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    18 must-see attractions in Adana, Turkey

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    Adana is one of the most important cities in the Turkey and stands out for its natural and historical beauty. The natural beauty with thousands of years History offers visitors the opportunity to spend their holidays in different ways throughout the year. The beauty of the city center, tourist attractions and the neighboring ancient cities await you for an unforgettable experience.

    These are the 18 must-see attractions of Adana that you cannot miss

    1. Kapikaya Gorge and Varda Bridge (Kapıkaya Kanyonu ve Varda Köprüsü)

    Located within the boundaries of Karaisalı District in northern Adana Province, Kapikaya Gorge is a natural area. 50 kilometers from the city center.

    It lies on the Catik River, one of the tributaries of the Seyhan River. There is a 20-kilometer hiking trail in the gorge. The waterfall area and the 7 km long road that stretches between the rocks offer opportunities to Time to spend with nature. Where the falls are, there's a viewing platform that's on your to do list points of interest & sights should stand in Adana. 2 km from the gorge is the historic Varda Bridge.

    This is one of the must-see places when visiting the canyon.

    2. Adana Archaeological Museum (Adana Arkeoloji Müzesi)

    The Archaeological, opened in 1924 Museum of Adana is one of the first museums of the republic. There are thousands of artifacts in the museum, which were explored under Ataturk's direction during the opening. Some of them are on display inside, others in the museum's garden. The museum's gardens are filled with objects from the Hittite period and artifacts from the prehistoric period. The most striking of these are sculptures.


    The museum is open every day and the entrance fee is 6 lira. Adana Archaeological Museum is one of the attractions the area.

    3. Adana Grand Mosque (Adana Ulu Cami)

    The Adana Ulu Mosque is a large structure that was begun in 1509 and took about 32 years to complete. The construction of this mosque began in 1541 and bears traces of the Seljuk and Mamluk styles. There is also a social complex around the mosque.

    Although the mosque is one of the places you will visit during your vacation in Adana, it was damaged in the Adana earthquake but after 6 years of restoration it is open again for worship. It is a historical monument in Seyhan Territory.

    4. Yumurtalik Beach (Yumurtalık Plajı)

    this is the Beach in the center of Yumurtalık, 80 kilometers from the center of Adana, at the zero point of the Mediterranean Sea. With a total length of 1 km, it is one of the most visited places in the region. Due to the very hot weather conditions in Adana, especially in the Summer, the number of people who go to the beach to cool off is also quite high.

    The 50 meter wide beach was awarded the blue in 2015 for its cleanliness Flagge excellent. The beach is also home to caretta carettas. There are hotels, cafes, restaurants, attractions and markets around the beach where you can sunbathe and swim.

    5. Bebekli Church (Bebekli Kilise)

    This area known as Bebekli Church in Tepebağ, Seyhan District, Adana Province is actually Paul's Church. It was built in the 1880s as an Italian Catholic church.

    The 2,5 meter high statue of the Virgin Mary in front of the church is named after a baby. The church is open to visitors daily and can be reached by the city's minibuses.

    This church is one of the must-see attractions during your vacation in Adana and is open to tourists all year round. Although built as a Catholic church, it is also used for worship by the city's Protestant community.

    6. Ancient City of Anavarza (Anavarza Antik Kenti)

    This is an area that has been preserved as the center of the historical Kingdom of Silesia. The ancient city of Anavarza is located in Ceyhan and Kezan districts in Adana province. There is a promenade area where guests can comfortably spend their time. Anavarza Castle is one of the famous buildings of this ancient city that has hosted many civilizations such as Armenian, Abbasid, Seljuk and Ottoman.

    70 km from Adana city center. The first information about the ancient city dates back to Roman times. Before that there is information about the city. In Yaşar Kemal's novel İnce Memed there is a chapter in Avarza. This city ruled by many civilizations still stands today. Armenians, Sassanians, Seljuks and Ottomans are the former owners of the city.

    8. Seyhan Dam Lake (Seyhan Baraj Golu)

    The dam took a total of 3 years to complete and was commissioned in 1956. It is 15 kilometers north of the city center. In addition to these features, the dams around the Sehan River are also used for tourist purposes Activities utilized.

    In the middle of the dam lies v, surrounded by picnic areas. The dam can be visited by boat. Located on the river, Central Park is one of those must-see places. It is one of the places where tourists in Adana like to relax and rest.

    9. Snake Castle (Yılan Kale)

    It is located east of Adana city center, 13 km from Ceyhan city center.

    Local people also call this castle Şahmeran Castle. The name was given by Evliya Çelebi. According to legend, the famous mythical creature lived in this castle. The Adana site, built during the Byzantine period, includes all other castles in the area. It contains a church, 8 round forts, a guard house and cisterns.

    10. Kazancilar Bazaar (Kazancılar Çarşısı)

    It is called Kazancılar or Bakırcılar Çarşısı. In today's market district, there are many vendors selling handicrafts. There are also wood carvings inside. In the bazaar, one of the must-see places, there are quality restaurants offering special tastes to the city of Adana. Dating back to the 16th century, the Kazancılar Bazaar in Adana is a center for handicrafts and an important site. A visit to the bazaar, which starts next to the historic Great Bell Tower, is recommended.

    11. Magarsus Ancient City (Magarsus Antik Kenti)

    The city was founded around 700 BC. Founded within the boundaries of Karatash District. It lies between downtown Adana and Akyatan National Park. Since 2011, the area has intensified excavation efforts, excavating the area with land acquisition and speeding up the work process.

    The amphitheater will be the most striking place in the ancient city of Magarsus. The Temple of Athena and other remains from the Hellenistic period are also monuments in the area.

    12. Karatas Beach (Karataş Plajı)

    With a total length of 6 kilometers, Karatash Beach is one of the longest sandy beaches in the country. Located in Karataş district, 50 kilometers from the center of Adana, the beach is a popular destination for those who come to the city for vacations, especially in summer.

    13. Big Clock Tower (Büyük Saat Kulesi)

    The large clock tower is one of the symbols of the city of Adana and still shines today. The tower is located on the bazaar in the city center. The total length of the tower is 32 meters, which is the tallest among the buildings with this characteristic in my country.

    It has a surface 32 meters long and an underground continuation. Located within the borders of Seyhan in the central region of Adana province, this tower is one of the works of the Ottoman period. The tower was begun in 1881 by then-governor Ziya Pasha and completed and commissioned in 1882.

    The clock in the building, which is made entirely of bricks, comes from Germany.

    14. Lake Akyatan National Park (Akyatan Gölü Milli Parkı)

    Adana Lake Akyatan National Park is a lake at the mouth of the Seyhan River. With an area of ​​14.000 hectares, it is the largest lagoon in Turkey.

    15. Adana Cinema Museum (Adana Sinema Müzesi)

    Adana Film Museum is located within the boundaries of Kayalıbağ District, Seyhan District, Adana Province and started operating in 2011.

    The museum features the works of directors, film actors and producers from Adana and is spread over 2 floors. Movie posters are located on the ground floor of the museum, and photos, posters and personal belongings of Yılmaz Güney are on the upper floor.

    The museum is open weekly from 10:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.

    16. Adana Stone Bridge (Taş Köprü)

    Adana Stone Bridge is one of the must-see attractions during your vacation in Adana, located about 75 kilometers from the city center. The bridge over the Sehan was built between 117-138 by the Roman Emperor Hadrian built. Architect Aujaentius undertook the construction of the bridge.

    18 must-see attractions in Adana, Turkey

    17. Ayas Ancient City (Ayas Antik Kenti)

    The ancient city of Ayas is located about 120 kilometers from the center of Adana. It was built in the heyday of the 1st century. You can visit and see historic ancient cities that have survived from the past to the present.

    18. Misis Ruins (Misis Oren Yeri)

    Adana city center is about 95 km away. fiver. The ancient city was founded in the 12th century along the historic Silk Road. It is a historic building that was also used in Roman and Byzantine times. You can add this historic area to your must-see list for your Adana vacation.

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