIM card and data plan. This includes Vodafone, Turkcell and Turkish Telecom. According to Turkish law, all SIM cards must be registered and can only be purchased with a valid passport.

    You can buy SIM cards at the main tourist airports in Turkey. This is possible in Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara, Dalaman and Bodrum-Milas. The travel SIM card bought at the airport can be used from one week to one month. They all offer different data usage plans. SIM cards outside the airport are cheaper.

    You have to go to the official GSM dealer where you can find them at the airport or train station, shopping malls and in every street and community in Turkey. Most GSM shop sellers can help you choose your tariff and purchase your SIM card.

    The good news is that these prepaid SIM cards are often not too expensive, depending on the amount of data and length of stay.

    Important! All mobile devices purchased outside Turkey with a Turkish SIM card must be registered with the government after the grace period. In 2015, this grace period was extended to 120 days. After this period, the phone will be blocked from using all Turkish SIM cards. This only applies to Turkish SIM cards! There are no restrictions on roaming in Turkey with a SIM card outside of Turkey. For stays longer than 120 days, this registration can be done at the same time as purchasing a SIM card in a network operator's shop. You register the IMEI (the unique number that identifies your device) and the SIM. You can check the IMEI of most handsets by dialing *#06#. Once listed and linked to a Turkish SIM card, it is no longer possible to link the same device (or IMEI) to another Turkish SIM card in the future.

    Turkish SIM card providers

    • Turkcell: The Turkish provider is one of the main network operators in the country and has good coverage throughout the country. The starting price of the SIM card is 13 euros, but the price here is higher than the prices of other providers. Their plans vary by date and GB price.
    • Vodafone: Vodafone Türkiye is the second largest operator in Turkey. SIM cards for Turkey are also available from 13 euros. Vodafone offers a special tourist card called “Turist Kolay Paketi” there.
    • Turkish Telecom: This local operator, formerly known as Avea, offers excellent connection speeds in Turkey. There are data packages that contain phone calls and SMS.
    Internet And Telephone In Turkey Turkcell 2023 - Turkey Life
    Internet And Telephone In Turkey Turkcell 2023 - Turkey Life
    1. What alternatives are there to the Turkish SIM card?

    There are some German prepaid SIM card providers that offer data and phone plans for Turkey. Anyone who has already purchased a prepaid SIM card for Turkey in Germany will find it easier to start in TurkeyVacation. Vacationers are relieved of the extra pressure because they don't have to frantically search for SIM cards in Turkey. In addition, communication difficulties sometimes arise due to a lack of language skills.

    Another advantage: If the Turkish SIM card is bought in advance in Germany, users have enough Timeto tell your family and friends about the new number.

    Hey Yildiz, TravSim, BeachSim and Prepaid global are providers of SIM cards in Germany.

    1. Pocket WiFi (MiFi) Hotspot in Turkey

    Mobile Hotspot is a wireless portable routing device that can connect any WiFi-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, PC) to the Internet without cables, installation or software, also known as WiFi hotspot, pocket WiFi, WiFi box, portable WiFi, WiFi dongle or MiFi. 

    Well-known providers are Travelerswifi or Rentnconnect.

    1. Do I need a VPN network in Turkey?

    If you want unrestricted internet browsing and remain anonymous in Turkey, you need a VPN. This is the only way you can call up blocked websites and be safe on the go, especially in public networks and mobile devices.

    If you want quality and safety, choose ExpressVPN, PureVPN or NordVPN. Both providers have to spend a few euros, but the security is definitely worth it.


    •* still prevents hotel bookings in Turkey, for example. This means that you will not see any Turkish hotels in Turkey. Outside of Turkey, you can easily book Turkish hotels through
    • In Turkey, all Ü18 websites are usually blocked.

    Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Co. as well as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram all work perfectly.

    How do I make calls to and from Turkey?

    How to call Turkey from abroad?

    • Country code of Turkey is 00 / +90.
    • All Turkish phone numbers have 10 digits, starting with 0, followed by a 3-digit city code and a 7-digit local number.
    • Cell phone numbers start with 0532, 0533, 0542, 0543, 0544 etc.
    • Dial the international code 00/+, then 90 for Turkey, then the area code without the first 0 and then the local number.
    • Inside Turkey: Start with 0 followed by a 3-digit city code and a 7-digit area number.

    How do I call abroad from Turkey?

    • Dial the international code 00/+, then the country code (49 for Germany), then the area code without the 0 and then the local phone number.

    Some useful emergency numbers in Turkey

    • 110 fire department
    • 112 Medical Emergency / Ambulance
    • 154 traffic police
    • 155 police
    • 158 Coast Guard
    • 176 Communication Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

    Frequently asked questions about internet and telephone in Turkey

    1. Which network providers are there in Turkey?

      TurkCell, Vodafone and Turk Telekom.

    2. Can I use my internet in Turkey?

      Mobile Internet can be used in Turkey, but using a German SIM card is very expensive

    3. Can you go online in Turkey with a German SIM card?

      You can certainly use your German SIM card in Turkey. However, since Turkey is not part of the European Union, roaming charges are high. Please be sure to consult your cell phone provider. Some providers also offer data and cellphone packages for Turkey

    4. How good is the internet in Turkey?

      On the ICT Development Index, Turkey ranks 68th in the world and 38th compared to 40 European countries.

    5. How do I call Germany from Turkey?

      The area code for Germany is the country code +49. Simply dial this in front of any phone number with the country's area code to call Germany.

    6. How do I call Turkey from Germany?

      The country code for Turkey is +90. Simply dial this number before any phone number with country code to call Turkey.

    7. Is WhatsApp free in Turkey?

      WhatsApp itself does not charge any additional fees for use abroad and you can still chat across borders without any problems. There are no country/region restrictions or similar restrictions.

    8. Will my cell phone be blocked in Turkey?

      The Turkish Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communications ordered that the mobile phone brought from abroad with a Turkish SIM card is free up to 5809 days under the Communications Law No. 120 before being blocked.

    9. How can I unlock my cell phone in Turkey?

      If you have a Turkish residence permit, you can also activate or unlock your smartphone via the e-Devlet website.

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